When’s the Last Time you Wiped your Phone?

Think of it like a spring / fall cleaning, when you de-clutter and start fresh, and give it more room to function by deleting years-old photos and apps.

Imagine opening iTunes and seeing this, so beautiful…

*30 minutes*

1 – Backup – photos / contacts / calendar / notes

2 – General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings

3 – Enter passcode and follow instructions

4 – For sure you’re backed up right

5 – Click Erase

6 – Re-install apps

7 – Use the opportunity to change all your passwords (or at least – bank / email / Facebook)

8 – Done.


When the phone is now behaving like new, you’ll be all, “why was I putting up with that lag all this time…”

Do it.



A Cracked Phone Screen = a Basement Apartment

Remember when I cracked my cell screen weeks ago?

The cracks are tough to photograph, but the one bottom left was so deep I slit my thumb open, and the glass was so crumbled around the home button I must’ve eaten a ton of glass.

In the 17 years I’ve had a cell, this was the 1st time I broke my screen, meaning, I finally experienced what I’ve watched for years – pull out a busted phone, and use it.

And no. Just nope no and no.

It negatively affected my mind – the thing I touch and use more than anything, all sub-par and broken.

It’s like going home at the end of a day and descending into a sub-terrainian apartment… to a dark space, with tiny windows, at the top of a low ceiling, and settling into the sounds of someone walking on your head all night.

These little things – dark, broken, negative, beneath – greatly pull down a mind, making it more difficult to maintain a positive and expanding imagination.

I get that sometimes things are tight and it’s tough to afford to move or fix the screen immediately, I don’t get letting the situation continue for an extended period of time. Time is our only renewable resource.

It’s like a car – if it’s not affordable to insure and maintain, it’s probably out of the budget in the first place.




1st Time Ever – I Smashed my Screen

First time ever, and I’ve had a cell phone for 17 years.

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Brand new iPhone 6 too… I finally upgraded my phone just 2 weeks ago. Then did this.

I’ve launched my phone across huge rooms, it’s fine. One time it fell off my 47th floor balcony and bounced to the one below, fine again.  This time, it slipped 3″ onto the counter, bounce-pivotted onto a metal USB key and smash.

This was an expensive mistake ugh.

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