Travel with a Surge Protecter

Because one power surge and the laptop / phone is fried. Plus we never back up as often as we should.

On car press launches we’d end up in some neat places that were old. And I’d watch fellow auto journalists plug their laptops into these 1960s outlets like, oh boy… Imagine having to make that call, “I’ll be missing the deadline because guess what…”

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Got a Job – I’m the OSM of Dent Wizard

I’m the new Ontario Sales Manager for Dent Wizard Canada, North America’s largest PDR company. All because of my blog.

OSM – Ontario Sales Manager

PDR – Paintless Dent Removal

My new area of expertise will be dents guys, DENTS!

2015 could NOT have ended on a better note. Remember I gave myself 4 months from quitting the paper, to finding new revenue? Skin of my teeth – made it by 1 week.

It all happened very fast. Remember I blogged “I need a job” on December 8? Shortly after it took off, and from initial contact to hiring was fast, 1 business week.

December 18 was the official hire date. January 4 was my start date.

What is the job description?

Maintaining existing accounts, prospecting for new ones, and keeping the team of 20 technicians busy and happy.

Specifically, I’m about to become an expert is these services.

Basically – keeping a car beautiful.

I work here – at Manheim.

I just walked deeper into the belly of the auto industry.

Because ready…

15,000! It’s one of North America’s largest auction houses.

What does the job pay?

Turns out dents is a $2 billion a year business I KNOW?! So it pays amazing (you don’t think I’d get this pumped about $50k eh.)

It’s a big salary plus commission, on a zero-baseline product, plus benefits, cell phone, and plus A CAR.

kk I’ll state a goal… in 18 months, bet I can crack 6 figures.

Why are Dents so Great?

There’s many reasons!

– it’s straight-forward business – there’s a dent, now it’s fixed, take payment, the end

– there’s no Tweeting about the dent! No – how many Facebook shares did my dent get?

– it’s a low-impact-karma job like, what’s the opposite of arms and drug trafficking? Dents.

– I am not involved with an auto-manufacturer – meaning, I can continue to test and review cars totally unbiased, that’s proper journalist ethics

Speaking of ethics, below are Dent Wizard’s 4 Pillars of Operation.

When I found this during my research, the bottom right quadrant is what made me really want the job.

Integrity” – when was the last time you saw that? Exactly.

Ironically, my 1st task was… writing 300 words.

And done from the front seat of my car, ha. Learning to file from anywhere pays off in the weirdest ways.

What Will happen to KeriBlog?

It will get even better!

– the pressure is gone to make it make money, blogging will be fun again

– you think I’m lippy now? Mwahaha

– it’s a 9-5 and no-weekends job, so the blog can continue during those hours. Plus, I have about 20 cars backlogged here to blog… that I’m drowning in car content is perfect

– in a backwards way, I bet this job is exactly what the blog needed, and its traffic will take off in 2016

– I can now apply my invention – the Cashless Blogging System

– I’ll have money now, I can invest in KeriBlog.   A few months after I get my finances stabilized I’ll hire someone to renovate my blog.  Doesn’t a new theme sound nice, a new hosting company, something properly optimized for mobile…. that is now possible

I know eh, how I got so lucky I don’t know.

Here we go guys! Thanks for always cheering me on.

xo Keri



New Phone > Paired to New Car > This Comes Up?

It’s a days-old Android, connected via WiFi, to a 2015 Jeep Cherokee with about 300 km.

As in – clean as it gets.

And this appears? The phone never rang? It’d been paired for about 4 minutes, it just popped up.

Don’t know what it means, but do think Facebook hooks deeper into our phones than we realize.

I’ve never given FB access to my photos, or contacts.

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Find the Actual Number of LinkedIn Connections

Know how the number of Linkedin connections stops at 500+ …

The real number is just 1 click.

It works regardless if your accounts are connected or not.

Triangle beside their name > hover over, menu appears >
choose View recent activity > refreshes to the below screen


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My Linkedin



Updated my LinkedIn Account Finally, Really

Took this screenshot, gave it a long, last look…

… then changed my account name and URL to my real name – .com/KeriPotipcoe

Goodbye to my non-real-name,
fully functional LinkedIn account

(huh Keri? See this post)

Been adding videos to my page, and photos like above.

The header came together well.

8 years of a game, the end.

My Facebook account will remain Keri CDN.  Ya I have one of those ha.

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