New Phone > Paired to New Car > This Comes Up?

It’s a days-old Android, connected via WiFi, to a 2015 Jeep Cherokee with about 300 km.

As in – clean as it gets.

And this appears? The phone never rang? It’d been paired for about 4 minutes, it just popped up.

Don’t know what it means, but do think Facebook hooks deeper into our phones than we realize.

I’ve never given FB access to my photos, or contacts.

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You Can Now Use Facebook to Comment Here

2 choices – just comment, or, check the box the arrow is pointing to before hitting post, and the blog post will also share to your FB timeline.

Test complete.

It works on mobile, not elegantly, but it does.

It’s not hooked into the app on your phone, you’ll have to login via the web version. I know I’m sorry, but it’s the best I can do.

It looks like this:

Try it out, it’s at the bottom of all individual posts, let’s talk about it.

Look forward to chatting with you, agreeing, debating, or are we fighting? We’re fighting! ;)


Fellow WordPressers – it’s Facebook Comments by Vivacity. Easy to install, and is updated to work with the current WP 4.3.1.



Facebook is Copying your Contacts

Finally upgraded my phone, and with it all apps including Facebook Messenger. Which really wants access to my contact list.

“Your contacts will be continuously synced with our servers.”

No no, and if you have little dossiers attached to a contact, bet those are copied too.

The app is aggressive, and about every 12th use it prompts.

Now begins the game of “it’s one slip of the finger and I accidentally hit okay…”

Then what, turn my phone off? That’s seconds, it’s likely done hoovering the list by now, or just pick up where it left off when the phone is turned back on.

Do you have a hard copy of your contact list?

Saved on a USB that’s tucked away safe?

How would you find your loved ones if you lost access to your account? Everything’s in the cloud and it fails? If your only copy of your contacts is stored in Facebook, please leave my blog.

Maybe it’s me. Maybe just give Facebook everything it wants, forget this all, and look at my new coat.

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You Have a Facebook Facial Recognition Number

A unique number has been assigned to the face of each account.  From the help page:

Facial Recognition Data – A unique number based on a comparison of the photos you’re tagged in. We use this data to help others tag you in photos.

We currently use facial recognition software that uses an algorithm to calculate a unique number (“template”) based on someone’s facial features, like the distance between the eyes, nose and ears. This template is based on your profile pictures and photos you’ve been tagged in on Facebook

This is “Tag Suggest“.

Last week, I downloaded my Facebook account archive, to see what was included in it (how to here).  Below is my face when I found this face number, imagination going wild.

Because really, Facebook is the world’s largest biometric database.

And its entire contents were not only submitted voluntarily, but tagged and identified as well. Someone is going to sleep laughing each night.

Facebook updated their privacy policy at the end of the summer, to account for some more powerful software, for a better “Tag Suggest”.

Some countries are not okay with this, Germany’s pretty upset. They’ve been pushing back for a while wait, I may have blogged this hang on….. yup here: October ’12. There’s much debate about to who and how access is granted, to this database.

I’m not 100%, and the test I conducted was only so-so, but it appears that in Canada, we can’t turn off “Tag Suggest”.

Here’s the Facebook help page, “Turn OFF Tag Suggest“. It says the last item below is where to disable the feature (purple asterisk).

Below are my settings, “unavailable”.

Ugh. Unavailable. Eye roll.

Here tag this.