I Keep Falling into an Internet Hole

No dramatics guys, really. Same thing tonight as last – I sit down to blog, one click, two clicks, and before I know it hours have passed, haven’t moved, and am just there with bad posture and a hundred open tabs.

It looks like this:

How’s that for a bad sweatshirt eh, yeesh. It’s warm, but ya. And I’m faking the expression, I actually look like a mouth breather with narrowed eyes, because my contacts are crispy from not blinking enough.

Yesterday was an auto security theme… CAN bus oh boy… did you know a US Senator is suing a bunch of automakers because he feels their cars are hackable… and Canadian surveillance stuff that’s not in my best interest to link up.

Tonight’s hole was Buddhism based… did you know there’s a massive $80 million dollar temple under construction just north of Toronto in Peterborough, whose completion is threatened by the addition of nearby wind farm? Then I descended deeper into the world of Tantra, ahhh now _that_ is a neat topic. And heavy, guard your mind when reading about that.

So yup – my worm hole of wonder, is your bleak blog update.

Lots of cool stuff on the to-do list – a bunch of cars, Audi’s new Night Vision feature, let’s play ‘Can you Spot the Phishing Email’, and I’ll get to all of it when I pull myself out of this hole.

Really though, to not have to travel and instead do this has been so nice. Stuipid sweatshirt and all.




Have a Great Weekend Guys

Wrapping up my deadlines for the paper here, then going to take a destination-less drive in the sun, then hold down my couch tonight, I’m still so wiped, below was not taken today ;)

First day of spring today! Should be a good night out there, everyone all energized because the the warmer weather and daylights savings, toast me kay xo




Leave it With me Guys

I’m beat.  Not tired, not experiencing sleep deprivation (which I like actually), but a deeper, to-the-bone tired. Like, ‘declined 2 trips to New York City’ tired. Like, after flying in last week I was half-way home, stopped at McDoanlds, back on the highway, totally forgot I no longer live downtown and drove there instead, a 45 minute mistake at 1am.  Like that.

I’m fine, happens, this is probably post #6 that reads like this over the years. If we met on the street right now, you’d be meeting a very dumb, puffy version of myself.

But that’s never a mind to be writing about security and cars.

Posts like: Airport Wifi Looks like This:

Because you know every line of text here has been carefully constructed, thoroughly fact checked, a good car/security post takes hours… because get 1 number wrong and it’s a disaster – $21,799 instead of $31,799, or 158 horsepower not 128.

Also coming soon is all about Honda’s all-new HR-V and its launch in Miami, where I received the best launch gift in a while – hats.

These hats.

All coming soon.


That’s why I Tweeted this earlier:

And I don’t. Been gone for 6 weeks, and now nothing!

I’m fine, it’s just publishing a daily blog, plus 4 newspaper deadlines per week (which is considered a lot), it just all caught up to me.  Finished this crazy travel streak on a high note though, my Ford Edge review might be my best review to date – read it here.

But now I’m home for the foreseeable future, and didn’t even book a press car this week to lighten my load. After I hit publish I have to restock my fridge (my 1st power failure was Saturday), then I’m going to hold down the couch tonight, and play this:

That’s the first game I’ve ever downloaded to my phone.

Wait…. why don’t I get an online casino to sponsor my blog? That’s not a bad idea….. hmmm….. after all, blog tags = casino and video poker

It’ll probably be a light week, sorry in advance. I’m gonna post my want ad again below, for kicks.

Here’s to a strong start to your week, TTYT


Seeking an Assistant:

You can video edit, blog, and you “get” the internet. You can speak on the phone, and present well both online and IRL. This is not your first job. I am a benevolent dictator, and the job will be fun, rewarding plus travel. Pay to start sucks, gobs of money to follow. Please apply within.



Had an Epiphany on Friday Night

Above is the moment it all fell into place.

There were sticky notes and Sharpies all over my kitchen, and if you were watching me I probably looked like a crazy person, muttering to herself, scribbling furiously, and hands over my head that moment when it all clicked into place.

Below is the actual epiphany, the one thing it all came down to.

I’ve had some good ideas over the years, but this one might be my most genius yet #NoDramatics

I know it makes no sense to you, but this is all I’m okay with saying for now.  You know how jinxy I am.

Stand by, coming soon.