Infrastructure is the Enemy of the Autonomous Car

It’s not that the technology isn’t here, we already drive semi-autonomous cars.

It’s coming, but not as soon as presented.


– laws and regulations must be established, a precedent set
roads must be modified
– which means a city will need to establish a new division within their transportation department
– new maps created
– ensure the cell network can handle a massive increase in capacity, since autonomous cars hoover data
– new training courses and licensing, since the psychology of piloting an autonomous car is quite different than a regular vehicle. This is huge… to re-train a mind not to grab at the thing we’ve been trained to keep both hands on at all times…

Read it online at Autonet.

Favourite line:

          Who is going to pay for the the above list?

Automakers? Not likely. Our already-stretched tax dollars? Same answer. Does our Ministry of Transportation have a dedicated department to deal with this yet?


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GPS Tracking a Vegas Saturday Night

The tracker was the size of a pager, carried in a pocket.

It was a good test: a Saturday night in a busy area, everyone on their phones hammering the cell network, plus imagine all the casino’s communications flying around, and when zoomed in you can see small movements were even recorded.

It’s not perfect though, see where it has me in the middle of the fountains at the Bellagio?  Didn’t happen.

The output is a .log file that opens up in Google Earth beautifully.  Test complete, a successful test!

It was a really fun night.

I did it all in 5″ heels, too.  That’s a good CityGirl.