Things from the Week

The last 48 hours I rested. I had a drink in my hand by 6pm Wednesday, and didn’t again open my laptop all night, can’t remember thte last time I did that. Tipsy sushi and Caesars.

Next week’s column is about rims. Still behind blogging 2 past columns, but now have a column index page finally, click here.

Pretty crazy I’m dressed like this mid-JUNE. I try to remember my point about Canadian weather , but still, this summer sucks eh.

Making a prediction….

Fanny packs are going to be a trend this fall

Hands free is the best.

While everyone’s busy making fun of me, I’m getting twice as much done.

Finally a couple days have been warm enough to bring out the platforms.

See the left one; did some shoe repair using nail-polish.

Toe update – since I broke it, it’s still swollen, puffy and not healed.

After week 2 I’d had enough, and started stomping around again. I was probably too hard on it, but serves it right really, for letting me down.

Let’s see… off-roading in a Raptor video is almost done, next car I have is a Ford CMax, off to Baltimore next week with Fiat, more I can’t remember now.



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