Great Day I Didn’t Much Document

Things just folded together nicely.

kk it’s 11pm and I’m through the door done now. Part of it is, it’s corporate Christmas party season, so I’m downtown 3 times this week… what used to be a 9 minute taxi, is now 2 hours driving, in perfect traffic conditions.

I’ll leave you with 2 photos.

Curling my hair in the car this afternoon.

(it’s butane) (the drivers seat is ideal lighting for eyebrow maintenance)

And me and my bagpipe friend.

Night TTYT



Drove 400 km and Went to a Party Today

Not all to get to a party though.  Half the kms were uneventful errands and places.

Saw this sign which is now a header. I’m on a header roll these days eh.

The party was in celebration of Cohn & Wolfe’s 25th Anniversary.

Congratulations guys! 25 PHFT

A great grin.

You’ve met everyone here except Stephanie Wallcraft, whose stuff you should be reading.

Auto-journlists are magnets.

While cropping the bottom photobomb, the mouse was shaking from lol; Tim never change.

In the photo above Tim’s head, that’s my Targa team!

Targa… how to explain it… Targa is just ridiculous hi Keri, come drive fast as possible through this 300-year old town, we roped it off into a course that looks like a video game, and took care of the cops, green light go. Thank you Nissan!

Blogged daily while competing, here, Michel is the best teammate.

Thanks for having me tonight C&W, here’s to another 25!

And to you, night TTYT it’s accidentally almost midnight, so the end.



Have a Great Weekend Guys

I’m burnt. Wrote for the paper all day, including ‘Keri’s Top 5 Best Things from the LA Auto Show‘, which I rather like, read it here.

Completed all deadlines by late afternoon, just inhaled Swiss Chalet, now I’m in the middle of running errands, which I’ll leave you with, because I just don’t have it in me to spend a few more hours in front of a computer.

TTY Monday, enjoy the last weekend of November ’14! xo



11:30 pm and Just Got Home

My flight landed at 7:30, but my car’s battery was dead, so a couple hours hanging around Terminal 1, then CAA saved me.

A fast Happy Meal in the driver’s seat, cause can’t shut the car off in case it doesn’t start again, and now finally I’m back in my house, which I still get nervous leaving alone, even though people come to check on it (ty).

I like airports, always have.

I don’t like travelling to the other side of the country, because by the 3rd day when you adjust to the time difference, it’s time to leave.

And days spent in transit are like ghost days: poof, there goes the last Thursday in November that I will remember practically none of. Feels wasteful.


Hoovered up 94 MBs while gone.

kk 2 newspaper deadlines tomorrow, so for today that’s me complete TTYT



Great Day at the Show, Tell You About it Soon

Lots of cars and lots of photographs, and I interviewed the head designer of Ford and we laughed a lot, and an auto show smells so good, and then all the cars start to look the same to be honest, and now the end. Will blog my favourites soon.

Flying out tomorrow morning. Heard I’m coming home to feet and feet of snow. I don’t have a shovel though.