Here’s me in a Carwash Today

And that’s it.

Sorry, just don’t have the 90 minutes in me to finish these posts, I’ll do a whole fresh front page tomorrow. It wasn’t till yesterday that it sunk in – Christmas is next week… huh? Impossible. But it is. Oh time. The only non-renewable resource.

Debating taking next week off here (still will be writing at the paper), and really digging into celebrating my first holidays in my new house (a lot of jogging pants and couch.)

TTYT night



Shovelled my House for the 1st Time

Shovelling Animated

Living downtown, I saw snow like twice a winter, and used the underground city instead. Today I returned to 2 feet of it.

I enjoyed it, so simple and immediate, the opposite of writing and blogging – move snow from here to there, go.  Plus doing this for the next 3 months phft, let’s get country strong.

Cause woah, snow weighs a lot eh.

Now to add a photo that makes it clear I travelled today.

It scented the whole lobby.

World’s best backpack.

Good trip, good to be home.

I won.

And the end, because it’s now neighbour-beer-&-catchup time, have a good weekend xo TTY Monday.



Spent the Day at Ford’s Headquarters in Dearborn

Got to paw their new Sync infotainment system, which is happily far better than the current one (this one is QNX based.)

Also got to try a virtual reality helmet, very cool. So real looking. Dedicated posts about each coming soon.

Just back from the annual Ford media party, which was good fun (plus I won the race car game, tada.)

Best line of the trip comes from Francis… “You’re like the Grumpy Cat of journalism” (because of my resting-serious-face, see here)

I have 3 deadlines tomorrow for the paper, and my flight has been cancelled tomorrow because apparently we got so much snow at home? So cutting this short and will leave you with a wish for a good Thursday night, best night of the week.