Taking a Break till Next Week

Thought I could pull it all off, nope.

The 2 days I’ve been in Florida I’ve been inside at my computer, missing out on stuff.

The paper doesn’t care I’m here so have to keep that up, but going to take a pause here, take some time off till next week.

Thanks for always checking in xo



Okay I CanNOT Concentrate Today

My brother and I are back together, annoying everyone with our shenanigans.

Imagine the boy version of me, and that’s Pete – same loud laugh and big mannerisms, ridiculous jokes, high energy and lippy-ness.

He too loves cars – track day bro, track day – and right now he’s staring me down to finish this so we can back at it… kk done!

Blog tag = brother



Hi from Florida

First a plane photo, so if you’re skimming you know I’m travelling (that’s why I bold stuff eh, so you can skim.)

It took 3 neighbours (TY!), a truck, a plane, and then a 3 hour shuttle to get me here. Plus a lot of patience, because 12 hours is a long time to sit still.

Like my Florida outfit? I’m always cold no matter.

Now it’s 9pm, I finally ate, am about to hit publish and fall on my face, TTYT



No More Winter Photos like This for a Week

As in, the title means I’m flying out tomorrow to a week in Florida visiting friends.

Pretty efficient title eh, because it also serves to use these winter-themed pics which have been stagnating on my phone.

And okay okay, I pledge to replace my phone; these photos are beyond grainy, it looks like 2008 around here.

Don’t think it’s my camera degradation theory (here), think I just wore out the phone. It’s 8 months old, and bet I take ohhhhh 100x the number of photos per day compared to an average user, plus run about 14 GB / month through it.

ATVing around last weekend.

Tried to fit through a gate and couldn’t.

So I had to 53-point turn it, by hand, then push it up a hill. People were slowing down for the show.

Still get nervous leaving my house on its own. What if something happens and I’m not there to protect it? The pipes could freeze into a disaster at these temperatures. But I have a steady stream of people checking daily though (insurance states that eh, or it doesn’t pay), plus what are the chances I booby-trapped it you figure.

Car washing in -40ºC. 

If I always looked like bottom right, would you still read my blog?

kk I still have to pack, so gotta cut today’s blog short, sorry.

I’m not on vacation, it’s the normal schedule at both here and the paper, although here might be a bit light. Home in a week.


Here comes THIS.



Deadlines Done, now Let’s Day Drink

No dramatics, soon as I hit publish I’m disconnecting from the intenert and cracking a Coors Light.

I already picked up Casie from the train station, she’s downstairs blogging right now, my house is filled with typing sounds.

Here, I’ll show you…

We’re like, the last 2 bloggers standing…  first in, then was the era where everyone and their dog had a blog, then we outworked and outlasted them all and are probably two of the most successful bloggers in the country.

kk enough, time for ridiculous jokes I can’t begin to explain, and can’t wait because the last time I partied while the sun was up was…. a year? At least.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you! XO

TTY Monday, have a great weekend and I’ll cheers you in 3, 2, 1…