First Week Home Complete

As of right now, 9:30pm, I’ve been one week back in country.

An overwhelming feeling all week:

I made a video one time, “About Time“.

I spent a lot of time in traffic this week. I’d forgotten just how bad it is here.

I see while I was gone Tim’s increased their sizes to what now?

I went to my storage unit.

How do I still own so much stuff after that huge purge?  I’m OCDing out a bit about it.  That’s the smallest storage unit you can rent, but still.

Saturday morning drive to the suburbs.

I also found this song, I’ve been looking for eight years. Great memories of youth attached to this.

Start it at 1:30, use headphones.

Been blogging all week to it on repeat.

I worked all over the place this week. That’s the fun of being a gypsy, it’s always different.

My view one day.

Another day.

Here I am at the library.  

The guy across from me kept speaking aloud to himself.

What else… worked on my sidebars, look right and scroll down. It maybe doesn’t look like much, but that’s 6 hours Thursday night. Welcome to blogging.

I moved twice this week, and again Sunday night. I’ve been making spreadsheets and researching and debating, and I’m not sure I can pull off this string-of-short-term-rentals dream just yet… I might be a bit of time away still.  I’ll keep you posted. I could do an entire video series, “How to Live like a Gypsy”. Oh time, there’s never enough of you.

Hope it’s a good end of your weekend, TTYT

#ThursdayNight Best Night of the Week

I say it every week.

What’s happening this week.



Specifically, I’ll be working on my sidebars.

You can watch them grow, if you refresh once and while.

Blogging About Food .com

This Is My Hack .com

Smarten Up Internet .com

– and here on KeriBlog.

Have a great night, TTYT

Goodbye Canadian Penny

A few weeks ago our Finance Minister declared the penny dead. It’ll be phased out this year and cash payments will be rounded up or down to the nearest 5.

The penny was not at all pleased, and took to Twitter to voice it’s displeasure: @CDN_Penny.

It’s a cute account.

I have some penny theories…

1 – They need the copper for our electronics. Copper is used to build integrated circuits and printed circuit boards. It conducts electricity really well.

2 – More copper is needed to build places like this:

Think that building is also electrified?

Ahahaha omg that is one very geeky joke.

3 – I always pick up pennies. Why?

Why Pick Up Pennies: it’s a life test… maybe you are all, “oh, I sure could use some extra bucks” and life is all, “alright then, here’s some money, this is a test”. And if you don’t pick them up, life shuts it down right then because life figures: if you don’t appreciate the little amount, what will you do with a larger one?

(from an old Canadian Explorer post)

Regardless of all of that, what to do with your pennies? Give them to charity.

Donate a roll of pennies to your favourite charity, tweet a photo of you and your pennies, the name of your chosen cause, and the hashtag #ShowYourRoll. Then, you’ll be featured in their honour roll.

Go over to for more details, great idea guys!

This is another step in revamping all our currency.

Have you seen our new plastic money?

They’re made of a polymer that is washable, expected to last 2.5 times longer than our current cotton currency, and difficult to counterfeit.

The $100 bills are out, the $50 bill arrived in March, and the rest will be launched in 2013.




All PowerPoint All Day

I’ve never had slides for when I spoke. Had to remedy that today.

My thinking is this: if you have to have slides playing during your speech, you mustn’t be very engaging, and have already lost the game.

Took way longer to make than I thought it would. I’ve got 20 slides here, and a new respect for PowerPoint presentations. Some have over 100.

Back and forth between all hard drives… I have created 3 terabytes of content over the years, boom boom.

Then I practiced my presentation in this little simulator I set up, ha.

This is great, I now have a 5 minute presentation that I can easily and quickly modify for any audience.

Maybe my favourite slide.

Second favourite.

Then I conked out.



Swooning Over a Codec, I Can Edit Again


My camera wouldn’t talk to my computer. How can I edit?

1 – the problem
2 – my computer couldn’t read the files on my video camera, they were trapped inside the camera
3 – the solution

** When buying a Sony video camera: Sony is proprietary. They try to make you use their software to get pics/videos off the camera.  Be prepared to use a work-around.

Do you even know HOW hard it is to find a video camera with a wireless lavalier microphone?

Nay impossible.

That’s why mine is so special.

Holy crap I love video editing.

I celebrated with ice cream.