Maximum Minimal Living

Friday morning I left home to attend a VW test event. It concluded at 1:30pm, and I had no plans after that, and all my deadlines were done. So I flitted around, from couch to couch, no master plan, and didn’t return home until late last night.

I lived for 3 days with just this:

Message is: you need much less than you think.

It’s easy as long as you’re a little prepared (toothbrush and small essentials are always kept in my glovebox), and have an imagination for solving mundane chores. It’s so refreshing to live like this. Try it.



I Predict the Trend ‘Minimalism’ is Coming

Remember a bit ago, when I said I’d “achieved a new level of Minimalism”… ?

This is it. Less less less.

I unlocked a new level of non-attachment.

Because if I removed that handful of documents *…

And my lanyard collection

And fridge collection

Tada!   It’d be tough to figure out who lives here.

It gets addictive, purging. Remember that time in 2011, when I gave away all my belongings in my “Emporium”? It’s escalated ever since.


What do 2/3 of the above things have in common?  Ego.  Ego will get you busted you every time.

(of course my knapsack couldn’t be there, then game over. It’s my everything, as blogged)

I predict a Minimalism Trend will start soon, this spring.

I think everyone is sick of owning so much stuff, because that stuff needs a lot of care, time, maintaining, dusting, insuring, and really, never brought all the happiness it was supposed to.  Less is more is coming.

Blog category = Predictions

* that ‘handful of documents‘ are things I’m behind blogging, including 6 car reviews, sorry guys; and my ‘Talking with Trustwave’ security interview series from… October; I know, sorry guys.



Achieved a New Level of Minimalistic Living

Over the holidays, I mentioned I’d purged. This is when the new level was reached.

Boom BOOM I own nothing.

Notice no TV? No art, and definitely no photographs.  No eyes.



Life is already so busy and stimulating, so my home is opposite.

Look forward to take you on that video tour. Pretty proud of this actually, it took a while, this reduction.

It’s more of a lifestyle, than a decorating style.  Same idea as my backpack.

No attachment. That’s the key. To everything, really.



Week 3/52 Starts Today

The first month is almost done, then we’ll blink and be 80.  Oh time, about time.

Week 2 Round 2 here. Lasat week, for the first time ever, I blogged every day Monday – Friday.

Now to repeat success. Once I make it 4 weeks in a row, it’ll be added to my Twitter bio:

     – – a Fresh Front Page M-F

Post dance. My back is 90% healed.  I can high-kick again.

Spent Saturday tidying up the last loose ends, that I didn’t get finished before New Years.

Part of that was purging my apartment. I’m so so close to achieving the ultimate minimalist home. I’ll take you on a video tour this spring.

Organized and efficient, a good strong base, on which to place the mega-Keri-corporation.

Made a couple videos this weekend, chipping away the filming rust.

Demonstrating the Caravan’s Stow-N-Go seat technology. So slick.

Returning the minivan tomorrow unfortunately, I’d have liked a second week.  Didn’t book a car this week, so I can catch up on the cars I haven’t yet blogged.

The North American Auto Show kicks off today in Detroit.  I went last year, not this year.  It’s okay, I just saw many of the debuts in LA Auto Show, and the Canadian Auto Show is in a few weeks, here in Toronto.  To my fellow auto writers, have a great show guys!

Lastly, same thing I say most Mondays – here’s to a strong start to your week xo