Targa Rally Day 9 – Complete!

Done! I finished!

Sounds kinda weak I know, but it’s not. Plus I didn’t crash the car, imagine relaying that news to Nissan.

Like a veteran competitor said to me, “no one will understand what you’ve done and their eyes will glaze over when you try to explain”, and I’ve already experienced that… so I’ll sum it up as: how often have I ever said something’s hard? Exactly. And I’d do it again (in the Targa category though, that’s enough math.)

This is being typed from the celebration dinner, here come some photos, including my finishers medal! I drove 85% of the 2,200 km race and we finished with a perfect score: a 0 on Brigus.

Flying home tomorrow, bet I sleep till Monday, and I’ll back-date and beef up the past few posts soon.









Targa Rally Day 8 – Dream Driving Day No Dramatics

A rare clear blue sky for 9 unreal stages, one of which I can’t wait to show you the video… a 300 year old town, all roped off, real narrow streets and turns every tenth of a kilometre.

I accumulated so many points because I floored it the whole time instead of trying to maintain the average speed. I crossed the finish line laughing so hard my head was in the steering wheel.

We are holding down a fun last place and that’s okay, genuinely. In school they said, “none of you will win, just try to finish”, and it’s me so I was all PHFT. But they were right and that’s what we’ll do tomorrow, so I have to go finish the math for that and will leave you with a bunch of pics from today until I can get home and properly fill you in.

Targa is really hard and really worth worth it.









Targa Rally Day 8 – What a Rally Really Looks Like

The first photo – doing math. There’s so. much. math.

We bounced back today, zero-d many stages, still in 5th place though, Targa is tough. And a very mental game.

Back to the hotel by 6pm, combed my hair then we had a special event at a local Nissan dealer: Come meet the Nissan team and enjoy a BBQ.

Then what you see below. That’s Michel and I doing the timing calculations for tomorrow’s 10 races, and that’s why I’m saying good night and will update you properly soon.

Oh and one of the today’s races was right through a town that looked like a movie set (got video), and tried a handbrake on a hairpin and almost pulled it off. Almost. Still tried!




Targa Rally Day 7 – Guys I’m Sorry I Can’t Even

The 90 minutes to finish this post, my head is falling down. I have so much to tell you, and will tomorrow.

Short update is we’re now in second last place. I know. That didn’t take long eh.

Forget everything I’ve said – this game is all math, and I’m tanking it hard. We laughed a lot, but there’s no podium for that. You know how competitive I am, so you know the state of my mind.

kk night TTYT