Now _That_ was a Long Weekend

My neighbour and I kicked it off Friday night in my front yard laughing our heads off, putting the world to rights and playing YouTube DJ.

The grainy photos convey the evening’s tone.

He gave me a lawnmower, and Saturday morning I cut my lawn for the very first time using “Little Red.” A task that takes way longer than I thought it would.

Satisfying though, because it’s a task that’s polar opposite of what I usually do (type myself into oblivion.)

Sunday my neighbours took me ATVing on a motocross track (told ya I have the best neighbours.)

This Week’s Car was perfect for the occasion, too – a 2015 Subaru XV Crosstrek.

Have a dedicated post about ATVing coming soon, until then here’s the short story – loved it, want more.

Of course the weekend included one of these.

To which I was a hit when I showed up with a basket of beer thanks to Bud Light #BudLightApple

Monday I meandered around and didn’t feel like documenting, so didn’t.

Only photo I took.

Hope you had a great long weekend too. Now let’s attack this week.



This is my 2,000th Blog Post


Above isn’t me right now, to be clear. Things kicked off at 5:30 am to keep this dream alive. But it will be me later.

Having a blog is the best. I’d have forgotten so much of the nonsense I get myself into if I hadn’t documented it here. In 2014 I didn’t miss a day eh, not one. It’s gonna be so great when I’m 80 and click through the archives, “oh ya that, and oh that time awwww.”

My blog has: put me in millions of dollars of new cars, tons of track time, endless products, sent me around North America, and got me the best job in the world – auto journalist.

If you’ve been thinking to start a blog, DO IT. It’s constantly surprising what it can produce for you.

For your blogging inspiration:

– creating a blog posts looks like
– and sometimes feels like this
– when stuck for ideas, just make an animated gif 
– this will become the scariest sight to see

– you’ll have to learn a little code, it’s okay it’s not hard
– luxury blogging looks like this
– maintain 2 folders on your hard drive
– my blog makes it through bank filters #proud
– this is polishing a blog

– tips for taking a good profile pic
– blogging is a _lot_ of time alone at your computer
– what crushing a blog post looks like
– making headers and sidebar art is genuinely fun

Finally, build the blog IRL before building it online.

Plus, blogging and jogging pants are practically synonymous, can’t go wrong with that pairing!

Here’s to a great long weekend, that it doesn’t rain on us, and that you laugh a lot.

Thanks for always checking in,

xo Keri



Why I Don’t Mind Paying Taxes

There’s 2 reasons:

1 – paying more tax means I’m making more money

2 – everything comes with a price, including living in the world’s best country.

Doesn’t mean I like doing them though. It’s like an exercise in being bored-to-death. Luckily I have the world’s best accountant who never loses patience with me. Thank you, S!

So like all good slackers, I took advantage of this year’s 5-day extension, and am thrilled to type as of 1 hour ago taxes were filed and paid, it is OVER.



I’m Sorry I’m Sorry, I Owe You

Wasn’t being dramatic earlier this week, when I said it’ll be a light around here… underestimated it actually. Work went great (read it all here), and won’t bore you with the details but I killed it.

But you don’t want to see what that looks like, because that looks like this:

I need to get offline now, off this keyboard… my right mousing arm is numb to half way down, wow that felt dumb to type.

Have a great weekend, and meant what I said in the title, I owe you.

Enjoy the sun! xo Keri

And stop.



For my 1st Track Day, I’ve Chosen this Outfit

Track day bro track day, first of the year!  I’m off to a tire testing event with BF Goodrich, held at Mosport track too, not a parking lot niiiice.

Drowning in deadlines this week already guys, today was a grind, bet I wrote 2,500 words. One of which is my IIHS Crash Test Facility article while will publish later this week. I have to go make its photo gallery now, it’s almost 9pm, and then I have to work on my taxes. Trying to say, here’s some advance notice that tomorrow’s update will likely be light again, I’m sorry I’m so busy!

What a kicker too, because all I want to do is drive aimlessly around in this weeks car, which is manual too, look:

Posts coming soon include:

– I downloaded the Buick Regal
– downtown traffic in a Ford Expedition
– what is metadata and why care about it
– finally updated my Autonet About page
– check out my completed sewing projects
– inside the IIHS
– my week with a Land Rover LR4
– hello I’m in the bayou

Also, about a new car shopping app called Carmigo – here’s the site.

Short answer – using an app, a Canadian company has redesigned the car-shopping approach. It’s just coming out of beta testing, designed for Canadians, and when have I ever blogged about an app? Exactly, nope, it’s that slick.

kk off into the land of photo-gallery-making, TTYT