Keeping Maserati Clean at an Auto Show

Speaking with Dale Courville, the gentleman behind keeping both Ferrari and Maserati polished at this year’s Canadian Auto Show.

Those aren’t dealer cars but shipped direct from the factory, run through a pop-up wash, then everything is pre-stolen.

Read it online at Autonet.

Favourite line:

The ending – where he uses his access to turn the bullied kid into the class VIP.


If you’re in the Southern Ontario region, Dale also has a mobile car wash, and does a ton of the exotics you see around Toronto, as in, your Civic will be in good hands. Here’s his site –

And if you’re unfamiliar with taking your car to a detailer, here’s an old column of what to do and say.


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The 2015 Canadian International Auto Show #CIAS

It smells so good in there – new car smell turned up to 11.

First stop was the exotic room downstairs.

I was there hours before the rest of the media ha, but didn’t Tweet as much so not to bring heat to my interview subject.

Pfaff always brings the big badges.

Top is a Pagani (more about this car here, including me inside the thing), and bottom is my dream supercar – a Mclaren.

Because most cars make their debuts at either the LA or Detroit show, most of us auto journalists have seen all these cars already.

See my Top 5 list for the paper – Top 5 Favourite Things at the LA Auto Show.

Stopped by for the Acura NSX reveal. Why doesn’t everyone use this silver fabric? So dramatic.

Acura NSX Reveal

First time I saw this car in real life was Detroit a couple years ago, more about that here.

Best ad spec of the show goes to Honda’s selfie stick.

Which I used to capture the best part of any show – the people.

Here’s the website – – $23/adult, $7/kid, $45/family – February 13 – 22, 2015.



Proper Press Car Keys

Seems straight-forward, but it’s not.

All automakers handle it differently, I like this setup best.


1 – a protected tag with pertinent information front and back (the grey box is the VIN #)

2reverse side lists a phone number to call if I need something

3 – key is easily detached for when photographing the interior

4 – a USB key containing the spec sheet plus PDFs. That’s key, because whenever you need an answer it’s 10pm and no one is going to email you back then.

Specifically, these belong to the 2015 VW Golf I have this week.



Fake Engine Sounds, it’s Happening

It’s a dichotomy – a quieter engine is a more technologically advanced and efficient one. But the problem is we consumers still associate noise with power, so automakers are faking it.

Read it online at Autonet.

Favourite line:

My proposed compromise:

So to the automakers – not sure this is your best idea, guys. Buyers aren’t happy, and the lack of information on your sites makes you seem shady.

I propose a compromise: keep adding the fake engine sounds, but also tell the buyer that you did. Then add an FAQ to your website on how to disable it, or better yet, add in an “off” switch.


All ‘Keri on Driving’ columns here.