It’s Nervous Driving Freshly-Painted Rims

We’re real busy with rims, so had to help with delivery. 

Can’t wrap them up tight because the paint is fresh, but a road bump could send them moving, one tiny hit would nick them, now they have to be re-done, bye profit and happy customer.

The nervousness comes from that I’m a driver a heart, everywhere I go it’s with sprit… but I’m also a complete airhead sometimes… no fast movements stay focused Keri, nice and easy onto the offramp… hey a new Golf R, oh cool how the caliper’s R shows through FOCUS Keri here comes a bump…

Non-car nerds: one tiny nick on a rim is unacceptable. If you’re not into rims this may seem extreme; it’s not.

18″ AMGs colour-changed to glossy black.

They came out beautiful; we produce high-quality results.

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The World’s Most Powerful 4-Cylinder Engine

That title goes to Mercedes-Benz and their  2.0L 4-cylinder turbocharged engine found inside the CLA 45 AMG.

355 hp
332 lb.ft of torque
0-100 km/h in 4.6 seconds
Top speed – 250 km/h
Engine is hand-built, start to finish, by one technician

Starting at $50,600
Sold out in Canada

(pictured above is a CLA 250, but the AMG looks similar enough, with the main difference being the badge on the back)

(non car nerds: AMG is Mercedes’ line of high-performance vehicles, see this chart)

(to be clear – the post title refers to a “production engine found in a consumer vehicle”)

(I did not mean for this post to have so many brackets)