Research & Read, Write & Repeat

That was today. Plus wrote the news – the Android Auto infotainment system launched today, and the 2015 Hyundai Sonata is the first to offer it.

Research was for my column, and the topic I chose is proving to be tougher to sum up than I thought it’d be – under the copyright act, a new law prohibiting you from working on your own car may soon come into affect.

Then I fell into an RFID research hole, but was pulled out when a little worker stopped by. An hour later the lawns and porches were beautiful, and we picked flowers.

This Week’s Flowers. From my own garden.
irst time I ever typed that!

And lilacs at that, one of my top 3 favourite smells.

Right now I’m pulling my usual sneak-away-from-parties move to sit in some silence, and write this. So hi hi and sorry I have to run, TTYT



This Week’s Car Kicked it Over

Over the weekend I cracked a beer, then walked out to my driveway to hang out with This Week’s Car – 2015 Jaguar XJ AWD.  

Far from the first time I’ve done this, but first time I’ve told you. When I lived in a condo in Toronto, I’d elevator down and sit in the drivers seat, ahh the new car smell, pushing buttons and daydreaming… “my blog is producing weekly cars, and this one hit six figures, I’m looking at $100,000 in my driveway.”

Guys it’s working… please keep reading, and I’ll keep blogging, then more cool stuff will happen like, next week we’re off on this exclusive auto trip… and remember my blog epiphany, this car week kind’ve confirmed it, so thank you Jaguar for betting on… and get ready for the biggest announcement to date.

Cheers to that.

Full review post coming soon.

2015 Jaguar XJ AWD



A Fast Way to Hide Information in a Photo

Using a phone’s basic photo editing capabilities…

How to:

1 – take photo, in a dark location, with flash
2 – send
3 – tell recipient to lighten the photo

See? Black box-ish until lightened.

Possible applications:

– recipient has texts set to display on the lock screen

– recipient is in a crowded room, people are shoulder surfing



Canada’s Oldest ‘Hair Stylist & Blogger’ Team


Brennen Demelo and I are.

Back in the beginning of blogging – 2008-ish – the first partnership any blog girl worth her salt landed was a hair stylist. When Brennen and I shook hands, I’d just moved to Toronto and was producing ‘The Canadian Explorer’ and he had one sink in the back of someone else’s business.

We’re now in our 7th year, and are the only partnership still intact.

Above is us through the years.

Below is us in 2008.

Today, he’s a leading salon in Toronto and Canada, opened a second location in Barrie, for years has been the top L’Oreal Canada representative, styles many of the magazines covers you see, and I’ve become one of the country’s top auto journalists.

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Go too.

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