Taking the Rest of the Summer Off

As in, rest of this week. 

I’m happy and fine just wiped, and my brain is still porridge, never a good mind with which to write. Look how dull my eyes are. Plus I haven’t had a real summer vacation in years, so am taking one.
Back to regularly scheduled programming next week when the world starts up again.

Have a great Labour Day weekend!!

xo Keri



Sitting Quietly

Daydreaming. Plotting.

When that happens it’s hand-over-mouth always. There’s even a blog tag = Hand over mouth (12)

First week of unemployment couldn’t have gone better.  I laughed a lot, felt lighter, not one twinge of regret over my decision to quit the paper, and it couldn’t have ended on a higher note. Something big is coming guys, our adventures are about to whoosh up to the next level.

I’m still so wiped though, I accomplished very little this weekend and just feel …. lethargic. It’s confusing me, I have endless energy always. Maybe it’s because I stopped for the first time in 3 years. So I’m very behind on email, and if that’s you I’m sorry, it’s not personal.

Best Friday night #BuyingAHouseInTheCountryWasMySmartestMove

On Friday I tested Ford’s all-new infotainment system, Sync 3.

It debuts on both the 2016 Fiesta and Escape.

Full review coming soon, until then a short review – hold off on buying a new Ford until it comes equipped with Sync3, it’s that big an improvement.

Saturday night at the races… BE THERE.

Have a new OCD song.

Happens a couple times a year, this time it’s Justin Beiber with Skrillex, “What do you mean?

Blog tag = OCD Song

Here’s to a strong start to your week tomorrow,
last one of Summer 2015!

Take a risk, do what’s been on your to-do list,
now is a good time.

xo Keri



Can Someone Please Send Me a Printer to Test

I don’t own one. Happy to test it out and blog my findings.

Because it’s a 30-minute round trip, with a specially formatted USB key, just to print a few pages, and in black&white at that.

This is out-of-hand.

Look how much it costs to invoice the newspaper – $8.

Regardless – remember to password protect your WiFi printer, especially if it’s connected to your corporate network.



My 1st Public Speaking Engagement

Last night I spoke at a TASK meeting (Toronto Area Security Klatch – Canada’s longest-running get-together of Information Security professionals.)

It was their annual Black Hat / DEF CON review session at. I covered the Jeep hacking talk, but tailored my presentation to illuminate areas of the auto industry that need security help – because if you want to be employed forever, go into the auto security industry.

There were about 150 people, I had 14 slides and spoke for 8 minutes. 

(don’t know why the picture quality is crap, on my 3-week-old iPhone.)

A friend filmed it, but no no that’s not going online… watched the footage, sorry TASK for all the ummmms! It started like that even, “Hi I’m Keri, ummm.” Literally cringed while typing that. I’m more eloquent and better paced that that, nor so verbose that was 4 minutes too long, I was SO nervous.

But first one done! I enjoyed it. Think I could get good at this.

Go too.


Meets the last Wednesday of Every Month 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Metro Hall, Rotunda (On main floor, just past the elevators)
55 John Street, Toronto
SE corner of King St. & John St.



* note – technically I’ve spoke publicly once before, there’s a post about it. But it was to a crowd of 20, talked just about myself, back when I was part of a digital workspace in West Virginia.



40 Thumbnails: Bet 1 gets a Laugh, 1 gets a Hmmm..

They’re thumbnails of random blog posts.

They’re not clickable sorry, to find the real post you’ll have to search.

The new blog theme will make it easier to find stuff. Got it picked out, it’s like this one but refreshed, updated. With a better mobile version… considering forcing the desktop view…

Think the colour theme will be green and gray with classic blue links.

Above top right though.

Below – the Pressing Play post needs a photo #p

If you’ve ever wondered what blogging is like, here’s the tag Blogging (42)

And if you’ve ever debated starting one, DO IT.

Can you dine out alone?

Auto security 40 years ago.

I used to think this was a good idea.