New Level of ‘This Week’s Car’ – Jaguar F-TYPE

2014 Jaguar F-FYPE Convertible

3.0L V6 Supercharged

340 hp and 332 kb-ft of torque

0-100 km/h in 5.3 seconds

Starting at $76,900

Let’s pose.

Why I like Jaguar is because it’s classy and subtle. As I’ve mentioned before

… Jaguar is the car version of old money.

And the engine note oh the sound.

Obviously everywhere I go has been in both Sports and Dynamic Mode. So if you hear a lot of superfluous revving this week, look for me.

And with this, I just graduated up to
the next level of auto journalist.

Put in 200 km on Monday alone.

My review in the newspaper runs third week of May.



Nissan invited KeriBlog to Montreal with the Micra

Remember a couple weeks ago, when I said KeriBlog had a big win? And that when the ticket was booked, and the win solidified, I’d tell you about it?


Nissan invited my blog to their Canadian launch of their 2015 all-new Micra.

As in, I got the same invite as the newspapers and magazines.

And first wave too, not thrown in at the end of the program.  Tada!

Here’s my bigger blog post about the Micra, which is built specifically for Canada, and, with a starting price of $9,998, will be the lowest priced car in the country.

Thanks Nissan, this had a bigger affect than you may realize.



The Mustang’s 50th Anniversary Party

If ever you’re invited to a Ford party say yes, they’re always classy affairs.

Ran into Casie, hi Casie! We built our blogs together, and she consistently has one of most interesting Twitter feeds – @CasieStewart.

What do you think of the Mustang, Keri?

The growl is the best part, and I wonder if Ford has that engine note on patent lockdown, because wouldn’t all manufactures copy it?

That’s what I said.

Look for that on Motoring TV.