Update on the State of Affairs

Pleased to report my brain is coming back, and my drive too, wasn’t sure when it left how long it’d be until I saw them again.

It’s been a weird 5 weeks since quitting the newspaper, but still an excellent decision. Took time to to reflect, set some hard goals with firm dates, and plot how to morph things to accomplish them. Made a spreadsheet, plus wrote it out old-school with a Sharpie on a blank page.

Some things in no specific order:

– starting to freelance, small one-off pieces here and there, with a heavy weight on the topic I said I wanted to further specialize in – auto security

– it’s been 1.5 / 4 months I planned for my savings to cover things. As of today, I have replaced 40% of that monthly income writing 25% as much as previous

– the ‘Keri on Driving’ Library is underway, soon all 160 columns will be catalogued, and a ‘Table of Contents’ created

– remember all my epiphanies? Been tracking things since, watching, and have now seen enough signs to be 100% convinced my backwards idea is going to work…

– cars are booked for weeks out

Actually, there’s been some amazing
car moments over the past couple weeks:

Tossing the all-new 2017 Jaguar XE around an autocross course.

My 2016 Chevy Trax photoshoot came out awesome.

Being drifted in a 2016 Jaguar F-TYPE.

And I revved this 2016 Pagani Huayra.

There’s been a lot of behind-the-scenes development too, emails, negotiating and talking on the phone.

Looks like this, boring.

And yup, I’m That Guy who wears a headset like that.

But hair is better since that photo, thanks Kaila! This is your best blonde yet.

Go see her too, and soon, because the year+ we’ve been working together I’ve watched her climb up quickly, so it’s best to get on her client list now – Brennen Demelo Studio  416-301-1072

kk back to building a presentation, I have 30 of these to deliver.

Hey haven’t shown you my desk in a while… I’m here right now and will take a photo, one sec…

Blog tag = desk (17)

Have a good Wednesday tomorrow!

Night night.



Worked in my Car all Last Week

Wasn’t the easiest, especially in Recaro seats; it’s like typing with Tyrannosaurus Rex arms.

The back seat was slightly less arduous.

My desk, oh boy.

Friday night I was telling my neighbour all about it:

Him: isn’t your kitchen table in your trailer?
Me: yaaa…
Him: well there you go
Me: woah – the solution was here the whole time!

Tada! Pretty great eh.

Have power, and even a plant for decoration.

Anything you read by me this week will come from here.



A Great Day I Didn’t Document

Just didn’t feel like it is all.

Blogging is a fine balance, because once the camera comes out to capture the moment, it kills it.

Up early and crushed my 2 deadlines at the paper, then I had to go downtown for a couple errands, found out two of my favourite girls were having dinner so I tagged along, and we were that table on the patio, cackling so loud.

Some storm tonight huh.  The Jag powered through all unaffected, and now it’s 9:45pm and I’m going to hit publish, then cheers you with this Cornoa.

Here’s where this post came from – it’s the window reflection at my desk.

Have a great weekend, TTY Monday.



And That’s Summer 2014 Complete

Happy Labour Day to ya!

Last 1/3 of the year, here we go,
it’s heads down & work time.

(see my theory: the Rhythm of a Year [video], and the blog tag – Time)

Below are some more miscellaneous summer photos, and with that I’m going back to daydreaming in my deck chair.



My one annual toes-in-water moment.

A dinner.

More pointing.

Bought a skirt to race in.

Finding silence.

My house is still a disaster.  I still haven’t bought furniture.

Anything you read by me in the last 2 weeks, is from this mini-desk, which I am mega-over.

(blog tag = desk)

Don’t have a mirror, either. So I use video on my phone to check my outfits.

A Barbapapa.

Only cartoon I ever liked.

Going to see Niki this week.

Go too: 416-301-1072 Brennen Demelo Studio

Drones are coming guys, in droves.

That’s Justin’s. He’s a drone pioneer, and his company Heli Video Pros now includes a factory, phft.

If you’re looking to purchase a pro-drone, he’s the guy to buy from. Here’s the store.

Because race car.

I loved Summer 2014.




Today I am a MACHINE

No no really… up since 5am, typing eloquence mega fast, phone rings blablaYAbuddy kill it, back to typing, that awesome feeling of being deep in the zone. Bet I wrote 2,500 words today.

And for the majority of the day, I owned Autonet, 3/4 top stories are by me, look:

That’s my Ford 1.0 L review, my Jaguar F-TYPE review, and my news slot about a Volvo ad.

Hi I’m Keri, and I write THE NEWSPAPER.

Okay I’m being arrogant, here, I’ll even it out by showing you where the work came from today…

… the complete grime that is me.

Do you chair-dance too?

That’s what’s happening in this blog header.


I love to dance. Hips hips, arms and hair flip, now shoulders body roll shoulders… I’ve invented entire routines.

Maybe I’ll video that one day. Maybe.

Good I don’t work in a normal office, huh.

The last time I did was over a decade ago, which is probably best for everyone because I used to lose it, every day, around 2pm. So much extra energy from having to sit still for so long, going around trying to fight everyone, which is how I got one of my worst ever concussions.

The guy flipped me up horizontal, I met the concrete floor forehead first, got violently sick then passed out on the office couch.

I woke up in the dark, everyone gone. I mostly deserved it, except the part where this happened on a Friday.

I am happily drowning in content… including: a handful of car reviews, especially the Micra, my hockey goal win that lead to the prize of a lifetime.

And below, is last week when I interviewed the Director of Security at TELUS, and have a ton of posts about that, especially for you small business owners.

kk I cannot type or sit still any longer, I gotta get outta here, de-grime, don a dress, and then I’m off to forage for food and Coronas.

Have a great weekend, TTY Monday.