An Electronics Graveyard Looks Like This

I keep my laptop in a neoprene sleeve, which I carry in a laptop-specific backpack.  I am careful with it, I dust it weekly.

The owners of these likely did the same.

And now…

Zip Drives, remember those?

“No way, I can store 100MB on ONE DISK whaaat!?!?”

And boxes of modems.

A 28.8k modem from US Robotics.

And now, all this is landfill.

This is partly why I don’t swap out my phone often. I’ve had a cel since the 90s, and just 7 phones in total.

(missing is a Palm Treo, a Motorola V60, and my current iPhone 4)

(you bet I wore the StarTAC in its holster, on my hip, like a boss)



The Pepsi Taste Challenge is Back

This is Pinewood: Canada’s largest movie studio.  

I’ve always wanted to go, ever since Canadian Explorer days, click here and here.

For the first time since 2004, the Pepsi Taste Challenge is back this summer.

It started over the long weekend and continues until Labour Day. Here’s their Facebook page and here’s their Twitter to find out when they’ll be in your city.

You want to go, because not only will you meet “Poptimus Prime”…

… but you’ll get to interact with a Microsoft Surface!

See how the table knew my name and where I was standing, all from that paper business card? So slick. Pretty sure they’re doing it with RFIDs (that’s a whole topic for Smarten Up, Internet).

(sidenote: I used my first Surface at the Olympics two years ago, click here and fast forward to 0:24)

Pepsi has been doing Taste Challenges since 1976, and they’ve found Canadians prefer the taste of Pepsi.  This Canadian does.




Sorry Guys, So Busy

Find what I’m up to fastest on Twitter: @KeriBlog

Being a nomad and finding a home is tougher than I thought. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if you’re looking to open a business rent short-term furnished apartments in the $1200 range, you will own that market because it doesn’t exist.

Plus I’m doing all this internetting from my phone. I thought it would work all right, but the signal isn’t strong enough. My phone got so hot when I uploaded a video the other day, never mind that Skype call last night bwahaha.

Really looking forward to settling in somewhere, I have security videos to edit and a show to flood the internet with!



Now I’m Home in Toronto

Goodbye warm weather, hello ending to my ‘Avoiding Winter Tour 2012‘.

Last flight.

Since leaving Toronto January 1, I boarded 25 planes.


Proud of this.

I have internet on my phone again!  It’s been 4 months since I could say that.

I was using the thing below.  Which means I had to manage two devices, and the connection was not very reliable.

Every blog post had to be kicked online, no dramatics.

First meal back on Canadian soil.

Girl catchup, very important.

It’s ironic that it snowed a bit today… my first day back is Toronto’s first day of snow since February.

I picked up a Ford Fiesta today, I’m mobile again!!

The studio is done, it’s stuck in a garage in North Toronto.  I’m going to have to jump it and take the back roads to the crushers.  I suppose that will make a good video.  Good for you, sad for me.

Pumped to be back, can’t wait to catch up when I see you.

Have a great Tuesday night!



Things From My Weekend

New gear day!!

Arrived in the mail.  I ordered it in Atlanta, and it was shipped from Atlanta. That is ironic.

Hello mobile studio.

Here I am fixing my ponytail before filming.

Used this to practice on the new Final Cut, which, the more I use the more I dislike it.  I’m not alone; video editors all over are unimpressed.  Too much forcing you to do stuff you don’t want to do.

I made a one-minute video about the story behind my first security advice post, click here.

Then I wandered around an Asian grocery store, and grabbed some photos for

Would you like an eel?

Tried on some wigs.

I’d like a short brown bob wig. I have an angle on one in Toronto. Gotta make it tougher for the stalkers when I return.

Tried out a new iPhone app – Photoshop Express. It’s good, it’s free, and I’ll likely buy I couple upgrades for it (they have a great collection of frames which will make my blog beautiful).

See?! Freemium works.

Day drive.

Night walk.

DigiSo dinner meeting Saturday night.

Flew out Sunday at 6am. It’s the last leg of my “Avoiding Winter 2012 Tour”. Boo.

Hi from Tennessee! This music mecca is really wasted on me, since I don’t listen to music.

See those two bottom left? They saluted me when we passed one another. I like where people’s heads are at here :|

Gotta run and change over my laundry, TTYL.