Attended a Roofing Party

Using the nail gun was the best part of the party.

That’s a giant magnet I’m rolling around, picking up nails.

Singles are heavy huh.  And roofing is _hard_ work WOAH. Of all the trades, it’s up there.

Here’s to all the knees.

There’s no hiding of anything happening here.




Audi’s Emergency Key

If you lose your car key, Audi has a backup system.

Keep this tiny key on you always, store in your wallet.

It will open the driver’s door.

Climb inside, open the glovebox.

1 – grab that
2 – insert the tiny key into it
3 – now you have a fob that fits into the ignition. Peel away.




I’m like a Squatter with a Mortgage

It’s 2 months now, July 25, that I’ve been living like this.

You know how much I like order and clean, remember my minimalist, pure-white condo?

My office looks like that, it’s the only room that’s finished. Figured I should focus on the part that pays the mortgage.

But like, Friday I worked from it… while a guy worked with a sawzal in my den.

Living like this is reeking havoc on my mind.

Squatter with Mortgage

The “To-Do” List never shrinks, and there’s a new urgency to it, the “Before the Snow Comes” List…

… I travel a lot and used up my newspaper vacation time for Targa… to go from 1 bill a month to 20 woah… next up is learning everything about hot water tanks and softeners…. if I don’t soon gravel my driveway it’s going to become “press car mud pit of despair”, and wow this home-owning thing is a steep learning curve. 

Look at the deplorable condition of my floors * But here comes another trade through, what is even the point anymore.

Finally this weekend I escaped the air mattress though, into a real bed.

And I have a ceiling again.

Had to cut the kitchen apart to insulate the attic, that was Phase 1 of winterizing-the-cottage-I-bought. Drywall dust gets into eeeeeverywhere eh.

The purple stuff: that’s the insulation! It’s spray-foam, so cool, weighs nothing, is highly effective, and helps increase the structural rigidity of a house, even.

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A Checklist I Hope You Never Use

After a collision your mind is a mess, when it needs to be laser-focused. Print and stuff this into your glovebox.

Read it online at Autonet.

The checklist in bullet points:

- turn on “Location Services” so GPS coordinates will be attached to all photos
- photo EVERYthing, take like 100+ photos
- along with a 360º of the damage, photograph drivers’ licence and plates, tires, external conditions
- video witnesses, video interactions with the other driver
- use the voice record app while you walk around, narrating what you see

Favourite line: 

The second last paragraph, the list of external conditions to take note of.


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