My Dream Fleet

I have 2 – small and large.

Send me yours, let’s debate! Tweet, Facebook or email.

Specifically in my fleet – no convertibles, manual transmission when possible, black interiors and grey or black exterior with heavily tinted windows, and all are the highest trim but de-badged.

Small Fleet

Jaguar F-TYPE R

Audi RS 4 Avant

Large Fleet

Small Fleet plus:

Chevy Tahoe

Dodge Grand Caravan

Ford F-150

Jeep Wrangler

McLaren 650S

Mercedes E 63 AMG

Porsche Cayman S

Range Rover Sport

Subaru WRX STI


Plus the only old car I like – a 2006 BMW M3

And when I must be chauffeured, it’s a Security-trimmed Audi RS 7, or Jaguar XJL.



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