Can you Spot the Phishing Email?

It arrived in my Gmail earlier this week. How many clues can you spot?

I’ll give you the first two, it’s unfair not to…

1 – I didn’t order anything, and if I had, it wouldn’t have been using that email address.

2 – terrible spelling and grammar, FedEx would never

3 – the big red flag – a non-FedEx email

4 – the absence of information, there’s no links, tracking number…

5 – Operation Agent. I like the name though

As far as phishing emails go, this one’s obvious; see the LinkedIn one for a more sophisticated example here.

—-> ! Know what’s impressive though? —-> !

The attachment made it through Google’s security checks and filters.  Nicely done guy.

That’s why never let downloads open automatically – more here.

And see how small it is? 4K, tiny. Doesn’t take much to mess your machine up.

Stay sharp out there.

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Audi’s Night Vision Assistant

It’s Audi’s Night Vision Assistant.  Neat eh. And crisp, look at those buildings. Below is Bay Street.

See the time? 4:30pm, the sun hasn’t gone down and it still works.

The yellow rectangles are pedestrians. If there’s a risk of collision, the highlighting turns red and an alarm sounds.

How it works:

It uses a thermal imaging camera, aka an infrared (IR) camera, mounted in the grille. It can detect pedestrians up to 90m away. Turn the system off via a hard button.

Came up with a theory – a car appears almost all-white when it’s fully loaded with people. Therefore I could use this tech to find 18-wheelers being used for human trafficking, tada.

And that’s me about to get hit.



Land Rover has a Cactus Mode


It’s really called Land Rover Terrain Response – change the car’s driving dynamics to match road conditions.

Left to right: 

Normal > Snow & Ice > Mud & Ruts > Sand


I Keep Falling into an Internet Hole

No dramatics guys, really. Same thing tonight as last – I sit down to blog, one click, two clicks, and before I know it hours have passed, haven’t moved, and am just there with bad posture and a hundred open tabs.

It looks like this:

How’s that for a bad sweatshirt eh, yeesh. It’s warm, but ya. And I’m faking the expression, I actually look like a mouth breather with narrowed eyes, because my contacts are crispy from not blinking enough.

Yesterday was an auto security theme… CAN bus oh boy… did you know a US Senator is suing a bunch of automakers because he feels their cars are hackable… and Canadian surveillance stuff that’s not in my best interest to link up.

Tonight’s hole was Buddhism based… did you know there’s a massive $80 million dollar temple under construction just north of Toronto in Peterborough, whose completion is threatened by the addition of nearby wind farm? Then I descended deeper into the world of Tantra, ahhh now _that_ is a neat topic. And heavy, guard your mind when reading about that.

So yup – my worm hole of wonder, is your bleak blog update.

Lots of cool stuff on the to-do list – a bunch of cars, Audi’s new Night Vision feature, let’s play ‘Can you Spot the Phishing Email’, and I’ll get to all of it when I pull myself out of this hole.

Really though, to not have to travel and instead do this has been so nice. Stuipid sweatshirt and all.