Spent the day at SecTor

Canada’s biggest security conference.

Have a rough post built about it , will publish tomorrow morning, but just got home (I don’t miss living downtown ugh), hope you guys are still out having fun, good seeing and meeting you today.





Sorry Guys I’ll Make it Up to You

Day was rammed, and super productive with house stuff, but I have 2 deadlines for the paper tomorrow, didn’t get home till 9 and have to fall on my face now xo



So Much Running Around Today Yuck

IMG_7422.JPG Had to swap cars twice this week. My car yesterday wasn’t ready, because the auto journalist who was slated to return it didn’t, I have never done that in the 3 years I’ve been at this, and if you’re reading this, you owe me 200 km and 4 hours. IMG_7395.JPG But I now have my first Subaru WRX, and that’s awesome because non-car nerds: this is a good car, like a sleeper. So my style, and hello amazingly balanced on-ramps oh! I get torque vectoring now WOW why don’t more cars have this?! kk back to cleaning. My house. Again. By the time you get the ladder, I’ve finished the task. IMG_7424.JPG Had 2 trades here today, another 3 tomorrow, and I can’t ask them to remove their shoes just can’t, so hi welcome to the sandpit I own, the havoc this is wreaking on my mind oh M G TTYT IMG_7423.JPG



Had to Go Into the City Today, Twice

Since I moved July 25, bet I’ve been downtown maybe 5 times in total.

So today was a lot. Don’t miss it. This helped.

So fun to drive, the Mazda MX-5.

It’s just my size too, a rarity. Together we can fit anywhere.

Dentist. Again.

Still have never had a cavity, ever.

It took me almost 3 hours to get out of the city. That’s not sitting on the DVP either, that’s using creativity, back ways, and still.

Not happy; being trapped in a car, that’s trapped on a road surrounded by cars, is one of my least favourite feelings.

Have a post about Toronto traffic building in my mind. I think about traffic a lot actually.

Least when I returned this evening, I didn’t have to drive.

Let’s pose.

kk I’m done.

Today’s weak blog update courtesy of the traffic that sucked it all out of me.

Back to enjoying the best night of the week #ThursdayNight

Hope yours is good too TTYT



Miscellaneous Things From the Last Few Weeks

In no particular order:

This Week’s Flowers Thank you K XO

That’s a good friend to text me this.

She sure followed through.

People in the next town probably heard us laughing, we’re so loud.

I have a loud laugh.

Sorry to my neighbours.

This week’s car: 2015 Mazda MX-5 (Miata)

It’s the 25th Anniversary edition.

I’m good with this car because of the Mazda Adventure Rally, which will for sure be on my list, “Top 3 Best press trips of 2014′.

Finally found a worthy home for my Nancy Drew collection.

55 hardcore originals (35 lbs) that I’ve moved with 1,000 times. Parents: you can’t go too west feeding your young lady this series.

Go for Keri.

Last of my blue dress for 2014.