Things I Found while Purging

Come on, I’ll show you some stuff.

Went through a big Ann-Margret phase. I’ve seen her 3 times, the last of which she hugged me.  I can do the song and dance to Appreciation from ‘Viva Las Vegas’.

Look where the bottom ticket is – Minot, North Dakota ahahah omg. Here’s an old blog post about that story.

I write myself letters, to be opened in the future.

Party photo booths.

Remember that time I threw myself a Blog Party? Looking back, kind of a weird thing to do. But it was 2009… different time different internet.  I wanted to bring my blog into the real world, take if offline.  Same for the recent Extravaganza giveaway… how much can my blog actually move?  More than I thought.

Why did I use a period instead of exclamation point after ‘party’?

Statement of fact:  you have been welcomed.

The raffle prizes were items seen in episodes of my show. It was cooler than it sounds.

Original header of my first blog,

Hi Suzy!

Graduating university.

Remember that time I was president of a cycling team for 5 years? Ha.

Meet my team – we were scrappy, and won a lot.

From New Years 2010, I went to see the Dead Sea Scrolls.  Am a bit infatuated with them. Look at all the ones & zeros below, ha.

I’d totally forgotten about this, this is neat.

In 2008, I was picked up by CBC and became their “inaugural made-for-web show”. Below is the pitch document, written by my bosses, when they tried to get me a job there permanently.  This is all them, none of this is written by me. This experience was a big lesson about this business.

Because to keep me there, the money  had to come from the ‘entertainment’ budget, so that’s where the storyline of me finding myself came from, to justify it.

I didn’t like that part… there’s no finding, I’m right here.

I wanted to keep it documentary style, about the subject first, me second.  I argued, I lost, and I wouldn’t change one thing about anything, it all worked out correctly, genuinely mean that.



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