Home from Florida

Great time, with great jokes I cannot begin to explain.

How much to ride the grouper? If you saw my brother and I acting this out in real life you’d roll your eyes, and we’d not notice through the laughing.

Ahhh Florida, where the cars are clean.

And home of South Beach, where some BFFs live.

That’s Tony and Hector, friends for over a decade.

Bottom right is when we met up in Niagara Falls, with as much laughs as the time Tony and I met up in North Dakota.

South Beach is also home of the News Cafe, where you should absolutely go. Open 24hrs and right on Ocean Drive (#800), the people watching is extraordinary.

Go sit at the main bar and during the day ask for Ashraf, during the evening ask for Hector, and tell them I sent you.

Look, a rare moment I’m sitting still.

Lasted about ohhhh as long as it took to take this, plus 3 minutes.



Keeping Maserati Clean at an Auto Show

Speaking with Dale Courville, the gentleman behind keeping both Ferrari and Maserati polished at this year’s Canadian Auto Show.

Those aren’t dealer cars but shipped direct from the factory, run through a pop-up wash, then everything is pre-stolen.

Read it online at Autonet.

Favourite line:

The ending – where he uses his access to turn the bullied kid into the class VIP.


If you’re in the Southern Ontario region, Dale also has a mobile car wash, and does a ton of the exotics you see around Toronto, as in, your Civic will be in good hands. Here’s his site – PrecisionDetail.ca

And if you’re unfamiliar with taking your car to a detailer, here’s an old column of what to do and say.


All ‘Keri on Driving’ columns here.



Taking a Break till Next Week

Thought I could pull it all off, nope.

The 2 days I’ve been in Florida I’ve been inside at my computer, missing out on stuff.

The paper doesn’t care I’m here so have to keep that up, but going to take a pause here, take some time off till next week.

Thanks for always checking in xo