Today I am a MACHINE

No no really… up since 5am, typing eloquence mega fast, phone rings blablaYAbuddy kill it, back to typing, that awesome feeling of being deep in the zone. Bet I wrote 2,500 words today.

And for the majority of the day, I owned Autonet, 3/4 top stories are by me, look:

That’s my Ford 1.0 L review, my Jaguar F-TYPE review, and my news slot about a Volvo ad.

Hi I’m Keri, and I write THE NEWSPAPER.

Okay I’m being arrogant, here, I’ll even it out by showing you where the work came from today…

… the complete grime that is me.

Do you chair-dance too?

That’s what’s happening in this blog header.


I love to dance. Hips hips, arms and hair flip, now shoulders body roll shoulders… I’ve invented entire routines.

Maybe I’ll video that one day. Maybe.

Good I don’t work in a normal office, huh.

The last time I did was over a decade ago, which is probably best for everyone because I used to lose it, every day, around 2pm. So much extra energy from having to sit still for so long, going around trying to fight everyone, which is how I got one of my worst ever concussions.

The guy flipped me up horizontal, I met the concrete floor forehead first, got violently sick then passed out on the office couch.

I woke up in the dark, everyone gone. I mostly deserved it, except the part where this happened on a Friday.

I am happily drowning in content… including: a handful of car reviews, especially the Micra, my hockey goal win that lead to the prize of a lifetime.

And below, is last week when I interviewed the Director of Security at TELUS, and have a ton of posts about that, especially for you small business owners.

kk I cannot type or sit still any longer, I gotta get outta here, de-grime, don a dress, and then I’m off to forage for food and Coronas.

Have a great weekend, TTY Monday.



Didn’t Open my Laptop Till 7pm Today

Can’t remember the last time I had a day like today, it was nice. Lined up a ton of real-life jobs, one after another.

One of which was to photograph the 2014 Grand Caravan.

Tested it in January for my blog, but never published the post, pitched it to the paper, it prints end of the month #p

Lunch today.

The * astrick is … Hazel McCallion! First time I’ve seen her in real life, she was picking up a pizza for lunch. Huge fan, but was too shy to interrupt to say hi.

Non-Torontonians – Hazel McCallion is the Mayor of Mississauga, and one of the coolest girls in Canada.

Holding office for 35 years, she’s now 93 and one of Canada’s best-known and longest-serving mayors, even one of the longest-serving elected leaders in history. She’s been voted the 2nd most popular mayor in the world, and her nickname is “Hurricane Hazel” because of her non-nonsense style of politics. 

If there’s a Canadian Mayor to be celebrated,
it should be Hazel.

Blog category = The Planets

Wore this today, again.

This dress is the new jogging pants.


Grand Theft Auto is just… wow. The size of the game alone floors me.  And that right now, millions of people are living in it.

I don’t play, zero interest there, but do like watching someone skilled play a game like this, like watching an elite athlete kinda-way; that’s neat for a minute.

Been doing YouTube dance choreography videos.

I don’t have a mirror, so I use my webcam to check my marks.

It’s not hitting the marks I’m having trouble with, it’s having the fitness to do so for more than 30 seconds gah.

Really read that situation wrong. I’m blue.




Celebrating the Olympics through Dance

One of my favourite Olympic episodes – dancing with Spandy Andy.

Spandy Andy is a local Vancouver celebrity, from his bio:

I travel the world dancing in SPANDEX. Learn more about my TIGHT BRIGHT philosophy by visiting

I’d dragged a guy out of the newsroom to film us. But after security kicked us out, he got scared and abandoned the shoot.

So I did this.

Didn’t think twice, it was that kind of atmosphere, genuinely happy.

Filmed in the epicentre of the Games.

Spandy Andy has gone on to do quite well for himself.

He was on Think You Can Dance’, a regular performer at MarineWorld, and his Youtube has 10.3 million views, nice Andy. Here’s his Twitter.