Bought on Credit for the First Time

Always ran my finances like, “if I can’t pay cash, probably shouldn’t be buying this.”

To be clear: I use a Visa daily, it accumulates flight points, but always have the cash to pay off at the month’s end, which also helps my credit score, like that #TheTrickIsFullPaymentAlways #GoodCreditScoreIsKey #SuchNicheHashtags

It’s fast to fill out the form, forever to deal with the consequences eh.

But fresh air is essential.

The windows.

(I tape things out always)

Details – each window is equidistant from the corners, 14″ high, drywall return, awning opening, reeded glass running horizontally, and all for just $60/month PHFT.

Bet that’s the part that gets me into trouble, the PHFT, how it would accumulate… because I don’t have that chunk of cash kicking around, so guess that’s how credit happens huh… #NotARenterAnymore

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Update – good dicusson on FB aout this, here.


Here are the Spring Trends for the Home

Twice a year Canadian Tire takes over an empty space, and transforms it into a place that’s filled with the the next season’s trends. Last summer they took over a house in suburbia, and morphed it into Christmas time.

Here’s what’s coming for us this summer season.

The patterns of summer 2015 are oversized florals, watercolour patterns and bold stripes, all in brighter colours than have previously been en vogue.

Impatiens are the most purchased flower in North America. Canadian Tire designed a tougher type, the Bounce Impatient, which is supposedly extra hearty.

I’m just going to cover my entire property in this – an all-in-one flower solution: seeds + fertilizer + coir #easy

Sprinkle around, flowers bloom at different times, and the coir changes colour when it’s time to water.


If I put this rule here, I won’t keep forgetting it:

Perennial – plant comes up each year, over and over
Annual – plant each year because 1 seed = 1 year

A quick swing break during the kids area, because zero interest there.

Boosting your own cell signal will be a trend.

And there’s a new in-house line of products you’ll start seeing on their shelves: FRANK.

Kind’ve like the Presidents Choice of Canadian Tire.

And if you’re at the Etobicoke, ON store, enquire about being driven in the Canadian Tire limo.


This post has been brought to you by Canadian Tire.

Short on Time Today Guys

Wrote the news, blabla’d around, troubleshooting for why isn’t the “Related Posts” plugin working here anymore ugh, had a meeting and got another job, and finally hi hi from home it’s now 9pm.  Tomorrow is nuts too but leave it with me, on it.

Until then here’s an old video I found this morning…

I challenge you to a staring contest:



Girls Night BFF Sleepover All Right

They just arrived, from all the way far out of town at that. Good friends eh xo

And with housewarming gifts, all of which had a wish attached to them:

Honey – May you always enjoy the sweetness of life.
Knives – May your home always be protected from intruders.
Olive Oil – May you be blessed with health and well-being.
Plants – May your home always have life.
Rice – May the love in your home multiply.
Salt – May there always be flavour and spice in your life.
Wine – May you always have joy and never go thirsty.
Wood – May your home have stability, harmony, and peace.

And a broom too, because I am a witch? Could be.

kk gotta go, too excited. Didn’t edit the above photos even, think I’ve only done that twice before. And I get to drive her new Mercedes CLA 250 phft.

Have a great weekend TTY Monday xo



Went Downtown and Got You a HotDog

Going downtown is now an event. Today was about the 8th time, since July. When there I’m like woah, I used to live in this?!

Ran a couple contractors through my house this morning, then interviewed the chief marketing manager for Nissan for next week’s column, “Why don’t some cars come to Canada?”

Then downtown for Canadian Tire’s annual event, “These are the spring trends.”

Last year I jumped on their trampoline.

Original post.

More running around, a meeting about making videos for someone (looks like it’s a go, tell ya more soon), and tomorrow’s deadline Friday so gotta go, will leave you with the shish-kabob I got you too, TTYT