My Dream Supercar – a McLaren

This is a 2015 McLaren 650S Spider

In my dream though, I’m happy with any McLaren model.

So many new blog headers.

This model has ready… $100,000 IN OPTIONS.

Mine would have the least features, in fact, I’d pay more to have things deleted.

And not covered in carbon fiber.

I like them best because they’re subtle.

Ferrari is so flash, Lambo too, this is more understated.

Engine Specs

A twin turbo V8 outputting 641 hp and 500 lb.ft.
7-speed automatic
Top speed – 333 km/h
0 – 100 km/h in 3.0 seconds


Below is one of my best pics in a while.




Why an 8-Character Password is Not Enough

Take a common password8 characters in length, composed of 1 word, 1 numbers and 1 punctuation mark:

The Attack

Using a script (a program that automatically executes tasks instead of a human), the script starts to guess all possible 8-character password combinations. This will take about 3 days.

This is a brute force attack – very little elegance, just plain old grinding it out.

The More Sophisticated Attack

Using a dictionary attack, again the attacker runs a script, but this time instead of random guessing, dictionaries of words are tried first, specifically, the most common password words are tried.

See yours in here?

The Defence

Choose 3 obscure words, string them into a sentence separated by punctuation and numbers.


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Never Call when This Happens

Kind’ve clever eh: a real-sounding URL, “Support for Apple”, and a toll-free number, how nice for someone else to foot the bill.

The Attack

Pop-up window appears > you call the number > whomever answers is skilled with words > you’re tricked (social engineered) into doing something stupid, like providing a password or downloading a malicious file.

The Defence

Never call. This will never happen.


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Mercury Retrograde Starts Now

It will last from January 21 to February 11 2015

What is Mercury Retrograde:

The planet Mercury, which usually circles our Earth, appears to be moving backwards for the next 3 weeks.

Had it explained to me like this once, found it helpful: think of Mercury like a ship travelling a course for 5 months, so to keep it moving it will sometimes need to restock and refuel, and that’s what the 3-week-long retrograde is: a gas stop.

How you’ll be affected:

Things feel awry and your brain feels fried. Electronics get messed up, backup your data! Communication breaks down and becomes messy, arguments happen easily. Don’t sign any documents or make big deals, and leave extra time for travel.

Re-examine aspects of your life, because helpful new perspectives can pop up.  Listen to your gut because intuition is high, and coincidences can be massive.

If you think this planet stuff doesn’t affect you, nope.

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