Targa Rally Day 4 – This is the Rally Racing Line

Right down the middle, on the yellow.

It’s different from a track, where you try get a couple wheels over the apex (which I recently discovered a knack for, when Pfaff invited me to track their Porsches [video])

And no wheels off the road, EVER.
Or in rally speak, “Do not cut”.  Big points off.

Not just because it drags gravel onto the road, making it slippery for the following competitor, but because a pothole can make things go west real fast.


Even a small pothole like this.



Targa Rally Day 1 – Arrived and Installed in NWFLD

Hi hi from St. John’s, Newfoundland.

Here’s my home for the next 10 days.

We all arrived late afternoon, got ourselves installed into our hotel rooms.

It’s so true what they say about the people here, eh.

Then we went to pick up our cars.

That’s the hashtag – #TeamNissanTarga

L-R: Danny Bailey, Michael Vaughn, me, Michel Crépault.

Finally I can introduce you to my partner, Michel!

He’s a fellow auto journalist out of Quebec, and it’s a good pairing, him and I. A well-balanced duo.

Day 1 of Racing School starts tomorrow at 8am.

There is a lot to learn, because I know nothing about rallies. But like okay… I can drive, I’ll learn some navigational-math, a new language (rally speak! Ex: you never say “right”, instead say “check”), and tada.


All Targa posts are filed under this blog tag: #NissanMicraTarga


I’m ranking #1 in Google for ‘Nissan Targa Rally’ ha.

Now the trick is to maintain that.



Leaving for Targa NWFLD Rally in 36 hrs, Freaking

In 36 hours, I’m going to compete in Canada’s biggest rally race, for which Nissan has outfitted me with a car, kit AND support staff for both logistics and mechanics, I know nothing about this sport.

My only rally experience was a few months ago, when I got to do the Mazda Adventure Rally. Where I won the Daniel Boone Award, for being last to return to base every. single. day.

But then I think, it’s okay, there is really only one thing to know:

Don’t crash the car Keri, do not crash this car.

Plus my life’s still unsettled from the move.

There’s more to this owning-a-house thing than you think going in, eh. Still don’t have furniture, think my washing machine is broken, and I’m nervous to leave my house alone for the first time.

Then my mind just seized up, and for the last 45 minutes I’ve been pacing between the laptop, and an open suitcase… GUYS.

That’s all I have packed, but the decals came out amazing, good and thick. The Decal Zone made them.

First time I’ve held my URL IRL

And my hair is looking great, thanks Kaila! Brennen Demelo Studio. Go too: 416-301-1072

My Itinerary

Tuesday – day off blogging, deadline at newspaper, finish ‘Auto About’ page, forgot to buy things and other errands

Wednesday – fly 12 pm, team dinner

Thursday – Day 1 of Rally Racing School

Friday – Day 2 of Rally Racing School

Saturday – don’t know

Sunday – official practice day, thankful this day exists

Monday – Friday – RACE 7am – 5pm, 6pm auditorium meet & greet, dinner, study next days route book

Took time off from the newspaper, blog will be updated daily, will try for lots of video.

My helmet arrived Friday.

It’s been modified -a microphone and ear-plugs, to a plug out the back that I connect to a radio, to talk to my driving partner.

kk I feel more normal-brained now, blogging it helped. Blog. Because of this blog, here we go on a once-in-a-lifetime $30k race car extravaganza. Got goosebumps typing that.

Starting Wednesday afternoon,
I’ll be living in another world for 10 days.
TTY from there, then!

Where this post came from.

And the good luck gift I got myself: Targa shoes.


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I’m car # 1998.



A Great Day I Didn’t Document

Just didn’t feel like it is all.

Blogging is a fine balance, because once the camera comes out to capture the moment, it kills it.

Up early and crushed my 2 deadlines at the paper, then I had to go downtown for a couple errands, found out two of my favourite girls were having dinner so I tagged along, and we were that table on the patio, cackling so loud.

Some storm tonight huh.  The Jag powered through all unaffected, and now it’s 9:45pm and I’m going to hit publish, then cheers you with this Cornoa.

Here’s where this post came from – it’s the window reflection at my desk.

Have a great weekend, TTY Monday.