2015 Jaguar XJ AWD

2015 Jaguar XJ AWD

3.0 litre V6 Supercharged
8-spd automatic
340 hp
332 lb.ft
0 – 100 km/h in 6.4 sec

Starting at $89,490

I use Jaguar’s instrument cluster as a barometer, so many are so cluttered.

It’s minimal, and uses appropriately-sized numbers, text and symbols (especially the cruise control.)

How the rear window cascades over the side though.

And how the taillights do the same thing.

It’s also available in a V8, but this standard supercharged V6 launches quickly, especially in sport mode. Despite it’s size the XJ is very nimble. Steering is well balanced and direct, its handling is refined, and of course that great Jag growl.

Those are the controls for the rear seats.   Leather everything, carbon fibre touches, it’s all elegance that will wear well over time.  It’s the same thing I always say

Jaguar is the car version of old money

Which means my grimey outfits become chic.

Even their marketing campaign rocks #GoodToBeBad – why Jaguar is the perfect car to drive when committing crime.

Remember when I spent a Saturday night hanging out in my driveway with This Week’s Car? It was this one.

Thought I was a beautiful park, till the man came over and asked why I was photoing a car on his lawn,  “wait, I’m not on public property am I…”

He was kind and let me stay.

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Have a Job for Life – Go into Auto Security

It’s an emerging industry that’s growing ridiculously quickly, auto companies have endless money, and there’s many verticals being created to choose from.

New Job Possibilities

– fix CAN bus, that thing is a mess

– get good at D-Bus 

– work for the companies that build the infotainment units eg. Harmon Kardon

cellular companies, there’ll be a vertical dedicated to securing connected cars

– learn the QNX Operating System, 75% of cars use it

– figure out how to mass update older cars

– develop a penetration test for cars


And with this post, I’ve now summarized a talk, then summarized another talk about that talk HAHA.



OEMs – Please No More Interior Chrome Trim

It refracts sunlight too well.

It’s morning or afternoon > sun comes in on an angle > bounces off chrome > into driver’s eye > and temporary blinds them

Happened to me 3 times in 1 week. It’s only half a second but it’s jarring and catches you off guard, and hopefully you don’t jerk the wheel when it does.

Not picking on Jaguar here, tons of manufacturers use it, and to all: please no more.



The Problem with Chinese Motorized Vehicles

They’re often cheaper, and come equipped with more features, like the below ATV that has disc brakes.

Sounds pretty great right?

Finding parts and repairing them is the problem.

Once it breaks, often the only solution is to replace the entire vehicle because finding Chinese replacement parts is difficult.

In the example above, that’s a broken axle, and the solution is either to weld it (won’t work) or drill, thread then bolt it (the torque will knock it loose right away.) So the owner is stuck.

My ATV is a hand-me-down from China, and same thing – the tires are bald, and finding new ones is like an Olympic event.