The 2015 Ford Expedition fits in Everywhere

It does – took it on some country dirt roads, then above is when I valeted it at the Hazelton Hotel HAHA

(non-Toronto residents: that’s one of the city’s fanciest hotels.)

2015 Ford Expedition – Platinum Trim

3.5 L V6 engine
6-speed automatic transmission
365 hp
420 lb.ft

Starting at $49,999
This one $70,949

Everything in this centre console can be operated while wearing work gloves.

Had to go downtown twice that week, and once during Friday afternoon rush hour traffic at that.

I thought it’d be cumbersome to be in a 20″-wheeled mega machine, but it proved opposite and I had that thing flying around. Handling was direct, then add in all the torque, so when a fast move is needed, it can do it.

Finding parking wasn’t as tough as I thought it’d be either. Above is a tiny downtown side street.

Features include: plenty of USB ports, rear seats are heated and enjoy dedicated climate controls, wood trim and perforated front seats that can both cool and heat, and rain-sensing wipers. Not sure why all the windows weren’t auto up&down though, just the driver’s is.

This Platinum trim is equipped with both a rear-view camera and a reversense sensing system, but I barely used either, the sight lines were clear.

Ford does utilitarian really well. And because I’ll choose function over fashion every time, I’m into it #FunctionalLuxury

Ford Expedition

Also into power running boards.

I love being the biggest thing on the road, love the dichotomy, like how this Expedition can seat 8, and instead it was all for troll-doll-sized me.

But getting to drive something so large doesn’t happen often, so the novelty may be influencing my opinion, you should know this. That’s why auto journalists are separated into two groups – one does cars, the other specializes in giant vehicles and heavy-duty trucks.



There is No Fire Suppression System in a Car

I thought when your car lights ablaze the vehicle’s built-in automatic fire suppression system kicks on and saves you but was I ever wrong, because there isn’t one.

Read it online at Autonet.

Favourite line:

A car lighting on fire is a rare event, but a smoking engine is more common. Check the colour of the smoke – white is water, black is rubber, and blue is oil. White is the colour you’re hoping for – steam – as it’s the least damaging and dangerous.

Don’t open the hood, and never open the coolant cap – hot liquid will shoot out and burn your face off.


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Arty Mustang Photos

Last week’s car was a 2015 Mustang GT.  That was very yellow.

The Mustang engine note is one of the best out there, a good deep growl I’m surprised doesn’t get copied more often.

Ground speed“… what else would it be?

Apparently it’s a reference to a movie I’ve never seen, still eye roll.

Although the Mustang has a reputation of a “guys car“, women have been behind its creation its whole 50 years. Wrote a column about it.

The toggle switches are neat eh.

Ford is bringing back hard buttons, gone is all that touch nonsense.

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Review the Reviewers

Before relying on the opinion in a car review, check the source. Like, why read about a minivan from someone who usually drives performance vehicles? I prefer minimal and don’t like autonomous aids, so if you do, you probably won’t like my stuff.

Read reviews by both genders, and all ages too, because auto journalism is a game of history; like, I’m at 2.7 years now and am still considered the new kid.

Read it online at Autonet.

Favourite line:

The nature of a car guy is to document, share, and debate; that’s why car forums remain one of the largest, most popular genres online. Don’t be shy about asking questions – car guys are an enthusiastic, gentlemanly group! Post precisely and concisely, and you’ll get back some great advice.


All ‘Keri on Driving’ columns here.