Drive a Car with your Mind

A research team in China has successfully installed thought-controlled computing into a car.

Using only the power of her mind, Xie Lingyue locked and unlocked the vehicle, started it, and then moved it both forward and backward. She mentally informed the trunk to open and side mirrors to fold in.

Read it online at Autonet.


For years, who’s been telling you this is coming? The blog tag thought-controlled computing dates back to February 2011.

It’s here guys.

The words ‘neuro’ & ‘neural’ will be part of our vocabulary

We’ll soon be using BCIs – Brainwave-Controlled Interfaces

Remember my 2012 Prediction? What the Mayans really meant?

Hang on, I’ll go grab that old video.

(originally predicted February 2011)

I’ll keep predicting the future, you keep rolling your eyes.

I’m a natural.

Blog tag = the Mind



Invest Time in Training Your Mind

It’s your strongest asset, most powerful weapon, and the last frontier.

Prediction – the topic of “the Mind”
will become a massive trend, starting later this year.

Here comes Thought-Controlled Computing.

The words ‘neuro’ & ‘neural’ will become part of our vocabulary.

We’ll become familiar with BCIs – Brainwave-controlled interfaces.



My Mayan Apocalypse Prediction

Mind control and thought-computing will arrive

BCI – Brainwave-controlled interface

You think the impact of social media was big?  Phft. That’s nothing compared to what’s coming.

The Mayans never said the world will end, they said there’s going to be a huge shift arriving around now.

It’s going to be all about your mind soon. What do you think monks are doing all their years sitting in silence… they’re unlocking the power plant inside their head.

In fact, it’s already here, you might not have noticed yet.

Let’s back up a bit.

Here’s a video I made years ago, sums up my prediction in 1 minute:

Declared: Febuary 1 2011 [Original Post]

Is it that hard to believe? Surely you’ve heard we’re using only 10% of our brains.

You’re going to start hearing more about focus, mindfullness, and the power of concentration, like this recent New York Times piece.  By now you’ve seen those ever-present Luminosity ads on YouTube – train your brain.

The words ‘neuro’ & ‘neural’ are going to become hugely popular next year.

I found this drink for sale in the States:

Note the label top right: it “enhances mood”, and “promotes a positive outlook”… by drinking a beverage…

Like I said in my video, “it’ll start off gimicky“… like this toy that reads your mind.

And this one – a Chrimastmas toy from 2 years ago, and the one I’m talking about in the above video – move the ball with your mind.

A Canadian company is the world leader in thought computing – InteraXon

They’re about to release the world’s first good-looking, brainwave sensing headband – The Muse.

Muse is a brainwave-sensing headband built for consumers. With its ability to read, record, and analyze the full spectrum of human brainwaves, users can visualize their neural activity in a meaningful, interactive way.

I’ve been to their office, seen the beer tap you turn on/off with your mind, the chair that goes up and down. It’s real guys.  They were on Discovery Channel last night, watch it here.

Here’s another post I wrote 3 years ago:

Posted May 26 2009 – The Canadian Explorer

When mind control arrives, it will make complete sense when it happens, and be adapted at a lightening fast rate. Try and think of life without Twitter, email and texting right now… can’t. It’ll be like that on crack turned up to 11, you don’t even know.

Grassroots groups are going to start popping up, mind training groups.

You’re going to start hearing about isochronic tones:

Isochronic Tones.

And binaural beats.

Binaural beats.

I could go on and on about this, it’s been a passion of mine for a long time.  One of my strongest skills, is my ability to focus and concentrate; you didn’t know that about me eh.

I’ll keep you posted on stuff, and don’t care if you’re rolling your eyes all dismissive, thinking I’m being dramatic and “out there” – soothsayers are often seen like that ;)



Just a Minute – My 2012 Prediction

The short answer – 2012 will be the year that mind control begins.

Roll your eyes, it’s coming for you.

The toy I’m talking about is the “Mindflex“, see it below. Dying to try it.

Indeed I do feel strongly about this… isn’t the first time I’ve blogged this prediction of mine, click here for a blog post over at my show, and here for when I talked in a video about the Canadian! company InteraXon.

Specializing in “thought controlled computing”, they invited people at the Olympics to control a large scale light installation with their minds, come ON.

Unfortunately I never made it to the pavilion to give it a shot. Because in my imagination my concentration knows no bounds and I make the lights explode with my miiiiiiind.