My Mind is Mega-Melted

Look how haggard.

Taken as I got caught just standing there, squeezing that stuffed animal starting deeply into the dollar bins, unable to make a decision. You should see how clumsy I am.

My mind is mush, my sentences aren’t elegant, my math skills are gone.

I wandered  out of an airport store like that, down the hall, oh wait, returned, “hi I accidentally stole this magazine”.

Still haven’t recovered from Vegas, then a couple surprise days on the road, and juggling 2 jobs and may have added a third one last week.  I haven’t stopped in forever, think it all finally caught up to me.  I just need two good nights sleeps to reset.

Here’s my news articles, if you ever.

Least my hair is looking great. Here’s Niki and I at work on “Illusion Head”, which is almost ready for video debut.

Thanks, Brennen.

This Thursday is a big day, then wait till you see the adventure were off on for a third of September; that’s now at 99.5% confirmed.

There was a meteor shower this weekend guys, the Perseids Meteor Shower – pieces of the comet Swift-Tuttle fall off; happens every year at this time; named for Greek mythical hero Perseus, who slayed Medusa.

Here’s the Wiki.

And did you hear about the bright green fireball that passed over Toronto last week? Nice.

(if we’re just meeting; for all my love of logic, I track the planets closer than most. Here’s the blog category)

Escaped the city for a few days.

Did you know Toronto passed Chicago in size a few months back? It’s now the 4th largest city in North America.

Wrote all day for the paper today, that’s good till Wednesday, so gotta try to get some time in on this project.

Didnt mention anything yet, but that’s been being built over the last couple months. Launch is scheduled for the fall.

Now to eat this feast.

Kay quiet time, just for a sec. TTY Thursday

I’ll close this post with a less-melted photo of me, which I’m starting to resemeble again; I’m puffing back out slowly here. I am SO excited about everything, it’s all coming together guys. Thanks for always checking in xo



I Have the Messy Updo Down

This was done blindly in 60 seconds, 1 tiny clip and 4 bobby-pins.

Guess which hairstyle is about to come into vogue…
the messy updo BOOM
I’ll be accidentally in fashion

The blonde’s looking good these days eh (remember the urine-head times? Those were dark times)

Here’s Niki and I hard at work on ‘Illusion Head’ – a healthy, bright blonde approach Niki dreamed up.

Illusion Head – looks like bright blond hair,
but it’s actually a small amount of cleverly-placed highlights,

so the hair stays healthy

I’m oversimplyfying it, but look back on photos from the last couple months, when we really started to make progress.

Go too:


316 Adelaide Street West, Toronto