Things You’ve Never Seen a Computer Do

Being such a target comes from a variety of things, detailed here.

Have a good collection of screenshots like this. Here’s a few, amassed over a couple months.

When you’re done scrolling,
go change your email & bank password,
so this is not all for not.

My phone resets itself regularly, and neither Apple nor my carrier has seen anything like it.

It turns into a brick, won’t turn on, won’t connect to any network… so I replaced the entire phone, enjoyed a few days of reprieve then, it started up again.

Below, it’s frozen on the home screen, yet still providing a HotSpot connection?

Happens often, too.

Then the logs wipe themselves. Uh-huh.

The area code 200 is non-existent.

You should hear the voicemail that came with this phone call.

An attack on my blog looks like this.


In 2010, a massive chunk of my calendar was deleted. That hurt, I’ve maintained a digital calendar since I was 12.

Sometimes my phone thinks its in England.

And far too frequently, Montreal… you eh, no surprise.

I don’t have the list that you think I do.

WiFi has been disabled on my phone. Phft, I never use WiFi anyway.

And this is why my tweets sometimes don’t make sense to you.

At the very least, work up the courage to ask me to coffee.

You know I’ll say yes. Don’t you want to know?



Packed and Moved in 3 Hours

Here’s what my condo looked like before, above is after 45 minutes. The key to doing this quickly is to own very little, and keep it organized.

I’d received a surprise call, “Keri we have a van available early this evening” so I drove downtown and went into fast-forward mode.

Pro-packing tip: since I was unprepared, I had to locate a bunch of boxes quickly. Go to your closet Dollar Store and they’ll be happy for you to take them, it’s less recycling for them.

One last downtown selfie and out the door.

Why so fast?

Remember the week I picked up the keys to my new house? That was a Friday, and I’d had my laptops and phone wiped that Tuesday. Wednesday night I didn’t sleep at home.

Returned home Thursday, check the laptops logs, WTF the lid was opened at 12:47am? And a USB key inserted? It’s not a glitch, it’s a perfectly clean and updated computer. Hit the roof. This was bleeding into real life.

Put my computer and valuables on my back, grabbed a couple tshirts and never returned. Until this day I moved.

All belongings fit into a 2014 Ford Transit van.

So there you go, 3 hours total, it can be done.



Leave it With Me Guys

Not feeling right today, fell asleep on my desk earlier, and just wrote the same sentence for minutes straight. Been fighting a fever for about a year now, some days it wins more than others, like now.

I think it’s stress. Because the higher I advance in the game, the mores stalkers I accumulate.  I’m currently tracking 7 different streams.

In the past 48 hours:

– my blog has sustained a a brute force attack, and something’s wrong with it now, because when I logged in from my phone it said the database was missing;

– my cel phone account password has been changed (shows who I call, text, uh-huh);

– someone’s trying to lure me into the country via a Craigslist ad.

That’s just the highlight reel, I’ve got 8 years of these stories. 4-star US generals friending me on Skype. A POF account created to my unpublished email, with 25 private messages sent from the same guy. Then, when it bleeds into real life….

Basically, someone(s) has a file with my name on it, and dedicates their time to screwing with my life. And there’s a good chance that someone has embedded themselves into my life as a friend, when they are the polar opposite.

This marks the 1st time I’ve ever blogged about it.

I never say anything, because why, what are you going to do about it? Nothing can be done. Eat the PTSD, move forward. It’s starting to get to me though. Took 8 years though, not bad eh. But I don’t think it’s good for a girl to be this tough.

Shutting it down. Here come the nightmares. Once I woke myself up screaming, “stop triangulating me!” ha, eloquent and precise, even under duress. Night.



See previous post title


Two articles for work today, and a meeting with one of North America’s largest marketing firms about KeriBlog, a quick stop at the casino (no big win today) and about 200 km on the road, the end.

The meeting was educational, and while nothing I heard I didn’t see coming, it was at the same time disheartening. I’ve pulled off the impossible over and over, how am I the only one that sees the pudding proof? I have a proven history too, this is the second time I’ve been an internet pioneer; I sold millions online before most of you used email regularly. And still…

… I run the Gucci of Canadian blogs, but still can’t find where the big cheques are supposed to come from. I used to get off on this challenge, but now it’s just like….

… like, I’ve kicked myself up towards the upper tier of the auto world in less than 2 years, the manufacturers like and trust me, but I can’t take cheques from them because of “journalistic ethics”.

I’m not comfortable promoting anything security related, because think that through – here guys use this anti-virus product! Next week that product gets hacked, and you get compromised because you listened to me. And I don’t have this big team of protection behind me, it’s just me; hello mega backlash and bad karma.

And look what I blog about – thought-controlled computing, small business owners being more accountable security-wise, random life observations that don’t easily fit into any ad buyer’s verticals, stuff intended to make you think, consider altering your perspective. So imagine how it feels to get beat by shows like ‘Teen Mom’.

If I partied more, wore more dresses, I’m sure I’d be further ahead. Really, all I’d have to do is take my top off a few times a year… but that’s not me.

And all this, for what?

My stuff is secure. I already have a semi-enlightened mind. Work is going great, and my ‘Featured Author’ status isn’t going anywhere. The Cars section of my blog is taking off, and I never even told you about the national corporation that offered to buy it last year for $50k.

And as good as I am at those two things, where I really excel is changing someone’s perspective. But I don’t think anyone really wants to hear that, no one _really_ wants to change; they just want to give it lip service then go home and watch TV.

Then on Wednesday night something broke in me. I’d spent a chunk of time and energy helping someone because I’m kind, and the result was a kick in the teeth. And with that, I’m done.

I no longer care.

I’m going to learn to be selfish like everyone else, think of myself first and only myself, and if someone wants something solved they’re on their own. The days of me being everyone’s emergency call are over.

And based on living like that for the last two days, I’m starting to get why most do, it sure is easier.

I’m in way too deep here to walk away from my blog, and the fighter in my DNA wouldn’t know how, so going to kick the lippyness up a notch and off I go.

I’ll leave you with my reflection in the trim of the passenger seat. Have a good weekend, or don’t.





I’ve been bad for keeping on top of updates here, I’m sorry.

Just behind on everything else is all, and feeling a bit of the winter blogging blues a bit is all. Happens every year the last 4 around this time.

Leave it with me, back to normal soon enough xo Keri