Taking a Long Weekend

Need to, I have so much house stuff happening, like this.

Basically, I’m turning a 3-season house into a 4-one.

Did this to my kitchen today, and then had the ceiling cut out, so the insulation guys can access everywhere.

And I have _got_ to order furniture.

My love of minimalism is working against me, because it’s now almost a month of still living with nothing, sleeping on an air mattress, hi from my trunk.

Plus one thousand other things I won’t bore you with.  Have a big meeting Friday about an upcoming event I haven’t told you about, and a bunch of security posts I haven’t had required laser-beam focus to write, everything is still normal over at the newspaper, that’s all I know for now the end.

Have a great weekend TTY Monday.



Summer Beers Tonight

Instead of blogging.

Hard to remember it’s the vacation months, of account of my frozen fingers typing this wtf.

TTYT, till then, here I am driving.

Hi hi.




Beast Mode All Day

Auto. Writing. Machine. Love the beast mode feeling.

And after I hit publish that’s it for work till Monday. Look at me learning to have a more balanced life.

Now look how Canadian I look.

Look so Canadian

All I want to do this weekend is manual labour, really.

I like it because it’s so opposite of what I do… scrub sweep polish, see results instantly. Because you could blog yourself into oblivion.

Measure 10 times, buy 1 time.

And I’m going to mess around with this, it’s an OBDII port reader.

And take the Chrysler 200 for a destination-less drive.

Like this.

First flowers of the new house! This week’s flowers.

Thank you K xo, and for driving so far too.

But right now, I’m going to drink beers with the boys. I’ll toast you.

Have a great weekend, TTY Monday.



Hi from Kingston Tonight

Weird sky today huh.

I’m here to help out with a friend’s election campaign, neat eh. #ElectKoven

Here we are hard at work.

Here’s the moment right after.

And here’s my new jacket COME ON.

Great gift eh! From the girls, now that I moved out of the city xo

Photos by Suzy, obviously.