These Passwords seem Pointless

Spotted in an American airport.

So very predictable.

Why go to all the trouble and cost to print this – on good card stock at that – but why not add a little effort and create proper logins & passwords?  And print only monthly? I wouldn’t connect to this network.

Remember, airport WiFi is the most dangerous network in the world.

Airport WiFi looks like this – here

It’s the most dangerous network in the world – here

Which is why I don’t use it – here




A Fast Way to Hide Information in a Photo

Using a phone’s basic photo editing capabilities…

How to:

1 – take photo, in a dark location, with flash
2 – send
3 – tell recipient to lighten the photo

See? Black box-ish until lightened.

Possible applications:

– recipient has texts set to display on the lock screen

– recipient is in a crowded room, people are shoulder surfing