Infrastructure is the Enemy of the Autonomous Car

It’s not that the technology isn’t here, we already drive semi-autonomous cars.

It’s coming, but not as soon as presented.


– laws and regulations must be established, a precedent set
roads must be modified
– which means a city will need to establish a new division within their transportation department
– new maps created
– ensure the cell network can handle a massive increase in capacity, since autonomous cars hoover data
– new training courses and licensing, since the psychology of piloting an autonomous car is quite different than a regular vehicle. This is huge… to re-train a mind not to grab at the thing we’ve been trained to keep both hands on at all times…

Read it online at Autonet.

Favourite line:

          Who is going to pay for the the above list?

Automakers? Not likely. Our already-stretched tax dollars? Same answer. Does our Ministry of Transportation have a dedicated department to deal with this yet?


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