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For 3 years I wrote a weekly column: Keri on Driving – 350 words about whatever I wish.

Prints nationally across the Sun Media’s 200+ newspapers, as well as on Autonet.ca.

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# jump tags


Buying a New Car?

Best exercise ever, have fun!


While researching your purchase, review the reviewers – here

The 6 types of featureshere

What are trim levels, and the letters after the car’s name? – here

Difference between refresh VS redesignhere

Best time of year to buy a new car – here

Can’t get out of paying the destination feehere

What’s a VIN number – here

Leasing VS financing – here

Different types of fuel -87 VS 95 octane – here

Fuel economy ratings changed on all 2015 models onward  – here

Consider a diesel engine – here

The hidden costs in buying a luxury car – here

Go easy on the upgrades… driving aids create distracted drivers – here


I’m not a fan of Hybrids, Part 1 & 2 – February 6, 2013 / February 13, 2013 ***

I don’t like HybridsOhctober 15, 2013G ***


Take the time and break-in a new car – here







My Top 10 Favourite Columns


1 – How to shift gears / drive manual – here


3 – Questions to ponder about autonomous cars – here

4 – the mystery of the checkered flag – here

5 – Trying to define what makes a luxury vehicle – here

6 – You still don’t have your licence?! Eye roll – here

Fake engine sounds, it’s happening – here

7 – I re-wrote the instructions for “what to do after an accident” – here

8 – Try my tricks to conquer road rage – here ***  theres 3

9 – Let’s go car campinghere

10 –



Maintaining your car 


Remove the licence plate bracketshere

All-season tires are delusional – here

Get roadside assistancehere

About those pink insurance slips – here

What your dirty car says about you – here

Going to a detail shop? Do this – here

Storing your car – here

Ever checked on your spare tire? Me neither – here



Driving your car


Read the manual. RTFM! – here

How to shift gears / drive manual – here

Sharing some driving tricks – Part 1 & 2 – here

Speeding Part 1 – Speeding Advice from the Police – here

Speeding Part 2 – Fight every Speeding Ticket – here


Driving in a Roundabout – here ***

How to Drive in a Roundabout – here ***


Track your car: learn its limitations, but in a controlled environment – here

Consider wearing sun protective driving clothing – here



If there’s an accident


Breaking down the anatomy of an accident – here

Re-wrote the instructions for, “what to do after an accident” – here

Donating your organshere

Speed doesn’t kill, slowness does – here

Texting & driving = the new drinking & driving- here

About drunk driving checkpoints – here





Computers in cars 


There’s 100+ computers in a car – here

About the OBDII port – here

WiFi hotspots are coming to cars – here

A car phone, in 1930here

Use an Enhanced Driver’s Licence to cross the border – here

Buy the HUD upgrade – here

Installing sound systems in cars – here

Fake engine sounds, it’s happening – here

Ford fixes its SYNC software – here

Google studies how we shop for cars – here




Autonomous Cars


Questions to ponder about autonomous cars – here

The enemy of autonomous cars is infrastructure – here

Parking test – Keri VS autonomous – here




Auto Security


About camouflaging cars – here

Armoured cars are quietly en vogue – here

Stick Families are a terrible idea – here

Let’s go WarDrivinghere

Securing your car in the cityhere

The new way to steal a car – here

Licence plate snitching websites are dirty – here

Dispelling fear about car hackinghere

Your car can be hacked, but not really – here

Solving crimes using car clues – here

All cars have a Black Box – here




Driving & Road Etiquette


Tip the Valet, Twice – here

When hiring a car servicehere ****

Making an entrance from your hired car – here ***

Be kind to senior drivershere

Lecturing teen drivershere

Christmas Roads = Dangerous Roads – here

Proper Funeral Procession etiquette – here

Make more eye contact while driving – here

About car sharinghere

Back up, pedestrianshere

Hey pedestrians – cars hurthere

Talking about truckinghere

More road etiquette, pleasehere





Try my tricks to conquer road ragehere ***

Try this perspective on traffic – here ***

Horror traffic stories, so your traffic seems better – here

1/3 of traffic is caused by people looking to park – here

the streetlights are learning LINK









In car design, Millimetres Matter: with Moray Callum – here

A 1973 VS 2015 cars – here

A good DownRoad Graphic and Graphic Signaturehere

All vehicles must contain these features – here

How a car is conceived  – from a boardroom idea to, “hop in let’s drive” – here

Why all bumpers are starting to look the samehere

I designed the ‘Keri Eco-Car’here

Small but great features I’d like to see in more cars – here

Pet peeves on new cars – here



Manufacturing / Build 


How Ford tests its F150 (includes hiring men from Craigslist) – here

Why Canada doesn’t always get the car – here

So there’s no fire suppression system in a car eh, huh – here

About hydrogen fuel cell powered cars – here

Touring Ford’s F150 Factoryhere





Car Culture

Canadians dominate the Auto Industry – here

Tips for filming in your car – here

How to speak ‘Car Talk’ – here

That time I was a factory driver for Nissan in a week-long rally – here

A car is makes a great debating arena – here

Badging and de-badging – here

Going to a racetrack for the 1st time? Do this – here

The mystery of the checkered flag – here

It’s much tougher to get licensed in Germany, nice – here

Just 1 driver’s test for every 64 Years!? – here

How Canadian cars differ from those sold in the Stateshere

You still don’t have your licence?! Eye roll – here

Keeping an exotic lineup polished at an Auto Show – here

It’s good to be a CarGuyhere

Junking my Jetta / emotional attachment to a car – here

My idea – put a monk in a race car – here

Let’s go car camping! – here





My 1st ever column is published – here

Car rallys are won using the mind – here

Driving shifter karts at Mosport – here

Ford has a Futurist on staff – here

Some history & meaning of car logoshere

Experiment –  hands always on the wheel, use only Voice Recognition & steering wheel controls – here

Back up a trailer in 5 Steps – here

Driving in this never-ending winterhere

Turn your car into a libraryhere

About matte paint jobs – here

Luxury vehicle ownership comes with a little decorumhere

Talking about Rat Rodshere

Can’t buy a bad car today – here

Using Uber Car Service – here

The ladies behind the Mustang – here

Can a scent improve your driving? – here

How testing works to determine ‘Car of the Year‘ / COTY – here

Performance-based insurance for young drivers – here

Ranking Canadian Cities as “Pedestrian Friendly” – here


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