Been Working on

I’m gathering posts and links, going back in time on my blogs (something I never do), and it’s been really fun.

Presenting car-themed posts from Canadian Explorer 2007-10

Giant magnet.

‘The Canadian Explorer’ theme song (written by me)


I’ve logged a lot of hours in auto body shops.

This was a fun afternoon #ChevyNova

The last line, I LOLd at my own joke all over again.

I think it’s a good method.

Canadian Explorer, woah, that show. I still have more to tell you about it. Director’s Cuts Videos for each episode.

That was THE best training, creating / producing / editing / executing it all.

That blog though, so rich in content, but you’d never know because it’s packaged so poorly.

One day. I have a plan, leave it with me. I need an assistant first.

I’ll use parts of this post for the ‘About’ page for KeriOnCars.  Have you ever written one, an “About Me” or bio? It’s tough, eh.

Next Videos:

  • Exploring the LA Autoshow
  • Let’s Talk About the New Ford Escape
  • Using Your Car’s Rear-facing Camera

Kay I could sit here and blog myself into oblivion.  I have to pack my camera bag, tomorrow I’m off to a Honda event – a professional driver and I are going to talk about driving standard.

Night, TTYT




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