Audi’s All-new Virtual Cockpit

Audi virtual cockpit is a 12.3″ high-res digital instrument cluster that completely replaces the dash screen.

It debuted on the 2016 Audi TT, and is coming next to the 2017 Q7, A4 and R8.

Doesn’t an interior look so much better without a black hole in the dash?

The system is controlled using either the steering wheel controls, or the completely redesigned MMI interface selector wheel.

Instead of 4 function buttons there’s now 2, and the rotary dial acts like a joystick – nudge left, right, like that.

Plus its top is touch-enabled. Use your finger to zoom in or out, or if scrolling a list, write a “K” to narrow in on all results that start with K.

I’ve tested Audi’s virtual cockpit twice.

First was on the active display at the Canadian International Auto Show back in February 2015. I was filming a segment for MotoringTV.

I arrived 10 minutes early before the crew, and in that time, learned the entire system.

That’s not to say I’m a wizard with electronic interfaces, but that the system is intuitive.

It encompasses my favourite type of design – functional and fashionable.

Because dipping your eyes from the road, to the instrument cluster, is a much shorter distance than to a dash screen.

How good does navigation look eh.

The second test was while driving the all-new 2017 Audi R8 at Mosport.

It wasn’t the best test though.

My saucer-eyes were glued to the track, can only confirm the speedometer is bright and visible.

I predict this setup will be copied by other automakers.

It’s logical, safer, and makes for a more aesthetically-pleasing interior. Plus there’s probably production cost savings by installing just one screen instead of two.

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Modifying my Brainwave Frequencies

Been doing this for years.

How it works: It uses EEG technoogy – Electroencephalography. Using headphones and an app on my phone, I pump 4 types of waves into my ears, which alter my brain frequency toward a desired state – to enhance its alertness, or relax it.

Is your eyebrow raised in skepticism? Not for long…

In 2016, these words will become
part of your everyday vocabulary:

– neuro
– neural
– isochronic tones
– binaural beats
– BCIs – Brainwave-Controlled Interfaces
– and thought-controlled computing

Here’s a huge post about it from 2012.

On my iPhone, I have 4 songs and this $2.99 app.

So peaceful.



First Time I’ve Ever Used an Emoji

Best interpretation I received:

The most obvious message I got from that is that “It’s ok to talk to the hand, carrying flowers while walking with a donut to catch the bus.. you would like to have target practice with floppy disks while reading charts and graphs under lock and key for the Department of Defense.” – John Knox

The actual meaning is less colourful – I scrolled through all possibles, chose my favourites along the way, then hit post.

Know what though? And filing this under predictions:

Prediction: our method of communicating is coming full circle, and we’ll soon be back to hieroglyphics.



OBDII Ports are About to Become All the Rage

With this year’s arrival of the connected car, you’ll soon start to see and hear all about OBDII… On-board Diagnostics, II is pronounced “two.”

OBDII – the mandatory port, found within 2 feet of all steering wheels, that’s used to access a vehicle’s computers.

Or, plug an internet-enabled device into this port, now you’re driving a “connected car.”

For more details here’s a blog post about them – OBDII Ports

Read it online at Autonet.

Favourite line:

It’s the mandatory-since-1996 port used to access the computer in your car, and we’re about to hear a lot more about it as internet-enabled devices start to flood the market and allow us to make any car a connected one.


Also the 7th paragraph, which I filed under Predictions – we will all soon start locking our OBDII ports.

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My 1st WRX OMG

It’s all-new this year, re-designed completely.

2015 Subaru WRX Sport Package CVT

2.0L Turbocharged
268 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque
0 – 100 km/h in 5.4 seconds
Top speed of 240 km/h

Subaru uses a boxer engine, which makes that signature growl, which I think sounds good.

Although a manual transmission comes standard, my tester was an automatic, and a CVT at that.

I declared it to be the first CVT I’ve ever liked. Still would prefer manual.

Non-car nerds: you’ve likely seen a WRX, but with a massive spoiler on the back, and maybe rolled your eyes like I have.

We are wrong, the wing is cool, and functional too.


And that hood vent, into it.

Available in 3 trims, this is the middle one; it has the “Sport Package”, which sees the addition of a rear spoiler, sunroof and fog lights.

Booking another of these soon as my schedule permits, in manual.

Prediction – within a couple years, Subaru will go from being the underdog, to the one to beat.