Why is Time Moving so Quickly in 2015?

No dramatics, it really does feel faster, no? This year is 1/3 over, already.

Like, as IF I took the above photo over 48 hours ago (happy spring from my neighbour and I.)

As IF I haven’t updated here in 5 days?! I haven’t even flown anywhere, how did those 5 days disappear like that? Sorry!

It’s Tuesday, so I’m writing the news, have a review due on Friday so that too, did you know my newspaper was purchased by another newspaper yesterday, and also yesterday was Car Swap day so daylight hours were eaten up doing that.

Along with working on the mobile version of my blog, as per Google’s upcoming algorithm change, which I am not at all happy about. Wait till you see how bad the mobile version looks, will blog the ugliness later.

kk back to the news, TTYL, isn’t it so nice out? Dress-and-cute-shoe weather, finally!

xo Keri



Learned how to Weld

Yesterday I wrote the news (the Cadillac CT6’s new security system), then blew off the afternoon to do this.

I’m making a guy.

Above are his origins.

Below is a new blog header.

Learned to use 3 machines in total.

Sparks, blades and smashing things with a hammer, I’m into it.

Here we go.

learning to weld animated

My first weld!

So. Excited.

Almost done…

This post makes it so easy to use one of my favourite words:

I am anthropomorphizing the heck out of this guy.

Don’t you just want to hug him? I know.


I was going to place him at my front door, to welcome guests, but he may be too cute to put outside.



Happy Easter from All of Us at KeriBlog

From me and these guys.

Last year’s Easter pic was even better.

Have a great long weekend! I didn’t even know it was one till 36 hours ago, nice surprise eh.

Better yet is today’s weather, finally! xo



I Keep Falling into an Internet Hole

No dramatics guys, really. Same thing tonight as last – I sit down to blog, one click, two clicks, and before I know it hours have passed, haven’t moved, and am just there with bad posture and a hundred open tabs.

It looks like this:

How’s that for a bad sweatshirt eh, yeesh. It’s warm, but ya. And I’m faking the expression, I actually look like a mouth breather with narrowed eyes, because my contacts are crispy from not blinking enough.

Yesterday was an auto security theme… CAN bus oh boy… did you know a US Senator is suing a bunch of automakers because he feels their cars are hackable… and Canadian surveillance stuff that’s not in my best interest to link up.

Tonight’s hole was Buddhism based… did you know there’s a massive $80 million dollar temple under construction just north of Toronto in Peterborough, whose completion is threatened by the addition of nearby wind farm? Then I descended deeper into the world of Tantra, ahhh now _that_ is a neat topic. And heavy, guard your mind when reading about that.

So yup – my worm hole of wonder, is your bleak blog update.

Lots of cool stuff on the to-do list – a bunch of cars, Audi’s new Night Vision feature, let’s play ‘Can you Spot the Phishing Email’, and I’ll get to all of it when I pull myself out of this hole.

Really though, to not have to travel and instead do this has been so nice. Stuipid sweatshirt and all.