Targa Rally Day 8 – What a Rally Really Looks Like

The first photo – doing math. There’s so. much. math.

We bounced back today, zero-d many stages, still in 5th place though, Targa is tough. And a very mental game.

Back to the hotel by 6pm, combed my hair then we had a special event at a local Nissan dealer: Come meet the Nissan team and enjoy a BBQ.

Then what you see below. That’s Michel and I doing the timing calculations for tomorrow’s 10 races, and that’s why I’m saying good night and will update you properly soon.

Oh and one of the today’s races was right through a town that looked like a movie set (got video), and tried a handbrake on a hairpin and almost pulled it off. Almost. Still tried!




Targa Rally Day 7 – Guys I’m Sorry I Can’t Even

The 90 minutes to finish this post, my head is falling down. I have so much to tell you, and will tomorrow.

Short update is we’re now in second last place. I know. That didn’t take long eh.

Forget everything I’ve said – this game is all math, and I’m tanking it hard. We laughed a lot, but there’s no podium for that. You know how competitive I am, so you know the state of my mind.

kk night TTYT


Targa Rally Day 6 – Race Day 1/5 Complete

We left at 8am for our new home in Clarenville, 2 hours north of St. John’s.

Much of our day was spent in transit.

Along with 5 races.

Entire communities rope off their front yards, and we go flying through at 80+ km/h. I’ll get an out-the-windsheild video this week, so you can see what it looks like.

While we were nervous for the race 1, it dissipated and by race 5 we were in a solid rhythm.

Michel has this calm, evenly metered voice that is so nice in my ear, compared to what’s outside my windshield: crazy roads, and scenery coming at me mega fast.

His voice never breaks, and he’s starting to pepper the commentary with observations like that drone line, which was so out of place it made me jacknife, and I almost bit the steering wheel.

In between races though, we are studious.

Our modified Micra dash.

The goal of the game is to cross the finish line at the exact right time, as monitored by the egg timer taped to our dash.

In race 2, we crossed the finish line at the exact moment the timer beeped, and we lost our minds with hyperness. Confirmed: a Micra steering wheel can handle a happy beating.

Didier has arrived!  You know him, I’ve introduced you before.

Skipped out on dinner to nap; I’m wiped, and this is an endurance game.

So with that, I’ll leave you with my home this week TTYT



Targa Rally Day 5 – Today was Prologue

First we convoyed downtown to the Driver’s Meeting, mandatory breathalyzer test, and then the group shot.

All Targa Newfoundland 2014 Competitors

A quick car show along the water.

Then the ceremonial kickoff, with a soundtrack by this guy.

Assembled into our starting order.

Kicking me off is one of Newfoundland’s leading politicians, Mr. INeedToLookThatUp.

Prologue - a warm up.

3 practice runs simulating actual races, timed and with helmets on, except the scores don’t count.

Taken 45 seconds before my first ever race.

I was looking at this.

Green GO.

Inside the cockpit.

First Rally Race Animated

When I first found out I’d be competing, I was kinda oh, I don’t get to be in the fastest category?

But after today’s taste, omg thank you for getting to be in this middle category; this is more than enough for my first round. I drove the stages at about 80 km/h, Jim drove them at double that.

After the first stage my hands were shaking badly. After the second race, nope, just a big grin. Grateful this practice day exists, and I got my first one over with when it didn’t count.

Michel and I are starting to become mirrors.

It shows in the results.

We did well, not perfect though (remember the goal - to accumulate as few points as possible.) That extra 4 points is from a  surprise Intermittent Time Check, and we were going too fast.

The race kicks off tomorrow.

We drive about 300 km in total, which is peppered with 8 stages (races), then we end up in a city 200 km north of St. John, which will be our new HQ for the rest of the week.

I heard the internet there is terrible, non-existent really, which I’m hoping is wrong, because how will I blog?

TTYT and send me luck all day please!