The 2013 LA Auto Show

I love auto shows for the pristine-ness of it all,
crisp white carpet, no dust or smudges,
that new car smell practically choking you ahhh.

That’s the media day version though; wouldn’t want to be here on a normal attendance day, too many humans.

It’s intense, an auto show, very fast paced. It’s kinda… you get on a shuttle in the morning, beautiful cars and click click hundreds of photos, lots of laughs, then all of a sudden you’re back on the shuttle, it’s dark outside and you’re going “woah”.

The media room.  All those people leave their laptops just sitting there unattended, while they’re in the show photographing. Nice that it’s possible, I could never.

Click MORE for the cars (warning: big page)

The car everyone drooled on -the Porsche 918 Spyder

One of my favourites – the Jaguar F-TYPE R Coupe.

When done up all in black, the new Corvette is hot, and a great value.

It just doesn’t need colour.

Coca-Cola and Ford partnered up, and recycled Coke bottles will be going into Ford’s Fusion fabric.

The only 2 photos of me from the show.

And this one by fellow auto-journalist David Miller.

I’m quite happy here, just doesn’t look like it, because of this.

The BMW i3 – lot of fervour at the show about this guy, likely helped by the test area outside (wish I had time).

MINI was one of the most popular car launches… with auto journalists.

Really, they flocked to this reveal.  Haven’t tested a MINI yet, so can’t say much.

Best part about the show is the people, always. It’s a pretty solo job, auto-journalist, and those in the industry consistently have good jokes. Should’ve done this again, next show.

The new Ford Edge concept looks good, and they used copper inside as an accent, unique and looked sharp.

The VW GTI has been on my ‘Top 5‘ list for years.

It was a really busy day, with newspaper deadlines being the priority, so that concludes this post.

Thanks for inviting me along, Ford (a little more about that trip here).



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