When’s the Last Time you Wiped your Phone?

Think of it like a spring / fall cleaning, when you de-clutter and start fresh, and give it more room to function by deleting years-old photos and apps.

Imagine opening iTunes and seeing this, so beautiful…

*30 minutes*

1 – Backup – photos / contacts / calendar / notes

2 – General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings

3 – Enter passcode and follow instructions

4 – For sure you’re backed up right

5 – Click Erase

6 – Re-install apps

7 – Use the opportunity to change all your passwords (or at least – bank / email / Facebook)

8 – Done.


When the phone is now behaving like new, you’ll be all, “why was I putting up with that lag all this time…”

Do it.



You Can Now Use Facebook to Comment Here

2 choices – just comment, or, check the box the arrow is pointing to before hitting post, and the blog post will also share to your FB timeline.

Test complete.

It works on mobile, not elegantly, but it does.

It’s not hooked into the app on your phone, you’ll have to login via the web version. I know I’m sorry, but it’s the best I can do.

It looks like this:

Try it out, it’s at the bottom of all individual posts, let’s talk about it.

Look forward to chatting with you, agreeing, debating, or are we fighting? We’re fighting! ;)


Fellow WordPressers – it’s Facebook Comments by Vivacity. Easy to install, and is updated to work with the current WP 4.3.1.



Why I Don’t Like Hallowe’en

I really don’t. Keep calling that energy into your life, and it’ll show up.

I especially don’t like the accompanying imagery that comes with the holiday. Like, I’ve never watched a horror movie, that stuff gets stuck in my imagination and wreaks havoc.

So every year I actively avoid it, and every year when asked what I’m dressed up as, it’s the same joke – I dress like I do every other day, and admit I’m a spy.

But now that I have a house kids come to the door, so I have to participate.

By dumping a box of candy into a Happy Meal pail.

Perched in my surveillance chair, “Trick or treat guys, what are you dressed up as?  I like your manners.”

Then attended a neighbour fire, one of my favourite things.



I Dream of Having my Own Slot Machine

For years.

One of the jackpots will be a car.  And I have several of the sounds picked out already.

I haven’t decided if I want my machine to be digital like above, or analog like below.

Because these all-new type of reels are so so beautiful, mixed with lights behind them, they’re the prettiest reels I’ve probably ever seen.

Maybe my machine will have both.

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