Why All Bumpers are Starting to Look the Same

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It’s not that our tastes are changing, it’s because of safety regulations now say a car’s front end must better protect a pedestrian in case on an accident.

Favourite line:

Put the phone down while crossing the street. Or use my trick and make eye contact with the driver. Because regardless of how the bumper is styled, it wins the showdown every time.

This is the all-new 2015 Chrysler 200, and a good example of the above.

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Tracking a Porsche with Pfaff

Pfaff Automotive invited me to Mosport for a track day… in one of their day-lease Porsches.  Yes please!

It was my 2nd track time ever, bit spoiled huh, because here I go around in a Porsche Cayman.

Learned how executing a proper corner feels…. effortless?! Huh.  And did you know you can steer the car using only the throttle?  I did that once… accidentally.

That’s Brad Meise of Apex Driver Training you hear coaching me; thanks Brad! Liked your style: precise and non-stop.

(my mistakes are: I brake way too late, and enter the corners with too much aggression. Really.)

That’s the thing though: so what I can fly around with a Brad in the passenger seat.

How about when it’s just me, and there’s no cones around the track to guide me, now add the pressure of competing in a race…

You can do this too.

Day-lease a Porsche or Audi from Pfaff and spend the day driving the above track, with coaching if you’d like it.

All information found here: Pfaff Track Days

A Porsche 911 is $1,699 +HST for the day rental at the track, and the other vehicles available are the Porsche Cayman, the Audi TTS and Audi S5.

Or track your own car.

That’s $449.00+HST for the DDT Track this 2014 season with the use of your own vehicle. Because the goal is not to learn how to go faster, but to better understand the physics behind driving.

And that’s what I wrote about for that week’s ‘Keri on Driving’ column.

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Favourite line:

It’s best to explore the limits of your car in a contained environment instead of a real life situation. This way, when your car gets away from you and starts to drift down an icy on-ramp, for instance, it’s not the first time you’re experiencing how that feels.

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Put a Monk in a Race Car

Can’t concentrate? Can’t race.

Because really, all the tech, tires and money are for not if the driver drops their focus for one fast moment. Because that moment turns into seconds lost.

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Whom I’m speaking with is Honda IndyCar driver James Hinchcliffe.

Favourite line:

If winning comes down to a driver’s level of concentration, how about putting a monk behind the wheel?  Trophies ahoy!

Thanks for taking the time James! Best of luck this season.


Watch James coach me around my first track time here.

How he fared in this years Toronto Indy here.

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Features I Wish Were Mandatory

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Favourite line:

Not all features need to be high tech. How about a proper dead pedal, and a handle on the inside of the trunk lid?

That’s my big items, what did I miss? Add yours to the list at Autonet.

Had help composing this list… Dan, Michael and Brian, thanks guys!


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Ford’s Toughest Test uses Men from Craigslist

A look at how Ford tests its F150 pickup truck before putting it into final production.

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Favourite line:

One of the toughest tests Ford has created doesn’t involve robots, or any tech at all. Instead they used 6’7″ 300 lbs men they hired from Craigslist, and called it the “Big Man Test”.


From when I travelled with Ford to their proving grounds and factory last week.

Torque test.

Seat test for rattles.

That’s Mark, a 165 lb fake-human.

The tests run 24/7 for days.

This marks the first time this ‘Big Man Test’ story has ever been published in Canada.

Seat test for fabric wear.

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