I’m Fascinated with Cathedraltown

Just discovered this place – Cathedraltown – built in 2006, population 3,000.

It’s an odd little suburban area located 30 km north of Toronto, off the 404 at Elgin Mills Road.

1,200 houses, all virtually identical lined up in exact rows. When you drive through it feels like a ghost town, even though it’s fully occupied. And not cheap – according to MLS.ca, a tiny row house with a 6×24 lot is $660,000.

Here’s where it gets real weird.

The entire town was built around
the Cathedral of the Transfiguration,
which is abandoned.

The strange history of the cathedral

Building started in 1984, and is designed to hold 1,000 Slovak Roman Catholics worshipers.

It was the dream of Mr. Stephen Boleslav Roman, a rich mining guy. Mr. Roman spared no expense – the 20-story dome is real gold, it features the world’s largest bells, mosaics made of 5 million pieces, and the architect was the guy who renovated Westminster Abby. So ya, the original $13 million budget was exceeded.

In 1984 the Pope blesses the cornerstone of the place! That makes it the first church in North America to be consecrated by a Pope.

Then sadness.

Mr. Roman dies in 1988 and 1,600 people attend his funeral, in what would be the structure’s largest event. Because then the fighting started, construction was never completed, and in 2006 the place was shut down. Priests were suspended permission from celebrating Mass here, and along with the alter, the blessed cornerstone was removed!

It was opened again once in 2009, to celebrate a 25-metre mosaic being completed, and that’s it.

Above is a photo of inside about 6 weeks ago that I uh, found on the internet.

Now the cathedral belongs to the town.

It’s just… I don’t… where’s the logic… why complete the massive mosaic 3 years after it closed? Why isn’t the place covered in graffiti and squatters?  Whose watching the cameras, the ones that are pointed away from the doors, and down?  Then my mind goes to “hiding in plain sight….

Go visit the place and let me know what you think.



Dealer Flyers must Bug Car Colour Designers

* = paint colour names

Same colour – “Bright White” – across two different automakers.

But no way is that the real paint name, the one carefully chosen by the designers. Car colours are far more ridiculous, like: Bleached Alabaster with a hint of metallic Polar Obsidian.

But can’t print that, it’s both too long and unclear. So “bright white” lives.

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Why is Time Moving so Quickly in 2015?

No dramatics, it really does feel faster, no? This year is 1/3 over, already.

Like, as IF I took the above photo over 48 hours ago (happy spring from my neighbour and I.)

As IF I haven’t updated here in 5 days?! I haven’t even flown anywhere, how did those 5 days disappear like that? Sorry!

It’s Tuesday, so I’m writing the news, have a review due on Friday so that too, did you know my newspaper was purchased by another newspaper yesterday, and also yesterday was Car Swap day so daylight hours were eaten up doing that.

Along with working on the mobile version of my blog, as per Google’s upcoming algorithm change, which I am not at all happy about. Wait till you see how bad the mobile version looks, will blog the ugliness later.

kk back to the news, TTYL, isn’t it so nice out? Dress-and-cute-shoe weather, finally!

xo Keri