Happy Canada Day!

Lucky us to live in the best country in the world!

So celebrate big today, and take good care of Canada all year.

Remember when I was “The Canadian Explorer“?  I used to get so nervous about today, like how Santa probably feels on Xmas – you better produce.

3 years, 80 episodes and 000s of blog posts celebrating the best country because I feel it doesn’t get celebrated enough.

Here’s the intro to the show, circa 2007.

And here’s the siteTheCanadianExplorer.com

Good luck finding anything, I can’t and I own the thing.

But if you’re willing to dig, there’s a ton of gold, and the videos use an editing style that’s only now coming into vogue.

You’ll learn lots of facts, like how our national crest contains a unicorn.

I can spout stuff like that for days.

Or if you’ll really feeling to love Canada today, FF to 0:51 and reaffirm your Oath of Citizenship.

Have a great night tonight, hope you have fireworks!



That’s Reno Week #2 Complete

I know this photo looks practically identical from a week and a half ago, but it’s opposite.

It was another 3-trade day but now the trim is done, windows framed, washer and fireplace serviced, painting started and I’ll update this with pictures soon.

The paper does not care about my renovations, so today was Deadline Day as usual, but I’ve got in a work-trailer rhythm because next weeks column is one of my best in a bit – “Try to Define what Makes a Luxury Vehicle.”

Just woke up so hot on my couch in the trailer, it’s covered in garbage bags. Going to find a shower and use it (my closet is in mine,) then a cold beer and I’ll cheers you sorry again for the light posting week.

Have a good weekend!

Spent a beer outside looking in… wow they came out sharp, worst is over, there are now two holes in my house… I own the world’s cutest house…

Painting has started!
Love the smell, the scent of progress.

This renovation blog take-over will soon be done and it’ll be back to regularly scheduled programming.

After a bunch more stuff happens. Next week’s holiday isn’t helping.

Another 1.5 weeks till complete, but back in my bed in days.

Dining on an F150.

Closet. Office.

Can’t believe I’m typing this guys but… getting sort’ve sick of jogging pants.

Blog tag = Jogging Pants (25)



Insane Things Discovered During the Renovation

Let’s start with the grossest – a 3 foot snakeskin inside the insulation in the main room wall.

Neighbour: look what we found
Me: OMFG it’s gone right?
Him: Don’t know, maybe. Probably
Me: Lie to me please
Him: the snake is long gone Ker
Me: okay good

A live wire that was just hanging in the wall.

All fans vent directly into the insulation in the attic.

Including the moist air after a shower. What is wrong with people.

The plumber dives under my house and exclaims, “holy crap it’s illegal under here!”

Pipes rated for below ground used above, bonded together with the wrong chemicals, and the rest were duct taped.

Duct. Taped.

Yes I had a home inspection before buying. Never recommending that guy.