I Designed the ‘Keri Eco Car

I’ve got an idea to make a gas-powered car achieve hybrid fuel consumption numbers….

I really believe a car like this would sell well. I am not alone in wanting a feature-free car.

Read in online at Autonet.ca.

Favourite line:

… remove all the stuff… couple this light-weigh car with a modern fuel efficient engine and ta-da – the result is a gas-powered vehicle that boasts fuel efficiency on par with a hybrid powertrain.

My last line was cut – I said this was the perfect vehicle for Mazda to make, because it is.

Interesting eh… how the Civic has almost doubled in weight since its debut, and a 2013 Lincoln Navigator weighs much more than than a giant 1970s Cadillac.

Where this column was published from.

I’m in the States here. I’m getting pretty good at keeping it all together and meeting deadlines while travelling, which is good.


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