A Cracked Phone Screen = a Basement Apartment

Remember when I cracked my cell screen weeks ago?

The cracks are tough to photograph, but the one bottom left was so deep I slit my thumb open, and the glass was so crumbled around the home button I must’ve eaten a ton of glass.

In the 17 years I’ve had a cell, this was the 1st time I broke my screen, meaning, I finally experienced what I’ve watched for years – pull out a busted phone, and use it.

And no. Just nope no and no.

It negatively affected my mind – the thing I touch and use more than anything, all sub-par and broken.

It’s like going home at the end of a day and descending into a sub-terrainian apartment… to a dark space, with tiny windows, at the top of a low ceiling, and settling into the sounds of someone walking on your head all night.

These little things – dark, broken, negative, beneath – greatly pull down a mind, making it more difficult to maintain a positive and expanding imagination.

I get that sometimes things are tight and it’s tough to afford to move or fix the screen immediately, I don’t get letting the situation continue for an extended period of time. Time is our only renewable resource.

It’s like a car – if it’s not affordable to insure and maintain, it’s probably out of the budget in the first place.




Modifying my Brainwave Frequencies

Been doing this for years.

How it works: It uses EEG technoogy – Electroencephalography. Using headphones and an app on my phone, I pump 4 types of waves into my ears, which alter my brain frequency toward a desired state – to enhance its alertness, or relax it.

Is your eyebrow raised in skepticism? Not for long…

In 2016, these words will become
part of your everyday vocabulary:

– neuro
– neural
– isochronic tones
– binaural beats
– BCIs – Brainwave-Controlled Interfaces
– and thought-controlled computing

Here’s a huge post about it from 2012.

On my iPhone, I have 4 songs and this $2.99 app.

So peaceful.



Drive a Car with your Mind

A research team in China has successfully installed thought-controlled computing into a car.

Using only the power of her mind, Xie Lingyue locked and unlocked the vehicle, started it, and then moved it both forward and backward. She mentally informed the trunk to open and side mirrors to fold in.

Read it online at Autonet.


For years, who’s been telling you this is coming? The blog tag thought-controlled computing dates back to February 2011.

It’s here guys.

The words ‘neuro’ & ‘neural’ will be part of our vocabulary

We’ll soon be using BCIs – Brainwave-Controlled Interfaces

Remember my 2012 Prediction? What the Mayans really meant?

Hang on, I’ll go grab that old video.

(originally predicted February 2011)

I’ll keep predicting the future, you keep rolling your eyes.

I’m a natural.

Blog tag = the Mind



Designing a Strong DRG and Graphic Signature

Know how there’s those kind of cars, you see one from a distance, it’s features can’t be made out but you can just tell – it’s a Whatever.

Design Speak: this vehicle has a strong DownRoad Graphic,
its Graphic Signature is solid.

Speaking with Kevin George – Ford’s Exterior Design Manager – we learn about the DRG, and how when confronted with an advancing object, the mind goes through “3 reads”, and how that fits with vehicle design.

Read it online at Autonet.

Favourite line:

Everything described above – this “graphic signature” – is happening during the day, but the designers also have to pull this off at night. 


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All Day Long, Guard your Mind

It’s your most valuable asset
& most powerful weapon.

“Guard your mind”

Be wary what you pump into it.  Horror movies, extreme violence plus endless internet nonsense and it’s no wonder a mind becomes depressed.  Like that.

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