And That’s Summer 2014 Complete

Happy Labour Day to ya!

Last 1/3 of the year, here we go,
it’s heads down & work time.

(see my theory: the Rhythm of a Year [video], and the blog tag – Time)

Below are some more miscellaneous summer photos, and with that I’m going back to daydreaming in my deck chair.



My one annual toes-in-water moment.

A dinner.

More pointing.

Bought a skirt to race in.

Finding silence.

My house is still a disaster.  I still haven’t bought furniture.

Anything you read by me in the last 2 weeks, is from this mini-desk, which I am mega-over.

(blog tag = desk)

Don’t have a mirror, either. So I use video on my phone to check my outfits.

A Barbapapa.

Only cartoon I ever liked.

Going to see Niki this week.

Go too: 416-301-1072 Brennen Demelo Studio

Drones are coming guys, in droves.

That’s Justin’s. He’s a drone pioneer, and his company Heli Video Pros now includes a factory, phft.

If you’re looking to purchase a pro-drone, he’s the guy to buy from. Here’s the store.

Because race car.

I loved Summer 2014.




So I Blinked and Today Vanished

And I didn’t even swap cars today!  Woah this Monday. This 3 job thing is something.  It only works because they’re all in the same industry – automotive.  Which, I’m officially at 1.5 years of auto journalism now tada :)  No better industry to have landed in, I’m lucky.

This daily blogging thing, a pattern is emerging: night blogger.  Seems logical… do a very solo task at night, not during the day, that’s for talking and deadlines.  Gonna run with that this week: – updated daily M-F, in one chunk, at night.

This week’s car is my Jetta, Wednesday’s column is “About Funeral Processions”, and my Chrysler 300 review is out soon. Called it “stately”, as a compliment.

kk I have to get footage to my editor, I’ll finish the security and other posts tomorrow, because I blinked again, now it’s 9:17, and I forgot to eat xo TTYT

A few photos from recently.

Jetta milestone. That’s in miles, too.  284,000 km.

Blonde by Niki. Ask for “Illusion Head“.

Go too: 416-301-1072 Brennen Demelo Studio

Sooo, once you buy 1 pair of shoes online, and this vortex opens up, and sucks you into more shoes huh…

Discovered Ordered at 2am, and by 10:30 they’d been shipped. That’s good and bad eh.

But last ones in my size, an impossible size.

This hat! Forever this hat.

Canada Goose gave me the hat, for when I covered the Olympics in video in 2010. OMG that felt so weird to type. 4 years ago now, exactly.

Went buying on the weekend, at Vaughn Mills Outlets.  That place has been my go-to mall for years.  Like, $250 reduced to a sensible $50, in & out in 45 minutes.

2 new black skirts = 2 new bases

One work, one fun, both with sneaker heels, done.

And always more jumpsuits.



The Annual Cut-it-all-Off Haircut

This was what I was so attached to – the world’s tiniest ponytail.

saved that, to send in the mail. That’s funny.

You know Niki. Thanks missy xo

This is a now well-documented routine by now, on this blog tag – Brennen Demelo

… I grow my hair, trying to achieve my dream ponytail > it becomes stringy and I realize I have no hair, and am being delusional > I cut it all off.

How’s it look from the side? Or like this?

How’s it look with a hat?

This is important.


Go tooBrennen Demelo Studios – 416-301-1072



Filling You in on the Last 5


Last week ended a test of blogging – a fresh page everyday, Monday-Friday. Test was successful, that is do-able, confirmed. Unfortunately it was derailed Thursday, when my computer melted and that took proiority (back up running by Friday night). Still.

This was Friday night.

Friday nights often look like this; I just can’t talk anymore, and have to be still and quiet.

That’s next week’s blog on paper.

One of those posts is titled, “The Rhythm of a Week“, because I think I figured it out. And according to it, there’s about 10 days left in 2013, get going.

Saturday hockey game.

The Marlies defeated the someone, and there were lots of laughs.

I know! Blue! Not black.

Been evolving my look. This weekend I peppered my wardrobe with a few Forever 21 sweaters.

The key to cheap clothing: seam-ripper out the zillion tags, trim the ton of loose threads, and forget washing it.

can’t keep showing up to stuff in jeans and combat boots (even though it’s a very functional, and therefore productive outfit).

Basically though, I’m just girly-fing that look…

… they’re still boots, but with heels, but they’re sneaker heel, like that.

I have got to get planning this years 3rd Annual Keri’s Christmas Extravaganza.

Last year was this, $3,200 in total prizes.

Never again so many prizes, toooo much logistically. Here’s the link, in last year’s video I’d been awake for 50+ hours.

This year I’m thinking one big prize, the end. Leave what you’d wish to win in the comments. I’ve always wanted to give away a car for a week.

Next footage to be edited.

And Niki is swooping in to freshen my hair tomorrow xo, before I leave for the LA Auto Show Tuesday.

Thanks Brennen Demelo Studios.

Have a strong start to your week, and see you online.



My Mind is Mega-Melted

Look how haggard.

Taken as I got caught just standing there, squeezing that stuffed animal starting deeply into the dollar bins, unable to make a decision. You should see how clumsy I am.

My mind is mush, my sentences aren’t elegant, my math skills are gone.

I wandered  out of an airport store like that, down the hall, oh wait, returned, “hi I accidentally stole this magazine”.

Still haven’t recovered from Vegas, then a couple surprise days on the road, and juggling 2 jobs and may have added a third one last week.  I haven’t stopped in forever, think it all finally caught up to me.  I just need two good nights sleeps to reset.

Here’s my news articles, if you ever.

Least my hair is looking great. Here’s Niki and I at work on “Illusion Head”, which is almost ready for video debut.

Thanks, Brennen.

This Thursday is a big day, then wait till you see the adventure were off on for a third of September; that’s now at 99.5% confirmed.

There was a meteor shower this weekend guys, the Perseids Meteor Shower – pieces of the comet Swift-Tuttle fall off; happens every year at this time; named for Greek mythical hero Perseus, who slayed Medusa.

Here’s the Wiki.

And did you hear about the bright green fireball that passed over Toronto last week? Nice.

(if we’re just meeting; for all my love of logic, I track the planets closer than most. Here’s the blog category)

Escaped the city for a few days.

Did you know Toronto passed Chicago in size a few months back? It’s now the 4th largest city in North America.

Wrote all day for the paper today, that’s good till Wednesday, so gotta try to get some time in on this project.

Didnt mention anything yet, but that’s been being built over the last couple months. Launch is scheduled for the fall.

Now to eat this feast.

Kay quiet time, just for a sec. TTY Thursday

I’ll close this post with a less-melted photo of me, which I’m starting to resemeble again; I’m puffing back out slowly here. I am SO excited about everything, it’s all coming together guys. Thanks for always checking in xo