It’s Been a Great Christmas Break

I slowed the pace way down and have accomplished little, it’s been nice.

A lot of jogging pants, too much food, lots of daydream time, no newspaper deadlines for a week, zoning out to garbage on the internet, big screen TVs and ordering food. Doesn’t take much to make me happy huh.

I’m also wrapping up my “2013 Christmas BFF Tour“, so a lot of laughing, cackling, and home cooked meals.

I’m driving a 2014 Chrysler 300 C AWD.

I have it the whole holidays too, 2 weeks. I like this thing. Review coming in January.

This photo by Suzy.

Champagne and making lists.

Productive fun.

Really. My BFFs are mega-nerds too.

We swap stats, charts and blog tricks, one stop on the tour included a Power Point presentation.

My beloved nerd herd.

I installed all the new sidebar art. Each section should now refresh about 10 new times.

Still more work to do over there, but good enough for now so onto the nav bar now, and the ‘About’ pages.

The week ahead: it’s back to usual at the newspaper; try to finish up all blog renovations here; a couple short road trips; and film a few videos, brush the rust off.

And get a haircut. Inches gone, past my chin, a short bob.

This year, I’m taking this first week of the year to ramp up, then be ready by the 6th, as opposed to what I usually do, full steam ahead on the 1st (Wednesday).

Because after studying the rhythm-of-a-year,  then drilling down to the rhythm-of-a-week (documented here), there’s no point in going against the flow. With new year’s day falling on a Wednesday, no one will switch their brain on until Monday, a week from today. 

TTY Thursday, have a great New Year’s!

xo Keri


PS – I got another job today! Starts in the new year. It’s a good one. Not ready to share just yet. But guys, guys!

kk bye



It was Such a Good Weekend

Friday I stayed in and worked.

Saturday morning I picked up my oldest BFF (13 years!) at the train station, and cackling.

You’ve met Suzy many times before.

Wait, why haven’t I Instagrammed this yet.

If ever you are my guest: you’d arrive to clean & fresh everything, maybe a gift (probably includes jogging pants), but there won’t be any food.

And I’ll probably try to sell a trip to Loblaw’s as, “a super-fun adventure! We can even go to the one with the hologram :O”

Geniuses at the top of our lungs.

I love making one-minite long videos.

Remember my mini Just a Minute video series? There’s about 13 episodes.


When the waiter delivered our grilled cheese sandwiches… comeon you’re not going to draw on our plate with ketchup are you?!!! *faces light up and phones come out simultaneously*.

Later, the three of us stood outside in the hail storm (that was weird this afternoon, eh).

Suzy is the cover of the latest ‘Profile Kingston’ magazine!

If you need photos, you need Suzy Lamont. She gets the shot, because she gets it out of you.

“Photography is about capturing the moment. In that moment nothing else matters, and yet everything does.” – Suzy Lamont

Suzy’s Facebook & website

Spot me in 2 of these photos:

First row, 3rd in – from this photoshoot

Third row, 5th in – from this photoshoot on an airbase

Went for a Sunday drive.

And now I’m going to finish my Chevy Spark review (short answer – I liked it).

Here’s to your week getting off to to a strong start