Fiiiiine I’ll Fix my LinkedIn Account

It amuses me so much, how terrible my account is.  This post is documenting the bad before I improve it.

Above was posted about 18 months ago.

The below photo is from 2009.  I’m like a real estate agent that way.

The red arrow is the best part, because of its rarity…

… a non-real-name, fully functional LinkedIn account.

My last name has no vowels (Keri CDN was my handle 2007-2010.)

That’s not my Twitter, closed in 2010, oh @KeriBlog

That is my physical address though, if you’d like to mail me something nice.

Why is this so funny?

Because my blog and I have been flown around North America, gained access to some amazing places, and tested $10 million+ in cars… all without a LinkedIn OR an About Page.

Come on that’s funny.

When’d you last hear that? Okay not the most popular sport * I know… but still, ehhh?!

Some automakers contributed to my nonsense, I have these from a few OEMs – it’s the document you sign when picking up a press car haha thanks guys!

I kept my last name offline for 5 years. My Google account is part of the 0.0002% range. My Facebook account isn’t a real-name either, it’s also Keri CDN.

My health card has a red stripe.

See, funny.

No mention, or link, to… anywhere.  Or 3 years being the Featured Author at the newspaper.

Last updated February 2010.


I’m at that point where continued reticence will be my downfall, okay so game over, here we go.

About pages coming next.

Connect with me –


* Just to say it, this isn’t that weird, I’m not the only one who likes this game, and lots are better at it… I know someone who got a credit card in their handle phft.



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