Update on the State of Affairs

Pleased to report my brain is coming back, and my drive too, wasn’t sure when it left how long it’d be until I saw them again.

It’s been a weird 5 weeks since quitting the newspaper, but still an excellent decision. Took time to to reflect, set some hard goals with firm dates, and plot how to morph things to accomplish them. Made a spreadsheet, plus wrote it out old-school with a Sharpie on a blank page.

Some things in no specific order:

– starting to freelance, small one-off pieces here and there, with a heavy weight on the topic I said I wanted to further specialize in – auto security

– it’s been 1.5 / 4 months I planned for my savings to cover things. As of today, I have replaced 40% of that monthly income writing 25% as much as previous

– the ‘Keri on Driving’ Library is underway, soon all 160 columns will be catalogued, and a ‘Table of Contents’ created

– remember all my epiphanies? Been tracking things since, watching, and have now seen enough signs to be 100% convinced my backwards idea is going to work…

– cars are booked for weeks out

Actually, there’s been some amazing
car moments over the past couple weeks:

Tossing the all-new 2017 Jaguar XE around an autocross course.

My 2016 Chevy Trax photoshoot came out awesome.

Being drifted in a 2016 Jaguar F-TYPE.

And I revved this 2016 Pagani Huayra.

There’s been a lot of behind-the-scenes development too, emails, negotiating and talking on the phone.

Looks like this, boring.

And yup, I’m That Guy who wears a headset like that.

But hair is better since that photo, thanks Kaila! This is your best blonde yet.

Go see her too, and soon, because the year+ we’ve been working together I’ve watched her climb up quickly, so it’s best to get on her client list now – Brennen Demelo Studio  416-301-1072

kk back to building a presentation, I have 30 of these to deliver.

Hey haven’t shown you my desk in a while… I’m here right now and will take a photo, one sec…

Blog tag = desk (17)

Have a good Wednesday tomorrow!

Night night.



Cleaning off my Phone

Things from the last few weeks.

Catchup with Casie xo

We built our blogs together. Are you reading hers? You ought to – CasieStewart.com, and her Twitter is consistently one of the best curated feeds.

My comforter project is almost complete.

And my fan finally arrived, look how beautiful! Look how excited I am about a fan?

Home-owning makes me excited about things I never thought I’d be. Blog tag = house

I track the planets and planetary alignments.

This security project kicks off this week, it’s very good.

Monthly steak with a BFF, a 5 year tradition.

And I’m trying, hard, to learn to make food.

This is actually good for me, plus I didn’t have to go to the store first or anything.

Caught up with an old friend over the holidays, “remember this?”, “remember that?” and “wait we documented it…”

Re: the masks – that’s the 1st time I’ve dressed up on Hallowe’en in 20 years, and I’m still paying for it.

I’m not guys, same answer as another organization, last line here.




Best Bed I Ever Made


Figured out a new system – remove the mattress out of the frame and angle it atop it, now the corners are so easy.

I make my bed everyday. Even hotel room beds. Like literally, twice a year I don’t.

So doing the math:

365 days X 20 years = 7,300 beds made = 1 of 7,300 =
0.013% of all beds is this one




It’s Been a Great Christmas Break

I slowed the pace way down and have accomplished little, it’s been nice.

A lot of jogging pants, too much food, lots of daydream time, no newspaper deadlines for a week, zoning out to garbage on the internet, big screen TVs and ordering food. Doesn’t take much to make me happy huh.

I’m also wrapping up my “2013 Christmas BFF Tour“, so a lot of laughing, cackling, and home cooked meals.

I’m driving a 2014 Chrysler 300 C AWD.

I have it the whole holidays too, 2 weeks. I like this thing. Review coming in January.

This photo by Suzy.

Champagne and making lists.

Productive fun.

Really. My BFFs are mega-nerds too.

We swap stats, charts and blog tricks, one stop on the tour included a Power Point presentation.

My beloved nerd herd.

I installed all the new sidebar art. Each section should now refresh about 10 new times.

Still more work to do over there, but good enough for now so onto the nav bar now, and the ‘About’ pages.

The week ahead: it’s back to usual at the newspaper; try to finish up all blog renovations here; a couple short road trips; and film a few videos, brush the rust off.

And get a haircut. Inches gone, past my chin, a short bob.

This year, I’m taking this first week of the year to ramp up, then be ready by the 6th, as opposed to what I usually do, full steam ahead on the 1st (Wednesday).

Because after studying the rhythm-of-a-year,  then drilling down to the rhythm-of-a-week (documented here), there’s no point in going against the flow. With new year’s day falling on a Wednesday, no one will switch their brain on until Monday, a week from today. 

TTY Thursday, have a great New Year’s!

xo Keri


PS – I got another job today! Starts in the new year. It’s a good one. Not ready to share just yet. But guys, guys!

kk bye