Homeless to a Complete Home in 2 Weeks

Probably more excited for the reliable internet than the bed.  For every blog post from the States I expended the energy of 3 posts.

For the home part, it wasn’t the disruption about not having one (I’m not fussed about having familiar furniture and things around), it’s the TIME you have to invest to keep it going that kills you… where’s my next bed, half the day gets eaten up transitioning, it’s too much.

The first week I didn’t have a car, thankfully this past week I did: check THIS out, picked it up Monday.

Can you tell how pumped I am.

Been collecting footage for a video, wait till you see me dis-board the thing, it’s ridiculous: I’m so little, and it’s so opposite.

Gratuitous Navigator shot.

Actually, I went from zero cars to two early Monday afternoon.

It’s was a week of unpacking and installing myself into my new home.

I found the place Thursday, signed the lease Friday,

and moved in Monday.

Been finding all kinds of fun little things.  That box “E Memories” is a video unto itself.

1Remember that song I was excited to find recently?  That’s the original.

2 – Once those magnets are displayed somewhere, I’m home. A 20 year tradition.

3 – Backing soda always gets placed everywhere.

4 – the full Nancy Drew collection. I have in mind to make an art installation with them, lmk if you have a caring home for such a thing.

Took a party break.

Congratulations on your new company, Shawn, and here’s to it being a success!  Toronto: if you are looking to plan an event, you want to use My Event Suite.

Sugar rush then back to work.

Turned my trunk into my ottoman.

I could make a whole moving category on my blog, actually I think I will, hang on… there, done.

It’s not everyday you get a new bed, I figured maybe twice, three times in your life?

Now I’m going to crawl into it.

Squishing this much into such a short time really takes it out of you.  I’m not sure how efficient this is in the long run.

Thanks for the understanding on the pause here on my blog xo.

TTYT, have a great Sunday.



Sorry Guys, So Busy

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Being a nomad and finding a home is tougher than I thought. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if you’re looking to open a business rent short-term furnished apartments in the $1200 range, you will own that market because it doesn’t exist.

Plus I’m doing all this internetting from my phone. I thought it would work all right, but the signal isn’t strong enough. My phone got so hot when I uploaded a video the other day, never mind that Skype call last night bwahaha.

Really looking forward to settling in somewhere, I have security videos to edit and a show to flood the internet with!



First Week Home Complete

As of right now, 9:30pm, I’ve been one week back in country.

An overwhelming feeling all week:

I made a video one time, “About Time“.

I spent a lot of time in traffic this week. I’d forgotten just how bad it is here.

I see while I was gone Tim’s increased their sizes to what now?

I went to my storage unit.

How do I still own so much stuff after that huge purge?  I’m OCDing out a bit about it.  That’s the smallest storage unit you can rent, but still.

Saturday morning drive to the suburbs.

I also found this song, I’ve been looking for eight years. Great memories of youth attached to this.

Start it at 1:30, use headphones.

Been blogging all week to it on repeat.

I worked all over the place this week. That’s the fun of being a gypsy, it’s always different.

My view one day.

Another day.

Here I am at the library.  

The guy across from me kept speaking aloud to himself.

What else… worked on my sidebars, look right and scroll down. It maybe doesn’t look like much, but that’s 6 hours Thursday night. Welcome to blogging.

I moved twice this week, and again Sunday night. I’ve been making spreadsheets and researching and debating, and I’m not sure I can pull off this string-of-short-term-rentals dream just yet… I might be a bit of time away still.  I’ll keep you posted. I could do an entire video series, “How to Live like a Gypsy”. Oh time, there’s never enough of you.

Hope it’s a good end of your weekend, TTYT

Now I’m Home in Toronto

Goodbye warm weather, hello ending to my ‘Avoiding Winter Tour 2012‘.

Last flight.

Since leaving Toronto January 1, I boarded 25 planes.


Proud of this.

I have internet on my phone again!  It’s been 4 months since I could say that.

I was using the thing below.  Which means I had to manage two devices, and the connection was not very reliable.

Every blog post had to be kicked online, no dramatics.

First meal back on Canadian soil.

Girl catchup, very important.

It’s ironic that it snowed a bit today… my first day back is Toronto’s first day of snow since February.

I picked up a Ford Fiesta today, I’m mobile again!!

The studio is done, it’s stuck in a garage in North Toronto.  I’m going to have to jump it and take the back roads to the crushers.  I suppose that will make a good video.  Good for you, sad for me.

Pumped to be back, can’t wait to catch up when I see you.

Have a great Tuesday night!



What Was Up with Friday April 20, 2013?

I flew on Friday, was at the Nashville airport very early.

My flight was delayed, and it was the weirdest checkin ever; employees were whisper-y, eyes everywhere, pretending to be calm. There was a ground-stop issued, and tweets for both the Nashville (BNA) and Chicago (ORD) airports were missing.

There was a bird strike that grounded a plane, but that was in NYC’s JFK?

It’s best to be quiet, during times like this.

Was it because it was Hitlers birthday? Evil has arrived on April 20th before. The Columbine massacre was on this day 13 years ago.

Or was it because there was a New Moon the next night?

Even YouTube had a bad day.

Or maybe this was all because it was National Assuming Day? (what a dumb thing to give a day to).

Meanwhile, the Trayvon Martin trial reached a climax in the courtroom on TV.

Then the riots started.

Below is the Kingdom of Bahrain in the Persian Gulf, and shockingly, the top photo is Montreal.

Come on Canada, that’s not us; be better.

Then the weirdness got real close to home.

Come ON. That’s my old neighbourhood, I lived there for 3 years, and that doesn’t happen. I always felt safe, all times of the day.

We rarely have amber alerts around here?  And Hamilton News accidentally broadcast hardcore porn?

All this before noon.

My internet failed around then, and that’s probably good because I was OCD-ing out, checking, watching, looking for a pattern.  There is always a pattern. 

Instead, I made a Flixel I titled, “Ruminating”.

Weird strange day. Let not too many of these happen.