Chrysler’s 2015 All-new 200 Sedan

It’s Chrysler’s 2015 all-new 200 mid-size sedan.

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Short review:

With its upscale interior and exclusive 9- spd. transmission, in the mid-size sedan segment Chrysler just went from barely competing, to the one to compete against.

The launch was in Louisville, Kentucky.

Here’s the post about that, and what driving in Kentucky looks like [video].

It’s quite different from the model it’s replacing, which was known as a rental car (think of the Sebring), so therefore, not popular with the average consumer (because who wants to buy a car known for being a rental).

This new model ought to change that.

The interior is where Chrysler bests the competition, mainly because of the spacious, open centre console, thanks to the addition of an E-shift.

That E-shift is something we’ll start to see much more of, all automakers are moving to them.

It was a well executed launch, here’s a video still that wasn’t good enough to edit.

Not all launches have neat stuff, like this interior cutaway.

Engine/transmission: 2.4L 4-cylinder & 3.6L V6 / 9-spd automatic

Power/torque: 208 hp/ 258 lb-ft (4-cylinder) & 295 hp / 262 lb-ft (V6)

Starting at $22,495

Oh, and the 200 will not only parallel park itself, it’ll perpendicular park too.



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WiFi in Cars is Coming this Summer

I’ve written about it at work, but this was my first experience using it in real life.

For more details, read my column from February.

1 – it functions much like the Hotspot feature on a cel phone: car broadcasts WiFi > passengers connect to car > go online

Securing your car will be similar to securing your home WiFi.

2 – choose this option, WPA2
3 – don’t bother with WEP
4 – if you check this, please leave my blog

Because remember, you are legally responsible for Hotspot users.

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