It Bubbles Down the Road

Nissan Juke – Starting at $19,998  – This one $29,500

It’s actually a four door, look again. I chose a photo filter that highlighted the rear doors, but in real life they’re more hidden.

When I picked it up, the guys said they’d just pulled the tape off the hood.

See the re-tweet? Ahaa thank you Nissan, for condoning my behaviour ;)

Inside and out, the Juke has a real cohesive look, and best I can describe it is: bubbly.

This vehicle was poloarizing – people either loved or hated it, no in-between.  Personally,  it was too curly-cue and swoopy.

Top right – excellent hazard button location. Nice finishing, and the heated seasts got crazy hot.

My photos aren’t doing a good job of showing the bubblyness, hang on I’ll go find a professional one …

Handled great, more than enough engine for the average driver.

Ideal for a city-living single person or couple; more than two, and it’d be tight.



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