New Phone > Paired to New Car > This Comes Up?

It’s a days-old Android, connected via WiFi, to a 2015 Jeep Cherokee with about 300 km.

As in – clean as it gets.

And this appears? The phone never rang? It’d been paired for about 4 minutes, it just popped up.

Don’t know what it means, but do think Facebook hooks deeper into our phones than we realize.

I’ve never given FB access to my photos, or contacts.

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Find the Actual Number of LinkedIn Connections

Know how the number of Linkedin connections stops at 500+ …

The real number is just 1 click.

It works regardless if your accounts are connected or not.

Triangle beside their name > hover over, menu appears >
choose View recent activity > refreshes to the below screen


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My Linkedin



Updated my LinkedIn Account Finally, Really

Took this screenshot, gave it a long, last look…

… then changed my account name and URL to my real name – .com/KeriPotipcoe

Goodbye to my non-real-name,
fully functional LinkedIn account

(huh Keri? See this post)

Been adding videos to my page, and photos like above.

The header came together well.

8 years of a game, the end.

My Facebook account will remain Keri CDN.  Ya I have one of those ha.

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Beware of Bots in your Instagram Feed

Few weeks ago, I Instagramed the below photo, along with the hashtag #MrRobot

Within 13 seconds of posting, the account florstyles12 replied with the below comment.

By the next day, the comment had been deleted.

The Attack

A popular hashtag is posted > bot is programmed to automatically reply > reply is full of links to other accounts > curious recipient visits other accounts > malware is waiting in one of them

The Defence

Time. Note how fast the reply came back.

There’s no way to type those 8 tags in 13 seconds… try it. Right?!

Therefore – must be an automated reply, therefore not clicking and getting involved.

Think before you click.