The World’s Worst Facebook and LinkedIn

I’m proud that I didn’t get on Facebook until 2013.

I’ve been online since 1996, it’s not that. I watched Facebook arrive, and didn’t like what I saw it do it people, like a parasite.

I wanted nothing to do with it, so I didn’t. Probably to the detriment of my career.

But think how many more hours of life I’ve lived, than a daily 5-year user.

Below: documenting the “Before”,
before I renovate.

Total photos from 2012 = 10.

Only 1 was uploaded by me (newspaper one – first car review I wrote).

Apparently I have a fan page?

Do people still do these?  It makes me feel kinda dumb, having one.

“No photos to show.”

My LinkedIn is even worse. Might be even more proud like, got this far without one, or an About page come on.

Friending my profile probably pulls down your own ranking.

Despite nothing of substance being listed I’ve actually done a lot of cool stuff, have a few firsts and onlys to my name, am highly educated… even isn’t listed lol.



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