I Had a Slipped Disc for 6 Weeks

This is the first time since November 3, that I can turn my left to the right.

Remember I blogged that emergency physio appointment I had to make?  Been hurt since then.

I’m naturally really bendy, and I could barely tie my shoes. For the first time ever, I wanted automatic test cars over manual ones. Did the LA Auto Show like that, that was woah.  Longest I’ve ever been hurt in my whole life.

And back problems woah like, really?!?

Getting old is garbage.

I actually went _back_ to the doctor, last week. Yes Keri it’s screwed, and no there’s still no remedy except stretching.

Then it popped back into place on Sunday, only Christmas present I wanted thank you.

That I can do this again, so happy. Still not healed enough to kick over though. Still sore.

Both appointments confirmed another suspicion, too – my legs are different lengths. I think my hips are crooked.

I figure that’s the last 6 years slumped at a laptop, catching up with me. You can see in the blog header, the one I’m flipping backwards, my arms are uneven, because my hips are off.

Added to 2014’s list of things to do – straighten out my act.



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