Taking a Week Off

I have so much happening right I need the time. And it’s not fair to the events and manufacturers, because the posts this week would be weak, not getting the full attention they deserve.

Plus let’s be real here: if you’re buying a car this week and relying solely on new KeriBlog posts to choose, you’re going about it all wrong anyway (although I have now helped over 10+ people into cars to date, not bad eh. One even mailed me a handwritten thank you card and it made my month.)

Things will be status quo over at the paper though, if you’re missing my nonsense. Last weeks column even had a video:

“Put a Monk in a Race Car” – Autonet

Have to travel a bit this week, and get house things like mortgage papers in order, learn about insurance and get a bunch, and figure out where gas comes from and how much that costs.

Have a great last week of July! Here comes month 8/12, get off the screens and into the last bit of summer kay.

Oh and there’s a big meteor shower tonight!

TTY Monday, see you on Twiitter and FB till then xo


This is My Land

Picked up the keys today. Crushed it at work, had lunch with an auto manufacturer that wait omg! till I tell you about that (it’s confirmed, so I can now – always remember, until you can link to it…)

Celebrating right now! Have a good weekend TTY Monday


I Bought a House Today


Signed my name with this ceremonial pen, 30 times at that!

There’s a lot more to it than I thought. Which is part of how I pulled it off from start to finish in 3 weeks – I had no clue what was involved when I started.

I’ll tell ya all about it soon, and the tricks I learned too, until then I’ll wish you a great Thursday Night, best night or the week.

Omg guys – I don’t even own a plant, now I have trees.


I Can Drive Anything

This was at a festival in Dundas Square.

I was taking my out-of-town friend and her kid for walk through the city. The kid wanted to try, during which the owner of the bike came over, “hey you should give it a go.”

“Nah it’s okay, I’m just here for the kid”… but he kept going, and I am petty and will almost always respond to a challenge.

So okay fine, and rode a flawless loop around the square like, people were clapping.

A decade of gymnastics pays off in the weirdest ways.

Thanks for letting me ride your bike!

(aside – in the same boastful manner as this post title, I also win the “driven the most expensive” game – here)



It’s not IF You are Breached, it’s WHEN

That’s one of the oldest saying in security, because it’s true.

Thinking you are going to be forever immune is delusional.

Do you not lock your front door? Lock your car when you park it downtown? Take a different walking path at night than during the day? Why would online actions require less diligence and care?

Here’s the mean number of breaches to Canadian companies, over the last 4 years.

Note that none of them are 0.

If you are a small business owner:

You have a responsibility, especially if you are accepting people’s credit card numbers. Because you may be more of a target than you realize… think like an attacker: is it easier to go after 1 large business, that likely has security systems and staff in place? Or 10 smaller businesses, who probably have no clue and are lazy about protecting their assets?

The type of breaches Canadian companies experienced last year.

1 – one careless click, on one stupid link…
2 – how old-fashioned! Never leave your laptop unattended
3 – from the inside…
4 – lock your WiFi network. And change your router password too, how to here
5 – the counter to this attack is listening to your gut. Blog tag = social engineering


This is an excerpt from my interview with Hernan Barros, Directory of Security Solutions at TELUS, and Walid Hejazi, Associate Professor, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, about their new study, the 2014 TELUS-Rotman IT Security Study.

More about that here.