Just a Minute – How a Year Really Is

Yup! **

Didn’t we have a great summer? Weather wise and other? Doesn’t the fall feel full of potential and change? YA BUDDY.

Hair’s looking good today, eh. Lisen, junior stylist and my professional toner, tuned me up. Go to her for maintenance too: your blonde will be better.

Like my sunflowers? @ItsBrownBarbie gave them to me for my Stella party xo.

I really enjoy making Just a Minute videos, click that link to see them all.  Topics are very varied.

This one goes with the above video, it’s About Time.

** The new video, it’s kinda a bad title isn’t it. It was difficult to title. Any suggestions lmk.

Also I debated calling this post: What To Expect From Me Till September

Just a Minute – Why Canadian Winters are Awesome

Forward this to someone having trouble getting home in today’s snowstom, maybe it’ll ease the journey a bit.

And what I said about not complaining… it really is bad life luck, because I figure life hears you and is all, “oh, don’t they know how bad it really could be?  Maybe they need a little reminder…” and poof, you just jinxed yourself.

Here’s all the Just a Minute videos.




Just a Minute – Have the Winter Blues Too?

I know it’s coming, and still I’m surprised every year when it does. I just figure since I know of it’s impending arrival, that “seasonal affected disorder”, shouldn’t my brain just be unaffected by now? Kick out those thoughts?

Click here and here to see a city in China like the one I’m talking about; I think they’ll help you feel better.

And my go-to line is, “it could be far worse… you could be living in Rwanda, a war-torn country, looking for a bug for dinner…”.

Spring is coming, it’s darkest before the dawn and all those cliches. Stay positive!