Research & Read, Write & Repeat

That was today. Plus wrote the news – the Android Auto infotainment system launched today, and the 2015 Hyundai Sonata is the first to offer it.

Research was for my column, and the topic I chose is proving to be tougher to sum up than I thought it’d be – under the copyright act, a new law prohibiting you from working on your own car may soon come into affect.

Then I fell into an RFID research hole, but was pulled out when a little worker stopped by. An hour later the lawns and porches were beautiful, and we picked flowers.

This Week’s Flowers. From my own garden.
irst time I ever typed that!

And lilacs at that, one of my top 3 favourite smells.

Right now I’m pulling my usual sneak-away-from-parties move to sit in some silence, and write this. So hi hi and sorry I have to run, TTYT



I was Mega Productive this Weekend

Not now chief, I’m in the zone. Hand over mouth, always.

Zeroed my inbox ahhh; all Saturday was a chunk of technical work I’d been avoiding; and my home is now fall-cleaned.

Blog re-build work, Autonet work’s all caught up, other job I’m testing for is good, and lots of productive daydreaming this weekend, needed it.

It started out as a reticent-phase many months ago, but it’s kept going so long, it’s no longer a phase. I just don’t see the point of talking.

I have a dream: instead of speaking, I can send a link to something I’ve blogged that answers whatever the question is.  Getting there.  I should Tweet more though, random observations like I used to.

Anyway la la la, here’s what it looks like when I daydream.

Doesn’t it seem like I’m looking at you, paying attention?

I have that down.

Haven’t showed you my desk in a while.

This Wednesday I’m off to California with VW, to test the new Jetta.  Back on Friday, and this week’s column is about sobriety checkpoints.



It Should Not be Thursday Already

It’s alarming me how fast weeks are passing. 2013 is 1/3 done. Oh time.

There was a lunar eclipse this afternoon, a full moon tonight, plus it’s Thursday night, best night of the week.  Things are gearing up for a big planetary alignment on June 5th, plan accordingly.

In less etheral news, I’ve booked a lot of travel for May = Mexico, Alberta & Oregon. Alberta to test the fully-refreshed Ford F150 Pickup truck wait, gets better, in Dinosaur Park. And it’s off with Acura to the winding roads of Oregon, for their MDX, a 7-seater SUV.

I’m behind on posting my columns, I will this weekend, because I really want you to read the pedestiran one. And the security one, obs.

At the risk of jinxing myself, starting Saturday my possible-new-assistant and I are sitting down to plan a week-long test of working together. I’m very excited. Tonight I made us a calender, and started a spreadsheet entitled; ‘Blog Post DRAFTS”, it’s 50 deep.

Below I am making said shared calendar. Sharing. Lessening control. Oh boy, guys.

Hope you too had a good Thursday night.  I finished all my jobs by 9, then jogging pants on and a quiet creative stuff only night, no work.

One thing I did was modify a Yada baby monitor Canadian Tire kindly sent me, and made it a new, more solid tripod system.

I’m going to stick it in my car then tada, my ’99 Jetta now has a backup camera / spy cam.

And I daydreamed and made notes & lists. And now there’s sticky notes everywhere, and I feel better. I have to have daydream & alone time, or I start to lose it.

What daydream & alone-time looks like.

Hand over mouth, always.

The turning point for this KeriBlog nonsense has never been closer guys.  I have a lot of irons here, there and around, and some seem like they’re about to kick off… if I can just get it just right… I think so.

Thanks for always checking in,


Look how hard I’m trying to eat better.

See that there? A bottle of spice.

I love ports.

I am wiped.



Happy Long Weekend Offine

Hope you too took some downtime. I took off to see my BFF.

Played a Nintendo Wii for the first time.


My BFF can beat up your BFF.

If you need photos you need Suzy Lamont.

I’m having trouble putting into words why, because I’m so proud of her it keeps coming out in giant paragraphs. It’s just, I was there at the beginning, watched her self-teach herself to the top, people ship her internationally to photograph things, I wish I could list names, and more awesomeness that is not my news to tell, she’s just subtly dominating. This isn’t “BFF coloured glasses on” talk either, she’s it. Ok I got gushy again. Suzy gets the shot, because she gets it out of you.

“Photography is about capturing the moment. In that moment nothing else matters, and yet everything does.” – Suzy Lamont

Suzy Lamont – Facebook & Website

Click here to watch a video of her photoshoot for Trash Couture. The designer saw her stuff, and asked if she’d photograph their dresses. So she orchestrated this amazing shoot at an airbase.

Here’s another video of another photo shoot of the above photo.

Heather Haynes recently painted Suzy this beautifulness.

Suzy xo

This week’s car is a 2013 Civic Coupe.

I’m a fan of the Civic, you know this though. I’ve got a review about it in a few weeks.  This week my ‘Buick Encore Test Drive‘ article runs.

Replenished my jogging pants supply.

And that’s that.

Not my best storytelling post, I’m still a bit wiped guys, from last week. All is good. But need an assistant real soon like now.

TTYT – massive Auto Show posts coming.

xo Keri



It’s That Year-End Reflecting Time

Been sitting like this a lot lately. Hand-over-mouth when thinking, always.

Have you also been taking stock,
and plotting for the year ahead?

Bottom right – the tape is starting to flop down over my laptop lens.

It always does; that’s why I use electrical tape.

I think it’s weird if you don’t cover your lens.

Remotely controlling a camera, is easier than you think.

Bye now.