An Animal is Living Under my House

Today was one of those days. Started at 2am when I realized there’s a animal living under my house. Beneath my living room, and loud too, like it’s having a party. It’s probably a racoon or … skunk.

Guess it’s lucky I slept on the couch eh, at least I know now.

Found where I think it’s getting in, and monitored the hole while I worked. Kind’ve pointless really, like what, I hope it emerges, stretches in the sunlight then takes a stroll, leaving me to plug the hole?

I’m just very worried, because what’s the worst case scenario:

it’s a skunk > I startle it > it sprays > house is now inhabitable

What’s the solution to avoid that? I’m Googling, calling animal control places, mass texting the same message, just freaking for advice.

One text said to build a trap door huh…

Then I start getting messages about an entirely different problem.

Seeing your blog is down feels like a sucker punch to the face, then all air leaves your lungs.

Do what I can, go back to the other problem.

One animal control receptionist’s honesty was the best advice of the day, “there is no clear answer to your skunk question, and there’s a chance it’ll just leave.

But basically, all the crew is going to do is scare it away, for $300.”

Okay then.

Where the sound is coming from, and the entry to the space, are the two furthest points of course.

If ever I’m in a conversation with someone about being new homeowners, and you see a look flash across my face, when someone with a condo compares our circumstances?

That look is this post.

I didn’t startle anything thankfully. Heard no evidence of an animal, it must’ve taken that stroll.

But there IS something living down there… that bio-evidence wasn’t there during the renovation 3 months ago.

My plan is – tomorrow I’ll put garbage bags over my outfit, crawl through the evidence to the other side, find its entry point, and seal it from both sides.

So we can get back to the far more fun topic of cars.

Sorry for the lack of them today.

(2016 Jeep Wrangler)

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UPDATE – Sunday Dec. 6

Went under, crawled all the way in. Once I confirmed it wasn’t there I was fine, but until then, so scared. It’s SO dusty, I ended up in a bed of pink insulation, no wonder it likes here.

Found the entry point. Plugged it with cinderblocks. Will check on it next weekend, make sure it’s holding.

I’m pretty worried, neighbours estimate it’s 90% a skunk. Please keep your fingers crossed it does not spray, and I win this gross battle.



Check out my new Surveillance Chair

Just when my house couldn’t get any cuter, it did this weekend.

Surveillance Chair – keeping my street safe & secure

Material was wood found around my property, below is the blueprint.

I made the sign.

Pretty soon all the neighbours were over helping.

And everyone is into it.

Last night I’m typing on my couch, door opens up, neighbour’s head pops in and yells, “Keri! I was just in the chair, everything is safe out there tonight, sleep well” door slams.



Before & After Photos of my House Renovation

One year ago today I picked up the keys to my new house.

After pulling off the world’s fastest home purchase (real estate lawyer and bank’s words,) then the world’s fastest move, I lived on an air mattress for a couple months because it was a 3-season house that I winterized while living in it (it occurred to me while typing this I’ve slept on it 1/3 of a year.)

Let’s take a tour! First stop is the guest room.

I made the comforter set, I love sewing. And welded that guy.

In we go to the freshly painted crisp whiteness. I argue with everyone: no I don’t want colour in here. I am the colour.

Best joke of the renovation:

With 2 friends, walking into a hardware store that sells paint, “Careful Keri, there’s colour in here.”

Let’s take the tour upstairs and work our way down.

My office. Where the words come from.

Here’s an old closeup of my lanyard collection.

Typing Before & After on these photo collages is so satisfying holy crap.

The mirror makes all the difference eh, creates the illusion of space. Remember when it fell off the wall?

Most conflicting compliment of the renovation:

Checked out your blog, it looks like a home renovation show.

Good because means my documenting skills are sharp, bad because omg I run a home and decorating blog now? Ugh. Gonna create a DIY tag and smother myself with it.

Bathroom. Grey walls! Deviated from all-white, that’s huge for me.

When the electrician asked where to install the lights:

Me: eye level
Him: your eyes? That’s shorter than most, what about your guests?
Me: don’t care, my house, everything is to be my size

Can’t believe how much I’m now into infrastructure, and things like hot water tanks. Remember how gross the old one was? Remember all the insane things discovered during this project?

Minimalism always and forever.

Bedroom. Note the grey wall behind the headboard.

That’s not the best bed I ever made though, this one is.

We’ll conclude the tour with the kitchen.

Pendent lights are so classy eh.

Will conclude the tour with this.

Traded my old table for that one, it belonged to my neighbour. I was describing my dream table and he said wait, I have one in my shop basement. Come ON.

Took a year, but I have home owning under control now.

It was a steep learning curve though. Had no idea what I’d got myself into. Didn’t even have a plant, now I own trees.

Probably the best part are the neighbours that came with the house.

Finally, I’m pleased to report that with this post, the blog tag renovation is now closed, and it’s back to regularly scheduled programming here – Cars, Security and a Peek into my Life.



1 Year Ago Today I Bought a House

July 11, 2014 my offer was accepted, then I signed the official papers on Thursday the 24th (below.)

Picked up the keys the next day (3rd photo) and never went back downtown.

The top photo was me standing outside looking in, sighing happily, for quite a while.  Cheersed it even.

Owning a home is way more work and attention that I thought, probably good I had no idea what I was doing when I signed. Because it turned out to be the smartest thing I’ve done in years.

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