He Bent a Fork With His MIND

I’m on a boat with BFF Casie, and Mysterion approaches, could he try to amaze us, by reading our minds?

Oh definitely. I’ve been spewing stuff onto the internet for years about my superior psychic skills, I love this stuff.

Watch this video – he turns a fork 360 degrees around in MY hand.

I promise I’m not in on this.

I kept the fork.

And that’s my drawing on the left, that he replicated  on the right, by reading my mind (it’s a server).

Crazy, eh?!

I wonder how he did it…… or do I…… maybe I wonder if it’s best to keep your powers hidden…… or I’m wondering what are the odds to run into another one on a boat…. or maybe I wonder if it’ll ever stop being fun, to be so overdramatic……

Sometimes I break the camera.

I wonder.



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