A Cracked Phone Screen = a Basement Apartment

Remember when I cracked my cell screen weeks ago?

The cracks are tough to photograph, but the one bottom left was so deep I slit my thumb open, and the glass was so crumbled around the home button I must’ve eaten a ton of glass.

In the 17 years I’ve had a cell, this was the 1st time I broke my screen, meaning, I finally experienced what I’ve watched for years – pull out a busted phone, and use it.

And no. Just nope no and no.

It negatively affected my mind – the thing I touch and use more than anything, all sub-par and broken.

It’s like going home at the end of a day and descending into a sub-terrainian apartment… to a dark space, with tiny windows, at the top of a low ceiling, and settling into the sounds of someone walking on your head all night.

These little things – dark, broken, negative, beneath – greatly pull down a mind, making it more difficult to maintain a positive and expanding imagination.

I get that sometimes things are tight and it’s tough to afford to move or fix the screen immediately, I don’t get letting the situation continue for an extended period of time. Time is our only renewable resource.

It’s like a car – if it’s not affordable to insure and maintain, it’s probably out of the budget in the first place.




Less Than 6 Weeks Left of 2014

Didn’t this year feel faster than any other year, by a lot?

Last two days was a lot of Life Admin, not a lot of writing, except the admin supports the writing, and is SO boring, but check check all done.

Lined up the next couple columns (next week has been on my to-do list forever: Talking to Designers), and got a neat new project off the ground yesterday, think you’ll like, I really do; coming in a couple weeks.

Oh and this week’s car is a 2014 Honda Civic, forgot to post that. Manual too!

Always liked the Civic, you can’t go wrong buying this car.

If you can, get the Si.

Went downtown TWICE this week, think that’s a total of 6 times since July 25th.

Still don’t miss it. Actually, I recently parked on the street outside my old place, rolled down the windows and sat in it for a bit.

Felt so grateful to have my house. Took me 1.5 years to escape the city.

While downtown, went on my bi-yearly hoodie buying trip.

Bought both.

Then took myself to dinner at what I remembered as my favourite meatballs, but wasn’t the same, that’ll be the last time.

Went to a beautiful wedding.

I wore all black obviously.

This happened!

Fondue from scratch.

Note the 2 shadows yup, I fed 3 people at the same time. Okay, mostly I just cut up bread and melted cheese, but it involved both heat, and a recipe, so counts.

Got this house project off and running.

That’s a quilt I made years ago, right now it’s being stipled with fluorescent thread. Then it’ll become the cushion for that – best seat in the house – if you can figure out how to get up there, you can hang.

New headers.

The moment I kicked the carpet open was a big one, meant I didn’t have to clean anymore.

I’ll leave you with me on the train.

I walk and public transport more often than I document. A well-rounded auto journalist.

This weekend I have to get my nails done and house in order, leaving for the LA Auto Show early Monday morning, for the week. Maybe attend a party and probably sleep in on Sunday.

Have a great weekend xo



And That’s Summer 2014 Complete

Happy Labour Day to ya!

Last 1/3 of the year, here we go,
it’s heads down & work time.

(see my theory: the Rhythm of a Year [video], and the blog tag – Time)

Below are some more miscellaneous summer photos, and with that I’m going back to daydreaming in my deck chair.



My one annual toes-in-water moment.

A dinner.

More pointing.

Bought a skirt to race in.

Finding silence.

My house is still a disaster.  I still haven’t bought furniture.

Anything you read by me in the last 2 weeks, is from this mini-desk, which I am mega-over.

(blog tag = desk)

Don’t have a mirror, either. So I use video on my phone to check my outfits.

A Barbapapa.

Only cartoon I ever liked.

Going to see Niki this week.

Go too: 416-301-1072 Brennen Demelo Studio

Drones are coming guys, in droves.

That’s Justin’s. He’s a drone pioneer, and his company Heli Video Pros now includes a factory, phft.

If you’re looking to purchase a pro-drone, he’s the guy to buy from. Here’s the store.

Because race car.

I loved Summer 2014.




Another Selfie in my Winter Coat on a Grey Day

kk first time I type it…this WINTER, this never-ending winter, it suuuuucks so f-cking mega hard complete garbage worst in 25 years EVER.  

100 days of winter, a THIRD of a year.

My tricks aren’t working anymore (it’s the price of living in Canada / you could live in Rwanda / this / makes us a tough people) but nope. Over. It.

If it’s possible to perish from ennui, I might.
Such a first-world thing to say, don’t care.

I have no new photos to blog because I haven’t taken any, why, it’s just more big black boots and coat, vacant eyes framed by dirty grey snow.

Oh there’s plenty to do (today I published 4 articles across 3 sites, plus a Mississauga meeting), but boooored, it all feels so beige, blablablaaa. That’s why Twitter & Instagram sit neglected. What is even the point of anything. It’s all meaningless.

All right enough now, emo post out, one last time, this WINTER.


That actually kinda helped. Thanks.

TTY Monday, least it’s the weekend eh! Hope it’s a good one.

I’m still sick, so I haven’t much planned: some blog backend work lined up, a couple places to be, I hear the casino calling, and put some time into About pages and a spreadsheet.

And go for a long, destination-less drive, that always helps.

If you’re into that too, here’s a couple drive routes I designed: one for morning, one for night, and my favourite on-ramp in Toronto.