About the Usage Based Billing Issue #UBB

Thanks to OpenMedia.ca

Rogue ISPs will be fun eh, I’d love to have one for you to use… in my imagination right now I’m bundled up outside in a little hut, yelling like a carnie to come on over, need some internet?

I also think shortwave radio will see a brief resurgence in popularity.

Lastly, here’s a friendly video reminder to change your passwords, because when was the last time you did?



Just a Minute – New Year, New Passwords

A friendly reminder it’s a good idea to start your year with all new passwords to everything. Don’t forget your wireless password, your voicemail, all of ’em.

It takes longer to clean up after a compromise than the minutes to change them now.

It’s a big internet out there!

Little Snitch


No Script

What I Got for Christmas

Each year I get a Christmas present from myself.  This year I got an IronKey – the world’s most secure flash drive.

Military-grade encryption and you can’t physically break into the thing, and if you try it self-destructs.  Same as if you enter the password wrong 10 times in a row.  I can immerse it in water, and use it to surf the net anonymously.

You can kinda see my present from a couple years ago, that headset. I often get electronics.



Are You Finishing Things Before 2011?

I’m on a tight schedule to complete the list I made a few weeks back. Tonight I crossed off one item with an email.

This is me settling in and pulling up the rough draft.

I’m actually facing a packed Library Room and get this, in the corner table for 4 alone all spread out, how lucky did that work out.

Cobb salad and head down for 90 minutes.

I wanted to get you a photo so bad but my BB battery had died. I think I have to get a new phone ugh. Wait why didn’t I just turn my laptop around.

Kay done, let’s go borrow some wireless.

Why such surroundings for an email?

I think the way you finish something shapes and defines it, and this was a very old thing I put my whole heart into and so deserved to be closed off in nice surroundings, a tip of my hat to it see ya later this is your send off.

PS – Ha, kay when I linked up Library Room I couldn’t find you an image because there don’t seem to be any?, anyway I’m going to be tagging this post “Library Room” and adding to the problem.

Just a Minute – The UAV off my Balcony

I wonder, eh.

Below is what a UAV looks like.  That’s a Draganflyer X6, a popular model with the Forces, the Police and with enough cash you or I could buy one… $20,000-ish.

Click here for a video of the thing flying around and its perspective.  And get THIS: they’re Canadian!  Right out of Saskatchewan, nice.

Of course I want one. Imagine me walking down the street with that flying just behind me?? I KNOW.

(all images are from DraganFly.com)