Was in Arizona all Week

Returned last night.

It was my company’s annual Manager’s Conference, held this year in Scottsdale, AZ.

It was a week learning and laughing.

My colleagues are genuinely hilarious; I jackknife-laughed at least 100 times.

But I barely documented any of it.

These photos are it.

No one can see me documenting my outfit right now, right?…

For the first time ever, I travelled without my computer.

It felt freeing, loved it, will do it again.

It was an intense week, and now my mind is mush. Opened my laptop to blog and…

I completely forgot the password to my laptop.

Sat like this in a total blank. It went on for an hour. Eventually I had to dig out the sticky-note-backup from its hiding spot.

After I hit Publish, the rest of today will be spent on the couch sitting quietly, in jogging pants doing nothing. Absorbing.

Guys I’m an “executive” now, woah.

Here’s to a strong start to your week!

xo Keri



Testing Giant GM Pickup Trucks in Arizona

Returned home tonight from AZ with GM.

Definitely not in Canada anymore.

You can open carry a gun in Arizona.  Walk around with a 9mm on your hip if you like, old ladies do.

I was there to test their new 2015 Heavy Duty pickup trucks, both the GMC Sierra, and Chevy’s Silverado. This is the latter.

Because there’s no reference point, it’s tough to tell in this photo,  but these trucks are massive. Like, four rear tires huge. Loved it.

If I could, I’d drive something that massive always.

Beautiful hotel; GM hosts class events.

Yesterday we drove up up up to 5,000 feet elevation, where I was shocked to see snow, in Arizona?!

See? Massive.

Easy to drive though. Not long in, and I was zooming around tight corners, maneouvering all veteran-esque.

Made a video.

Ate dinner outside, twice.

I learned so much about trucks. Their engines, transmissions (Allison!), who buys them and why. Really, it’s a whole new segment of the auto industry I’d not yet been exposed to. And I liked it, do work son!

My review is due tomorrow actually, it’s a new system at the paper now (used to have a week). So gotta run, because also due is next week’s column, “About Car Camouflage”.

Oh and clearly, I can access KeriBlog.com again. When that happened last night, woah, top 3 worst feelings ever.

New moon tonight, and Chinese New Year tomorrow. Here’s a post about how to prepare for that. It’s an old post, but the instructions remain the same.

May you get exactly what you wish for this year.




Hello from Arizona

Travelled here yesterday.

Looks like a virus (remember that line from the Matrix?).

Holy crap I love SkyMall.

I want to be in it. How can I be the girl in the SkyMall catalog?

Imagine that’s me popping out of the floor there ahahaha.


If you see this in real life and it doesn’t move you, you’re dead inside.

I’m here for the week, it’s nice to be warm, TTYL!




No More Dark Circles

I love the road but it’s nice to be home.

The only plan I had was flights and the first night hotel booked. Wandered my way over to San Deigo collecting footage along the way and staying offline. Kinda living like in olden times.

I visited some stuff so I have some neat videos to edit during the next few weeks. Good stuff.

Was surprised there was so much green in the desert… I thought it’d only look like the desert in my previous post.

I cruised around in my rental with a cooler of Miller Lite, delicious. I’m used to driving standard and so I spaz out driving automatic; I always forget if I don’t hold down the brake pedal the car moves forward.

Stayed at an Indian reserve casino. You could smoke inside. I’d forgotten how horrible that is.

Of course I played Wheel of Fortune. Didn’t win. Remember where I was.

Stuff in the States really is bigger, eh; the cups, meals, signs, the everything.

For the first time in 2+ years I don’t have dark circles under my eyes. I’m going to make sure going forward I do this regularly, just stop and disappear. Turns out it’s good for me.

Plus this tweet by Mason has always stuck with me, and really, that’s how you know you should be paying attention to something… it repeats over and over in your head:

Lost My Shoes in the Imperial Sand Dunes

It’s because I took off running down a hill, and they just got swallowed up. Wasn’t for lack of looking… if you drop something out there, the end.

Return of the Jedi was filmed here. I’ve never seen any of the Star Wars.  

I filmed here; it’s going to be weird to edit, because it’s all just two blocks of colour.

Being surrounded only by desert has been on my to-do list since I’m little. Check.

Oh, this is Arizona.