Maximum Minimal Living

Friday morning I left home to attend a VW test event. It concluded at 1:30pm, and I had no plans after that, and all my deadlines were done. So I flitted around, from couch to couch, no master plan, and didn’t return home until late last night.

I lived for 3 days with just this:

Message is: you need much less than you think.

It’s easy as long as you’re a little prepared (toothbrush and small essentials are always kept in my glovebox), and have an imagination for solving mundane chores. It’s so refreshing to live like this. Try it.



Quick Update

This week’s car is a Nissan Juke, NISMO edition.

Non-car nerds: NISMO is the performance arm of Nissan, so it basically extra fast everything.

Anytime your steering wheeel has a red band, is a good day out.

Try and make fun of this fannypack setup. Can’t.

I wanted to wear that tomorrow night, but the strap is too big and needs to be taken in.

Because tomorrow we’re off to the Ritz, for the unveiling of the new Pagani Huayra, a world’s best hypercar. They start at 1.3 million.

Might get to sit in it.  Now _that’s_ a blog header.

Caved and bought Hunters. Can’t stand that prominent white logo, but can’t stand more always having wet feet.

Found this radio laying in the middle of a country road on the weekend. Guys, hi.


Things are looking better around here, eh?! Now the new blog layout and design just needs my polish, I’d bet about 12 focused hours and I’ll feel content. Will do a separate post about the changes, and plans. But now I have to finish next week’s column.


Things from the Week

The last 48 hours I rested. I had a drink in my hand by 6pm Wednesday, and didn’t again open my laptop all night, can’t remember thte last time I did that. Tipsy sushi and Caesars.

Next week’s column is about rims. Still behind blogging 2 past columns, but now have a column index page finally, click here.

Pretty crazy I’m dressed like this mid-JUNE. I try to remember my point about Canadian weather , but still, this summer sucks eh.

Making a prediction….

Fanny packs are going to be a trend this fall

Hands free is the best.

While everyone’s busy making fun of me, I’m getting twice as much done.

Finally a couple days have been warm enough to bring out the platforms.

See the left one; did some shoe repair using nail-polish.

Toe update – since I broke it, it’s still swollen, puffy and not healed.

After week 2 I’d had enough, and started stomping around again. I was probably too hard on it, but serves it right really, for letting me down.

Let’s see… off-roading in a Raptor video is almost done, next car I have is a Ford CMax, off to Baltimore next week with Fiat, more I can’t remember now.



Having an Allergic Reaction to Computer

Physically even, I’m cringing a bit while typing.  It’s 11:30pm on Saturday and this is the first I’ve touched it since yesterday afternoon; an eternity for me.  Slept most of the day, and while awake I’ve been powering through the new Arrested Development.

I’m sorry again for the long-lag of no updates this week, blogging on the road is one thing, but during a press test event forget it, way too packed and fast an itinerary.  Home Thursday night, then yesterday was busy ok fine, but also heavy. Nothing bad, but those roller coaster days are draining.

It’s a lot to juggle guys… full time writing for the paper, my blog has picked up big speed so fit that in, plus travel, plus if I don’t get imagination / daydream imagination time I start to lose it (where do you think this all comes from?), but that’s the first thing to go in a busy day, and I fell into old eating habits, and there’s so much exciting things to tell you, not sleeping is not a good solution because now I’m haggard on camera, and where’s the exercise supposed to fit it so I can be strong, not just to keep this going, but kick it to the next level…. and it’s June 1 today, and summer always passes so quickly…

I’m not complaining, but am frustrated. I may be slightly burnt out.  Kay done.  Thanks for listening.

Here’s some photos from last 10 days *hangs head*

TTY Monday.  I have to give priority to newspaper deadlines tomorrow.

xo Keri


Friendly reminder you haven’t backed up recently.

Bought a blue dress.

Trying to me more ladylike.

Me last Friday.

I went to a meeting dressed like that. I may be pushing this jogging pants thing.

Fanny packs though, are going to huge this fall.  Not being dramatic.

This weeks car: Infiniti M37xS

Saw a fighter jet at the Oregon airport.

Had a good hair day.

Last last week I ate mac&cheese 5/7 days.

Back I go into Arrested Development.