No More Winter Photos like This for a Week

As in, the title means I’m flying out tomorrow to a week in Florida visiting friends.

Pretty efficient title eh, because it also serves to use these winter-themed pics which have been stagnating on my phone.

And okay okay, I pledge to replace my phone; these photos are beyond grainy, it looks like 2008 around here.

Don’t think it’s my camera degradation theory (here), think I just wore out the phone. It’s 8 months old, and bet I take ohhhhh 100x the number of photos per day compared to an average user, plus run about 14 GB / month through it.

ATVing around last weekend.

Tried to fit through a gate and couldn’t.

So I had to 53-point turn it, by hand, then push it up a hill. People were slowing down for the show.

Still get nervous leaving my house on its own. What if something happens and I’m not there to protect it? The pipes could freeze into a disaster at these temperatures. But I have a steady stream of people checking daily though (insurance states that eh, or it doesn’t pay), plus what are the chances I booby-trapped it you figure.

Car washing in -40ºC. 

If I always looked like bottom right, would you still read my blog?

kk I still have to pack, so gotta cut today’s blog short, sorry.

I’m not on vacation, it’s the normal schedule at both here and the paper, although here might be a bit light. Home in a week.


Here comes THIS.



Been Spending 300% More Time Outside

Never in the city was I close to outside this much in a winter. Like a good chunk of Sunday afternoon was outside, which included a Nerf competition.

Even busted out my big boots.

Here’s the #BenefitOfBlogging – I can link back to when I  bought those boots in… 2007. Same for my winter coat in 2008.

I can link up how that coat makes me look like Black SpongeBob, and my solution for winter blues.

Or here’s a video video from March 2011:

Why Canadian Winters are Awesome

Blog tag = winter

You knew this was coming.

Snow Ball Animated



Back Up & Running on Popsicle Sticks

Sorry again for the interruption in service, plans are in place to complete the cleanup this weekend. But between that and 4 newspaper deadlines this week, ya, woah.


I definitely don’t live in the city anymore.

Yellow is a never.

Discovered a new favourite car, below.

Can you tell what it is? It’ll get a proper post next week.

How my neighbour calls on me.

The. Best.

And I’m pleased to report I can now offer guests a place to sit. Look, a couch. Took 3 months and tada. Also note the mirror has returned.

It’s casino weather now.

Waste of a good photo opportunity eh, because whose head is big enough to make this funny?

And finally I made it inside the 400 Flea Market, been on my list for 10 years.

It was okay, I’ve been to better, I’m a flea market connoisseur.

Got this new hat there, $7 (OEMs: send me your hats)

Editing last Sunday, going to try to again this one, I love love video editing.

And with that I’m out.

Deadlines done, inbox is zeroed, and I’m off to make up for last night, Thursday night, which is always the best night of the week except yesterday’s, which was opposite.

Have a great weekend TTY Monday xo