The World’s Most Powerful 4-Cylinder Engine

That title goes to Mercedes-Benz and their  2.0L 4-cylinder turbocharged engine found inside the CLA 45 AMG.

355 hp
332 lb.ft of torque
0-100 km/h in 4.6 seconds
Top speed – 250 km/h
Engine is hand-built, start to finish, by one technician

Starting at $50,600
Sold out in Canada

(pictured above is a CLA 250, but the AMG looks similar enough, with the main difference being the badge on the back)

(non car nerds: AMG is Mercedes’ line of high-performance vehicles, see this chart)

(to be clear – the post title refers to a “production engine found in a consumer vehicle”)

(I did not mean for this post to have so many brackets)



Audi’s Night Vision Assistant

It’s Audi’s Night Vision Assistant.  Neat eh. And crisp, look at those buildings. Below is Bay Street.

See the time? 4:30pm, the sun hasn’t gone down and it still works.

The yellow rectangles are pedestrians. If there’s a risk of collision, the highlighting turns red and an alarm sounds.

How it works:

It uses a thermal imaging camera, aka an infrared (IR) camera, mounted in the grille. It can detect pedestrians up to 90m away. Turn the system off via a hard button.

Came up with a theory – a car appears almost all-white when it’s fully loaded with people. Therefore I could use this tech to find 18-wheelers being used for human trafficking, tada.

And that’s me about to get hit.



Land Rover has a Cactus Mode


It’s really called Land Rover Terrain Response – change the car’s driving dynamics to match road conditions.

Left to right: 

Normal > Snow & Ice > Mud & Ruts > Sand


Insurance Designed for Young Drivers

Geared totally towards the most risky population segment to insure – young and new drivers – ingenie has seen success over the UK and has arrived in Canada to try and repeat success.

Basically – plug the device into your OBDII port and trade information on your driving style for a break on insurance. Prove you’re a safe driver, get discounts. Prove you drive like a d-bag, lose discounts, plus a psychologist calls you.

Read it online at Autonet.

Favourite line:

If that happens, your phone will ring and a psychologist will be on the other end, who will talk to you about why you’re driving like a jerk and endangering others.

Currently, the company is modifying a device just for me to test, stay tuned for that.


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Hard Buttons are Coming Back

Let this please be a trend – replacing all this touch-control nonsense and revert back to hard buttons.  

Because touch is the opposite of ergonomic, and practically impossible to use without looking, which defeats its purpose.

This is the all-new 2015 Ford Edge.