Update on the State of Affairs

Pleased to report my brain is coming back, and my drive too, wasn’t sure when it left how long it’d be until I saw them again.

It’s been a weird 5 weeks since quitting the newspaper, but still an excellent decision. Took time to to reflect, set some hard goals with firm dates, and plot how to morph things to accomplish them. Made a spreadsheet, plus wrote it out old-school with a Sharpie on a blank page.

Some things in no specific order:

– starting to freelance, small one-off pieces here and there, with a heavy weight on the topic I said I wanted to further specialize in – auto security

– it’s been 1.5 / 4 months I planned for my savings to cover things. As of today, I have replaced 40% of that monthly income writing 25% as much as previous

– the ‘Keri on Driving’ Library is underway, soon all 160 columns will be catalogued, and a ‘Table of Contents’ created

– remember all my epiphanies? Been tracking things since, watching, and have now seen enough signs to be 100% convinced my backwards idea is going to work…

– cars are booked for weeks out

Actually, there’s been some amazing
car moments over the past couple weeks:

Tossing the all-new 2017 Jaguar XE around an autocross course.

My 2016 Chevy Trax photoshoot came out awesome.

Being drifted in a 2016 Jaguar F-TYPE.

And I revved this 2016 Pagani Huayra.

There’s been a lot of behind-the-scenes development too, emails, negotiating and talking on the phone.

Looks like this, boring.

And yup, I’m That Guy who wears a headset like that.

But hair is better since that photo, thanks Kaila! This is your best blonde yet.

Go see her too, and soon, because the year+ we’ve been working together I’ve watched her climb up quickly, so it’s best to get on her client list now – Brennen Demelo Studio  416-301-1072

kk back to building a presentation, I have 30 of these to deliver.

Hey haven’t shown you my desk in a while… I’m here right now and will take a photo, one sec…

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Have a good Wednesday tomorrow!

Night night.



Canada’s Oldest ‘Hair Stylist & Blogger’ Team


Brennen Demelo and I are.

Back in the beginning of blogging – 2008-ish – the first partnership any blog girl worth her salt landed was a hair stylist. When Brennen and I shook hands, I’d just moved to Toronto and was producing ‘The Canadian Explorer’ and he had one sink in the back of someone else’s business.

We’re now in our 7th year, and are
the only partnership still intact.

Above is us through the years.

Below is us in 2008.

Today, he’s a leading salon in Toronto and Canada, opened a second location in Barrie, for years has been the top L’Oreal Canada representative, styles many of the magazines covers you see, and I’ve become one of the country’s top auto journalists.

Blog tag = Brennen Demelo (27)

Go too.


416 301 1072



Toronto’s Best Blonde

Like how I worded the title? Bah.

Glibness aside, it’s the blonde that comes of Brennen Demelo Studios that’s the best. 6 years I’ve been going there, and it always is.

Go too: Brennen Demelo Studio  416-301-1072

How long can I be expected to sit still inside for, really.

Don’t know how highlights turn into a full blonde head, but they do.

Thank you Kaila!

* a rare sighting of Brennen, whom I hadn’t seen for months and months, because coming soon is his second shop – Brennen Demelo North – a new studio in Barrie.

And _wait_ till you hear his Harley story, best travel story I’ve ever heard, will blog it soon.



I Have the Messy Updo Down

This was done blindly in 60 seconds, 1 tiny clip and 4 bobby-pins.

Guess which hairstyle is about to come into vogue…
the messy updo BOOM
I’ll be accidentally in fashion

The blonde’s looking good these days eh (remember the urine-head times? Those were dark times)

Here’s Niki and I hard at work on ‘Illusion Head’ – a healthy, bright blonde approach Niki dreamed up.

Illusion Head – looks like bright blond hair,
but it’s actually a small amount of cleverly-placed highlights,

so the hair stays healthy

I’m oversimplyfying it, but look back on photos from the last couple months, when we really started to make progress.

Go too:



316 Adelaide Street West, Toronto


Been Evolving my Look Guys

See the zipper? A fashion detail.

Now that my hair’s almost long, a ponyhawk.

Mostly I just dainty-fied my existing look eh, “classy commando”.

Two recent favourite outfits.

Bought my first eyeliner.

Signed, the world’s oldest tomboy

skirt gif

I’m wearing pencil skirts now.

Pretty comfortable too, you could sprint in this one.

Fashion show over, the tape has started to fall over the lens.

Look, it’s a triangle.

If I make this sign with my hands, does that mean I’m a member of the i1100m1n@t1?

(like how I’m avoiding being tagged for typing it?)

About them, I’ll say this:

Oh I totally get it, it’s just not my thing.