It’s Nervous Driving Freshly-Painted Rims

We’re real busy with rims, so had to help with delivery. 

Can’t wrap them up tight because the paint is fresh, but a road bump could send them moving, one tiny hit would nick them, now they have to be re-done, bye profit and happy customer.

The nervousness comes from that I’m a driver a heart, everywhere I go it’s with sprit… but I’m also a complete airhead sometimes… no fast movements stay focused Keri, nice and easy onto the offramp… hey a new Golf R, oh cool how the caliper’s R shows through FOCUS Keri here comes a bump…

Non-car nerds: one tiny nick on a rim is unacceptable. If you’re not into rims this may seem extreme; it’s not.

18″ AMGs colour-changed to glossy black.

They came out beautiful; we produce high-quality results.

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Painted Factory Rims HAHA

Pink on the rear, teal on the front, all are factory rims that have been painted.

Non-car nerds: coloured rims are loved by the tuner crowd.

Here’s a proper painted rim.

If you’re going to drive on coloured rims they need to be really nice, which is why painting factory ones is funny.



The Thing About Nice Rims is This

(Infiniti G37 Rims)

See how low they sit?  It makes nicking them SO easy.

And a few dings on each, and the car starts to look straggly. That means you have to pay close, constant attention.  Curbs and corners have to be taken slower.

Being careful not to dent the $1,000s in rims

every time I park, that gets old fast.

Of course I love high performance tires and cars. But, I think rims work the best when you own 2 cars: one with rims, and an everyday car.

 I like nice cars, but I like driving more.

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