In Design, Millimetres Matter

I chatted with Ford & Lincoln’s head designer Moray Callum, the gentleman who basically gives Ford its face.

We laughed lots, I said how great it is he’s bringing hard buttons back, turns out being an auto designer is a rather morbid job, and I asked what one thing makes him the most nuts.

Read it online at Autonet.

Favourite line:

5th paragraph – Moray’s metaphor on why millimetres matter – imagine altering a face in Photoshop, 8mm here and 6mm there and woah, a totally different face is looking back at you.

Second favourite: 

Moray: You still have to design for the idiot that doesn’t wear a seat belt.

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Best Bed I Ever Made


Figured out a new system – remove the mattress out of the frame and angle it atop it, now the corners are so easy.

I make my bed everyday. Even hotel room beds. Like literally, twice a year I don’t.

So doing the math:

365 days X 20 years = 7,300 beds made = 1 of 7,300 =
0.013% of all beds is this one