This is My Land

Picked up the keys today. Crushed it at work, had lunch with an auto manufacturer that wait omg! till I tell you about that (it’s confirmed, so I can now – always remember, until you can link to it…)

Celebrating right now! Have a good weekend TTY Monday


I Bought a House Today


Signed my name with this ceremonial pen, 30 times at that!

There’s a lot more to it than I thought. Which is part of how I pulled it off from start to finish in 3 weeks – I had no clue what was involved when I started.

I’ll tell ya all about it soon, and the tricks I learned too, until then I’ll wish you a great Thursday Night, best night or the week.

Omg guys – I don’t even own a plant, now I have trees.


Hi From a Clean Computing Enviroment

One of my top 3 favourite feelings.

Wiped both my laptop and phone today. Well actually, my phone was so screwed it had to be replaced, wouldn’t even connect to the Genius Bar computer. It’s been a tumultuous few weeks (more on my stalking problem here).

The hard, hyper-focused stuff is done, now I’m on a patio rebuilding my phone. I should do this process on camera, share my methods.

Because not just from the security side, but like, after you wipe them, your phone and computer will run infinitely better. You don’t need a new one, you need to take better care of the one you have. It’s like never putting oil in a car, then complaining it drives poorly.

Encouraging you to change your passwords this weekend, the feeling after is great.

Have a good one TTY Monday.



Don’t Know what to Title This

Mid-week mid-July oh boy 2014 is over half finished! Done enough with it? Time is only going to pass faster, get offline; you’ll never look back from your deathbed wishing you Facebooked more.

All’s well here, jamming 16 hours into 8. It can be done but the price is I’m wiped. Bet I’m in bed before the sun is.

From here on, no big events or travel itinerary to report, and I’m glad. Just want to get caught up and be stationary in my couch nest for a minute, maybe two.


I finally have this working-from-the-road act down to a science. Takes longer than you think, but you can pull it off, do it.