A Fast Way to Hide Information in a Photo

Using a phone’s basic photo editing capabilities…

How to:

1 – take photo, in a dark location, with flash
2 – send
3 – tell recipient to lighten the photo

See? Black box-ish until lightened.

Possible applications:

– recipient has texts set to display on the lock screen

– recipient is in a crowded room, people are shoulder surfing



Writing a Country Song about Phishing

My neighbour and I started writing a country song last night.

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I had a virus, now nobody emails me” 

Brian: I used to talk on email all the time, but then I got a virus
Keri: what did it do?
Him: told everyone I thought they were fat
Me: snort
Him: I told them it was a virus, but no one believed it and stopped talking to me
Me: (this happens

Ahh Thursday night, best night of the week. Bet I jacknifed 4 times, got invited to a party and was even drunk dialled, my favourite.

(why it’s the best night, and blog tag = #ThursdayNight)



Had a Good Dead Drop Idea

What’s a “dead drop” – to secretly pass an item to someone, without having to meet with them directly.

How it works – I deposit the item in a pre-determined location, then in another pre-determined location, leave a signal that I have done so. Maybe this signal is a chalk mark on wall, or I hang a pot of red flowers on my balcony.


What if the dead drop was a supply closet, inside a bathroom, inside a retail space?

Both genders could enter without arising suspicion, and there cannot be cameras inside a bathroom.

Would an employee ever find a USB key in here? Nope.