New Job Outfits

New clothes! I’m no longer “sporty mercenary,” now I’m “business casual.”

Last time I had new clothes was January 2014 #BenefitOfBlogging

And that’s the irony of a blog right there – I’ve travelled the world while staying in 5-star places, tested over $12 million in cars, but couldn’t afford new sneakers.

Casie became my stylist. When I got hired she drove up to celebrate, arriving with beers and a bag of new clothes. Now that’s a BFF eh!

She advised me on how to build a “capsule wardrobe,” and gave me a style she calls “monochromatic minimalist.”

But I’m most pleased to report this:

In the very first week, I legitiamlly showed up to work in… jogging pants HAHA.

Add that to the blog tagJogging Pants (27)

Probably shouldn’t find that tag’s size so amusing.

Here we go deleting the World’



That’s Reno Week #2 Complete

I know this photo looks practically identical from a week and a half ago, but it’s opposite.

It was another 3-trade day but now the trim is done, windows framed, washer and fireplace serviced, painting started and I’ll update this with pictures soon.

The paper does not care about my renovations, so today was Deadline Day as usual, but I’ve got in a work-trailer rhythm because next weeks column is one of my best in a bit – “Try to Define what Makes a Luxury Vehicle.”

Just woke up so hot on my couch in the trailer, it’s covered in garbage bags. Going to find a shower and use it (my closet is in mine,) then a cold beer and I’ll cheers you sorry again for the light posting week.

Have a good weekend!

Spent a beer outside looking in… wow they came out sharp, worst is over, there are now two holes in my house… I own the world’s cutest house…

Painting has started!
Love the smell, the scent of progress.

This renovation blog take-over will soon be done and it’ll be back to regularly scheduled programming.

After a bunch more stuff happens. Next week’s holiday isn’t helping.

Another 1.5 weeks till complete, but back in my bed in days.

Dining on an F150.

Closet. Office.

Can’t believe I’m typing this guys but… getting sort’ve sick of jogging pants.

Blog tag = Jogging Pants (25)



I’m Sorry I’m Sorry, I Owe You

Wasn’t being dramatic earlier this week, when I said it’ll be a light around here… underestimated it actually. Work went great (read it all here), and won’t bore you with the details but I killed it.

But you don’t want to see what that looks like, because that looks like this:

I need to get offline now, off this keyboard… my right mousing arm is numb to half way down, wow that felt dumb to type.

Have a great weekend, and meant what I said in the title, I owe you.

Enjoy the sun! xo Keri

And stop.



Home Again, and Have So Much to Tell You 

About both the car (it’s a hit), and what happened to me on the trip.

But for now, bed.

It looks so glamourous from the outside, these press trips, but they’re gruelling with fancy food, really.   Not in a bad way, and not complaining, but yup.

Dramatic pants in Montreal.

I have a whole front page of half-drafted Micra posts to tell you about too, but the car posts deserve focus and concentration, neither of which I have right now.

As well as stuff that happened to me.

Like this.

That’s after scoring a goal on NHL goalie Jose Theodore (yes he was being kind on me).

Then, that already big moment led to something enormous, that will get its own post obviously.

Went for a walk in the rain tonight, to hunt down a copy of today’s paper, because it contains my column, as Wednesday is auto-section day.

Which is what inspired this:

Fact. Observed over years.

Blog tag = jogging pants.




Combat this Endless Winter for $4

1 package of 5 carnations = $4

Divide in 2, place where you spend the most time. Then they’re always in your peripheral vision, brightening it, tricking your brain. Seems silly, but it works.

Mine are in: bathroom while I get ready for the day, and centre of my work space.

Carnations last forever; these are almost a week old.

That’s why they’re often This Weeks Flowers.

Ladies: been wearing heels at home, it kinda helps too.