Finally Got to Shift a Jaguar F-TYPE, Kind’ve

At a recent Jaguar Land Rover event I spotted it above. There it was, in real life – one of my favourite cars is now available in manual.

Available on the 2016 model year F-TYPE and F-TYPE S, the 3.0 L V6 Supercharged engine can be paired to a 6-speed manual transmission.

Been waiting for this moment since its debut at last year’s LA Auto Show.

I was so excited I declared it one of my Top 5 Favourite Things about the show.

Of course the car’s computer can shift better than me, that’s not the point.

Happiness is the point #SaveTheManual

Hello new friend.

The car was display-only, so I just sat quietly doing this for 10 minutes and well, imagining.

Jaguar F-TYPE manual

Shifting gears makes you a better driver.

See my column, How to Shift Gears.

Keep your fingers crossed the snow holds off, because I’m on the schedule to get this car in 2 weeks.

Listen for superfluous revving, that’ll be me.



2015 Jaguar XJ AWD

2015 Jaguar XJ AWD

3.0 litre V6 Supercharged
8-spd automatic
340 hp
332 lb.ft
0 – 100 km/h in 6.4 sec

Starting at $89,490

I use Jaguar’s instrument cluster as a barometer, so many are so cluttered.

It’s minimal, and uses appropriately-sized numbers, text and symbols (especially the cruise control.)

How the rear window cascades over the side though.

And how the taillights do the same thing.

It’s also available in a V8, but this standard supercharged V6 launches quickly, especially in sport mode. Despite it’s size the XJ is very nimble. Steering is well balanced and direct, its handling is refined, and of course that great Jag growl.

Those are the controls for the rear seats.   Leather everything, carbon fibre touches, it’s all elegance that will wear well over time.  It’s the same thing I always say

Jaguar is the car version of old money

Which means my grimey outfits become chic.

Even their marketing campaign rocks #GoodToBeBad – why Jaguar is the perfect car to drive when committing crime.

Remember when I spent a Saturday night hanging out in my driveway with This Week’s Car? It was this one.

Thought I was a beautiful park, till the man came over and asked why I was photoing a car on his lawn,  “wait, I’m not on public property am I…”

He was kind and let me stay.

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My Dream Fleet

I have 2 – small and large.

Send me yours, let’s debate! Tweet, Facebook or email.

Specifically in my fleet – no convertibles, manual transmission when possible, black interiors and grey or black exterior with heavily tinted windows, and all are the highest trim but de-badged.

Small Fleet

Jaguar F-TYPE R

Audi RS 4 Avant

Large Fleet

Small Fleet plus:

Chevy Tahoe

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Jeep Wrangler

McLaren 650S

Mercedes E 63 AMG

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Plus the only old car I like – a 2006 BMW M3

And when I must be chauffeured, it’s a Security-trimmed Audi RS 7, or Jaguar XJL.



The ‘Goodbye to the Newspaper’ Column

Tough to write, but think it came out pretty good.

It’s a 2015 Jaguar XJ AWD.

Read it online at Autonet.

Favourite line:

All of it. Writing ‘Keri on Driving’ was the best part of my week.

Here’s the link to my Dream Fleet, send me yours, let’s talk about it.


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