Mercury Retrograde Starts Now

It will last from January 21 to February 11 2015

What is Mercury Retrograde:

The planet Mercury, which usually circles our Earth, appears to be moving backwards for the next 3 weeks.

Had it explained to me like this once, found it helpful: think of Mercury like a ship travelling a course for 5 months, so to keep it moving it will sometimes need to restock and refuel, and that’s what the 3-week-long retrograde is: a gas stop.

How you’ll be affected:

Things feel awry and your brain feels fried. Electronics get messed up, backup your data! Communication breaks down and becomes messy, arguments happen easily. Don’t sign any documents or make big deals, and leave extra time for travel.

Re-examine aspects of your life, because helpful new perspectives can pop up.  Listen to your gut because intuition is high, and coincidences can be massive.

If you think this planet stuff doesn’t affect you, nope.

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It’s a Rare Lunar Eclipse Tonight, it’s a Tetrad

Today is a very rare lunar eclipse, and moreover, today was part of a ‘tetrad‘ – 4 eclipses occurring in a short span of time.

Today is the 2nd eclipse of 4, that will happen over 2 years.

April 15 2014
October 8 2014
April 4, 2015
Sept. 28, 2015

Hundreds of years can pass without a tetrad occurring. Curiously, the next will happen 20 years from now.

We’re living in a peculiar time, there’s a massive, subtle shift happening… includes the internet renaissance, globalization, the soon-arrival of thought-controlled computing….

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(photo credit: Mark Blinch, Reuters)



Didn’t Open my Laptop Till 7pm Today

Can’t remember the last time I had a day like today, it was nice. Lined up a ton of real-life jobs, one after another.

One of which was to photograph the 2014 Grand Caravan.

Tested it in January for my blog, but never published the post, pitched it to the paper, it prints end of the month #p

Lunch today.

The * astrick is … Hazel McCallion! First time I’ve seen her in real life, she was picking up a pizza for lunch. Huge fan, but was too shy to interrupt to say hi.

Non-Torontonians – Hazel McCallion is the Mayor of Mississauga, and one of the coolest girls in Canada.

Holding office for 35 years, she’s now 93 and one of Canada’s best-known and longest-serving mayors, even one of the longest-serving elected leaders in history. She’s been voted the 2nd most popular mayor in the world, and her nickname is “Hurricane Hazel” because of her non-nonsense style of politics. 

If there’s a Canadian Mayor to be celebrated,
it should be Hazel.

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Wore this today, again.

This dress is the new jogging pants.


Grand Theft Auto is just… wow. The size of the game alone floors me.  And that right now, millions of people are living in it.

I don’t play, zero interest there, but do like watching someone skilled play a game like this, like watching an elite athlete kinda-way; that’s neat for a minute.

Been doing YouTube dance choreography videos.

I don’t have a mirror, so I use my webcam to check my marks.

It’s not hitting the marks I’m having trouble with, it’s having the fitness to do so for more than 30 seconds gah.

Really read that situation wrong. I’m blue.




Didn’t this Week Feel Crooked?

Like everything was off by 20º, everything out of step.

Except for Wednesday, which fell into place like a ballet. Yesterday was completely sideways, then my concentration went west around 2pm, and haven’t seen it since.

Part of this is because of the Mercury Retrograde, which ended today. Mercury Retrograde is OVER.

The Planets(for all my love of logic, I believe in the power of the planets.)

Maybe that’s what yesterday’s freak storm in Barrie came from, the one that caused a 100-car pileup?!  Did you see the animated gif on Buzzfeed? Click that, it’s nuts.

It’s 10:30 pm, I have 3 more emails to send, then we’re going to a Friday night beer & blog.


12:30 pm

kk finally made it.

The phone rang, and I laughed on it for a while. I talk on the phone a lot. I think it’s odd when people don’t.. blogged as much before.

Is it me, or did PhotoBooth photos get grainier.

Taking pictures with my toes.

Hoping this weekend I find a chunk of quiet blog-building time, my ‘About’ pages are all still blank, I’m 4 videos and 1 million columns behind, and the joke is over on LinkedIn, but that alone is an afternoon…

Next week’s car is a minivan YA buddy, I’m a fan, my next review is about the Caravan, actually. It’s a Town & Country this week. Next week’s column is about armoured cars.

kk my laptop battery is about to die, I’ll mass-update my Instagram feed this weekend (that’s the list), and embed the highlights below.

TTY then xo Keri

Just cheersed you.



The Planets So Far in 2014

This new year has kicked off with a bang. Already by the 10th, there were 3 big planetary events guys. Definitely enough to merit a blog post. 

(if we’re just meeting – for all my love of logic, I track the planets)


January 1st was a full moon


January 3rd was a meteor shower, the Quadrantids – 1 of the 3 richest showers of the year.


January 9th, a Thursday Night, was the largest display of the Northern Lights in a very long time. Mega Northern Lights, visible all across of Canada.

Apparently, the solar flare was so large and created such electrical disruption, that flights were re-routed away from the pole, GPS’ wouldn’t work.


Our former Defence Minister went on TV stating that aliens exist, and walk among us – National Post


Looks like 2014 is shaping up to be good and weird.

Chinese New Year is the last day of this month, the 31st. Here’s how to prepare for that.